343rd message



                                  It is the 343rd message

       When you come to cast out demons, when you reveal those who make the others to become sick, when you prophesy on marriages, travelling, finances…, the devil cannot be against you; he will rather be happy, and will even want to strengthen your power of clairvoyance by giving you the material so that you should give it to the people like the blessed products. The devil knows that if we cast out demons in a body, if we liberate the flesh, the soul will still remain bewitched by the belief in the lie or in the seduction taken for the truth. Therefore, for him, to cast out all the demons and to cure all the sicknesses that are in the flesh without touching what is in the soul does not worry him. He knows that in the Garden of Eden, he did not use the power of his lie in front Eve to possess her flesh which is the ground and to kill it, but it was rather to kill her soul. 

       Therefore, when the last of his government of men (the witches) possess the flesh, and that they are later cast out, he (the devil) is not even aware of it because for him, casting out the demon in the body of man does not make the suffering that he had in front Eve to be vain, when he used all his power of deception to convince her that the application of his advice is better than the word which was defending her not to eat the forbidden fruit. The devil said to himself: “I, being the lie, my lie being the death, if Eve believes in my lie, I will possess her soul, and where my lie dwells, there also dwells the spiritual death”.

       Therefore, when the devil sleeps in the soul through the belief in the lie of the priests, the bishops, the archbishops, the cardinals, the pope, the pastors, the pioneers, the attached of the ministry, through the seduction of the prophets, pastors, bishops, apostles, doctors…, if the demons come to possess the flesh by the last of his government of men who are the magicians and the witches, and that we come and cast them out, the devil who is the lie and the seduction, and who sleeps in the soul will not even be aware of what is cast out in the flesh. In contrary, majority of the power which is used to cast out demons comes from him. It is like an exorcist who has two small pieces of crossed wood with the effigy of Jesus of the deaths. When this last places this cross on somebody who is bewitched, the demons start to shout in him; meanwhile this piece of wood called the cross is only the power of Satan. When we cast out demons in people’s bodies, these last are happy and they believe that the devil is cast out in them; meanwhile he dwells there, but rather in the soul.

       There is something that amuses me in this century and in the same time; it makes me to shed tears. When demons are cast out in bodies every day, the people are happy and they say: “Thank you Lord because the devil thought of defeating us”; but the Lord always respond to them and they do not listen. He always say to them: “Don’t you know that when they come to cast out demons in the flesh, the devil who sleeps in the soul is not even aware of it?”. He makes them understand that in the Garden of Eden, the devil did not possess man’s flesh in order to kill it, but he has possessed the soul and has killed it. 

       He continue saying: “If I have come to suffer and to shed my blood, it was not to prevent the flesh from dyeing or to cast out what governs it, but it was to prevent the soul to remain in the death because the death follows the lie; and where the lie is accepted, there also dwells the death which is the devil. That is why I have brought the truth so that where the truth is accepted, the lie should be dominated, and where the truth dwells, there also dwells life; and the death is engulfed. The death being engulfed, we no longer speak of the devil in this person if it is not me the Lord Jesus”. The people of this century dance because they think that the demons that came out of their bodies is the devil; and that it means they have defeated him, meanwhile this last sleeps in them (in their souls).

       The Lord is not happy because he is not the one who sleeps in the souls. If he was the one sleeping in the bodies, being the life, the fruits of life that are the good, the forgiveness, humility, love…, would explode in these bodies. But since it is the devil that sleeps in them, being the death with his fruits that are the evil, wickedness, impudicity, hatred… That is why demons are cast out in the bodies everyday but the evil continues to dominate as we can notice in this 21st century. When we come to reveal to the people what block their fleshly future or the people who make them to become sick, the devil is not against; he will rather seek to develop this clairvoyance because he knows that this revelation will bear his fruits. 

       He knows that when the man listens: “it is such person who does witchcraft against you, who prevents your children and you from prospering, who has blocked the future of your family…”, these words will raise hatred in his heart up to the point where all the time that he will meet this person, he will be bitter because of what they have revealed to him. If they come and prophesy on the future of marriages, of the travelling, of the financial prosperity…, the devil willing that these earthly things should flood the hearts of men, can only acclaim these prophecies because he knows that it is in his favour. He wants that the vain things should gain the hearts of the people and they should become their treasure. 

       They always say to the people that some individuals rose up in the United States in the year 1874 to announce that we must rather speak and testify Jehovah instead of Jesus Christ; meanwhile they possess the book which has the writings of the apostles and of Jesus Christ himself. These people do not believe in the truth, but they rather believe in the lie which the devil has made pass by these individuals in the year 1874. He knew that just the belief and the testimony of Jesus Christ can save the man and not another name which is another god. Also, I always ask the people to look in the bible if they find the writings that show that we must baptise babies and little children. We rather find the people who have taken the engagement to be baptised after they have listened to the gospel by recognising that they are death in front God and want to become alive in front of him. They did not buy the baptism which is sold to babies and little children today. 

       The people must know that the Lord Jesus did not say to us that in his house which is the church, we should buy titles of church elder, deaconess…, but that; all those who do it will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Being edified on the foundation of the apostles, the people must ask themselves if the apostles were praying Mary for it to be done today. The Lord Jesus made of his disciples the gods; therefore, he is the only one that we can pray and not another person. The people must know that they are greater than the carved images or statues because it is these things that must prostrate in front of them and not the contrary; because the men are the ones who fabricate them with the material and in addition, they are the ones who give them the shape which they want, they place them where they want and give them the position which they desire. Know that in the house of God which is the church, the sellers of prayers of grace, of blessing…, as well as the byers will be chased away in the last day.

         Understand that the Lord Jesus did not give us water, salt, a handkerchief, a perfume, a soap…, to give the impression that these things carry his blessing and power; but he has given us his word which is spirit and life, and if it stays in us, the blessing and power will also be in us for the eternity. For, this truth which is the Lord Jesus comes directly to touch the lie which is the devil up to the point where if this truth is believed in the man, the lie will lose its power. And who says the lie also says the spiritual death; and who says death says the devil. That is why the Lord Jesus knowing that he is the truth which freed from the lie and the spiritual death (the devil) says: “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8/32). All what is agreeable to the Lord Jesus in this world is to see the people being saved from the lie, the death, thus the devil; and all this can only come from the knowledge of the truth. That is why it is said: “This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2/3-4). That is why when you come with the truth which is the good and the life of the soul in order to save it from the lie which is believed and taken for the truth of Christ; we have many persecutions and outrages.

       When a man of God makes the revelations on the richness of the earth, when he makes prophecies on vanities by casting out demons, he will have the visits of the head of states, ministers, diplomats, stars…, but when another man of God reveals the truth which is the richness that must engulf their poverty which is the evil, they will take him for their enemy. Meanwhile through this truth, they will be saved from what was to come down on them on the last day in the case they change. You should know that we are blind not to see that the force and the supreme power are in the sacrifice of the body of Christ and in his blood offered for us; and not in our similar that we continue to sacrifice, to eat their flesh, to drink their blood to hope for the protection…. The Lord Jesus reveals to the people that even if they are the most influential president here on earth because they are in the head of a big nation, they lead the people in the homosexual marriage because they themselves practice sodomy, they should know that in the kingdom of heaven, they should know that they are less considered than an animal because the king of the kingdom of heaven does not see the animals of the same sex mating; but he rather sees it in the super head of states, ministers, diplomats, superstars, the great businessmen… The man must understand that selling his similar, to sacrifice him by jealousy or because of a material gain or other, lock him in a very great poverty, misery and leprosy in front the man of heaven.

       The truth that touches the devil is the one which wants that the people should no longer believe in the lie and seduction and for their souls to no longer remain in the eternal death. The devil wants that the people should remain in the abomination and the evil. For this reason, he will raise some people who will say that the people who preach the truth of Christ must be removed from the earth. While waiting that my flesh should be murdered, beheaded…, I am happy in my soul for the truth that the Lord has given me, and which is a fire. I have lighted it; and it is because of this fire which is destined to burn all what the Lord does not want in the man that I will be assassinated by the anti-truth, I will neither be the first nor the last.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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