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                                    It is the 345th message

       The man of mercy and pity, seeing from heaven the suffering to come for our souls in the lake of eternal fire because of the sin of Eve and Adam, he accepted to make himself of no reputation and to come in this physical world like a simple man, to suffer for a short time and to shed his blood on the cross by carrying our sins in order to liberate us from the hands of Satan.Therefore, seeing how Satan is passing by the rulers of the great nations in this century to spread the spiritual leprosy in the middle of their population by officialising the homosexual marriage, the Lord Jesus did not close his mouth to avoid his suffering and his blood that has shed on the cross not to be in vain for the souls in this century that are being dragged in a very big spiritual leprosy.

       When I was starting my ministry in 2010, the Lord Jesus said to me: “When you had 06 months, I have announced with your mouth, the things that you must accomplish now. I give you the spirit of denunciation more raised than what I have given to prophet Jeremiah. I give you wisdom of demonstration by the writings more raised than what I have given to Apostle Paul”. He said to me: “because of the spirit that I have put in prophet Jeremiah to denounce, and in Apostle Paul to demonstrate, they have suffered a lot; from one prison to another, from a beating to another, and their flesh have been destroyed by the people who did not like my light”. He asked me: “Does the flesh of prophet Jeremiah lives?” I responded: no. He asked me: “Does that of Apostle Paul lives?” I responded: no. He said to me: “Have you read the denunciation of prophet Jeremiah?” I responded: yes. He said: “Have you read the demonstration of the word of Apostle Paul?” I responded: yes. He said to me: “It has been a long time that the flesh of these two people have been destroyed; but what I have put in them and which was revealing itself continue to save up to today and remains for the eternity”.

       He added: “likewise, I have put the power to denounce and to demonstrate in you; it will deliver and remain for the eternity. But your flesh will be sought for its destruction. You should not be worried of what will happen to you physically because it is just a passage, be fast and you should hurry to denounce and to demonstrate because the time will be too short for you”. That is why I know what will arrive to me, and it does not make me to be a little bit anxious, but I rather feel the joy in the denunciation and the demonstration that also make the joy of God who wants everybody to know him by his truth and to be saved. My wish is not to make many years on earth, but it is rather to denounce and to demonstrate what must save man’s soul. He who has sent me spent only 33 years in the physic; and I already have more, but it does not make my glory.

       Why do these rulers of the great nations who say to be Christians, practising sodomy want to drag all the people that they govern in this practice by officialising the homosexual marriage? These rulers recognise themselves to be Christians because they have received the baptism being babies or little children; meanwhile in pouring water on their head, it was only the horns of the animal that they were placing on their head and that have domination on them. Therefore, while practicing sodomy, they want to drag all the nations in a very big spiritual leprosy. All the rulers who sign the legalisation of the homosexual marriage and who drag the world in this practice should repent as earlier as possible. It is time for them to believe in the truth or life of Christ. All those who say to be Christians, who are masters in the practice of sodomy and who are dragging their similar in this abomination in front God should repent and take the engagement to be baptised. They should enter in the water to bury the horns and the animal spirit that come from the head of the sovereign state of the lie and the powerful man of the beast in this world.

       The days are too bad, but the Lord Jesus is doing something to deliver the souls of this century that the devil wants to maintain in the death. Listen, these rulers who have legalised the homosexual marriage say to be Christians; almost all of them are faithful to the head of the Vatican because they have been baptised when they were babies or little children, they have received the first communion, the confirmation… they are fervent servants of the suicidal doctrine which is at the origin of the evil that governs the actual world. American and European rulers, you who have sign the project of the law authorising the homosexual marriage, you who are masters of the practice of sodomy and who are big spiritual lepers, you drag the people to also become spiritual lepers like you. Head of states and prime ministers, you have chose to become masters in the practice of sodomy, but why do you want to drag all the people that you control in this abomination? All the homosexuals should look at the ends of the paw of the tortoise to understand that their souls are more than what they see. They have a very big leprosy in their souls that have more value than their flesh which is dust and which has to return in the dust.

       All the homosexuals, especially these rulers who have legalised the homosexual marriage in their country, have the interior (their souls) that suffer of leprosy and rotten wounds. The Lord Jesus of whom they say to be Christians did not come to save the exterior which is dust, but he came to save the interior which is the soul. Therefore, the value of man is not the wrapping (his flesh), but it is his content (the soul). These rulers of the great nations legalise the homosexual marriage because they are masters of the practice of sodomy to receive the glory, power, the external richness; in the flesh which is the wrapping and dust for which Jesus did not suffer and did not shed his blood. The wrapping is clean, washed with potable water, anoint with pharmaceutical oils prescribed by great dermatologists, perfumed and dressed with expensive clothes of dust; but the content which is the product, the soul for which Christ has suffered and has shed his blood is leprous and gnawed with wounds, rotten by sodomy, magic… Physically, their wrapping shows that they are handsome, what makes that the people envy them, but spiritually, the product has unbearable odours, and stinking wounds.

       My dear friends, you should repent because Christ of whom you say to be Christians did not come to redeem the wrapping which serves nothing for the eternity, but he has come to redeem the product, because since the Garden of Eden, it is not the wrapping that the devil has possessed to be killed, but it was the product, and it is this product that Christ has come to redeem by shedding his blood on the cross. He has given you this blood to drink so that your interior which is the product should be purified of the leprosy. You do not only sodomise, but you refuse to drink the blood of Christ to drink the human blood. What spiritual rot? Repent and believe in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, be baptised in the water by burying this rot. You rejoice to be in the most whitish houses, in the most Elysian fields…, but I have pity on you spiritually. Seeing what is coming, my deepest desire is that the Lord should touch your hearts, you should read his message and that through this reading, your eyes should become opened, you should see your spiritual state so that you should hurry to abandon it in order to avoid the eternal suffering which is already at the door.

       Courage to all those who will repent; for those who will refuse the repentance by treating me to be a mad person or wicked person today, sooner or later, they will treat me to be wise and merciful; it was not earlier that the people have treated Noah to be wise, but it was later, and later is late.


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