344th message





                                  It is the 344th message

       In truth, the act that raised the anger of the Eternal God and pushed him to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah is the same act that the world of today commits; but this abomination is more elevated or heavier because it is legalized and made official by the American and European rulers. The name “Sodom” has been drawn from the practice of sodomy. I know that homosexuality is practiced in almost all the circles of power, glory, celebrity…; but legalising and formalising it is more than criminality. It would have been better for the rulers of the great nations that are coveted and who have taken the engagement to legalise this practice in their countries not to be born. 

       As such, they would have avoided the great anger of God. In truth, these American and European rulers take the engagement to legalise the homosexual marriage without knowing that it is this act that has lead to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. They say to be Christians without reading the bible to see how the Eternal God has destroyed the towns that where practising these horrible acts; they do not only practice it today, but they also drag their people to do it officially.

       These rulers say to be Christians, but they instead read the books of the Rosicrucians, the freemasons and the book of Machiavelli to acquire the bloodthirsty and animal feelings and thoughts. Being spiritual in God by his grace, we should know that the greatness and the richness of a king, a head of state, a minister, a chancellor… is not to command the people and to possess the richness of the dust; but it is to command the evil and to possess the spirit which owes life, good health and the prosperity to his similar both in the spirit and in the flesh. The greatness and the richness of a nation is not his popularity, his underground, his money, his economy, his development…; but the hearts that fear God and the spirit which has a great thirsty not to see his similar in distress, sick, blind and death both in the spirit and in the physic.

        All these American and European rulers legalise the homosexual marriage and they also practice sodomy; they commit the act that even the animals abstain from practicing in front of their creator who is also the creator of all the men. All these men who have not been able to abstain like the animals from practicing this act in front of the only creator are less considered spiritually than the animals in front of the new man. The animals have kept this dignity in front of their creator no matter the fact that they have been given for food to men who have not kept this dignity in front God.

       If the animals that the Eternal God has created for food to man have found that to mate with another animal of the same sex is a very big spiritual abomination in front of the creator, the men on the other hand who are masters of these animals swim in this spiritual abomination. For, the American and European rulers have officialised this act in their countries; and every week-end, the mayors celebrate the homosexual marriage. These homosexual couples spend much money so that they should give them the adoption of babies and children. That is why the stealing of babies has increased in Africa, especially in hospitals because the homosexual couples need them. 

       The men of all nations in this century lack the consideration in front God; and the Lord Jesus being ready to come back, he wants that all the men who are the most considered, envied and respected by the entire world, and who are spiritually less considered than the animals, should now come back in spirit and in truth according to the new man who has charged us with hard messages that destroy the hard thoughts and the feelings in the evil and abomination, in order to also consolidate them in the spirit of truth.

       The new man sends me spiritually to bring the spiritual things to the lepers in the soul so that they should be purified. Therefore, I neither come to flatter and seduce the men of glory, power, celebrity, money… who are in danger of the eternal death nor to envy the richness of the dust that they have and which must return sooner or later in the ground. But I come with the intention to give them what is eternal in the spirit. I have a very big mission in this century which is to transmit what brings all the men of the planet earth to be agreeable in front God. The word of the Lord that I possess by his grace is a big treasure which is destined to bring the people to become a treasure in front God.

       In Africa, while poverty, misery, famine, thirsty as well as the underdevelopment torments the population, the African head of states take the people’s billions to go and keep in the foreign banks for their personal endings. Others go and construct hospitals, hotels, banks… abroad, in the big developed countries and leaving their countries in distress. For, when the one who is at the summit of the state take the richness of the country to go and keep abroad, it becomes the opening party; all the ministers, the directors of companies up to the small civil servants can have access to the cashbox. They will all enter in the dance of the embezzlement of public funds because the master of the embezzlement has opened the party. 

       That is why at this moment, the annual budget of an African country that live this faintness can only present the thousandth of the funds that an African president an all his civil servants can embezzle. These foxes that the African presidents are do not always look at those who embezzle less than them; but when these ones want to use the money which they have embezzled to target the power, they will then control their management and will send them in prison for the embezzlement of public funds. These African head of states are the first civil servants, the first magistrates, the first sportsmen…, but they are also the first magicians, the first corrupted, the first embezzlers of public funds…

       Some of these African presidents who already have a very advanced age always hang on power by crushing all their opponents. For them, it is only the death that can remove them from power even if the physical body is already weak. Others still continue to be deceived by their magician masters who sometimes ask them to drink the blood of people who have less than 25years, or to eat their heart raw in order to remain physically strong. They ask the civil servants to go for retirement meanwhile they themselves, civil servants in power, are the parents in age of those who they send for retirement. But which lesson and example do they give to the people? 

       Others again, having the mental reasoning already weakened by the old age, they surround themselves with councillors and secretaries who always put them in fatal errors for the country; but only the truth of Christ must freed the hearts and souls. The men of God that they always invite in their palace during the ceremonies do not tell them the truth; they rather rejoice to have a hand shake with them, to take a picture with them and to go back with an envelope of money. Meanwhile, the blood of Jesus has shed in this world for the liberation of their souls from evil and the eternal death; and it comes by the knowledge of the truth. That is why to prevent them from listening and reading the truth that must liberate them is a very great wickedness in front God.

       It is better to be wicked in front man by telling the truth to him than to be wicked in front God by hiding the truth to man which must save his soul, the soul for which the Lord Jesus sacrificed himself and has shed his blood on the cross.
To Jesus only is the glory by his mercy and pity for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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