346th message



                                  It is the 346th message

       Satan has a locking system which is very powerful in this century; and this has permitted him to have control on all and for all, even in the churches today. The success of people comes at 97% from him. Aggregate Professor, head of state, minister, banker, great business man, superstar, diplomat…, in order to have success, the majority of these celebrities have fulfilled the conditions with the devil such as: to become a Rosicrucian, a freemason, a homosexual, to consume the human blood, to sacrifice the human being or to sell him, to possess totems, to transform into an animal, to have a night wife or husband, to have mami-water, to make love with animals or mad people, to walk naked during the day, to bath on road junctions after midnight, to sleep in the grave yards, to possess rings and chains given by the masters of magic, to possess perfumes, to eat the herbs and to crunch peels that are given by the marabous…

       The devil work day and night in order to be indispensible in all the domains of the life of man on earth. Even if you have all the diplomas and the required competence to be an executive today in a company, it becomes very difficult because the executives that you will find face to you during your interview of employment will present an unlocking code to you which, when you accept, it will make you integrate the system and to have an important post in the company. Seeing how these executives have big salaries and vehicles of service, you will be tempted to say “yes” to these conditions. The young people in search of an employment ignore that these senior executives of companies are rotten of vicious conditions, of magic and of abominations. 

       Certain young people continue with their studies with the hope that when they will obtain such a diploma, they will work in a company as a commercial, a marketing responsible, an accountant, a banker, a director of human resources… once they obtain their diploma, they will ask for a training course or an employment in the companies; motivated by their level of studies, they will hope with all simplicity to have a post of executive of the enterprise, associated with a big salary. But they will find themselves face to the reality of the domination of the devil, and they will propose them a code that they will have to unlock if only they want to enter in the system and to rejoice of these privileges (an important post, a big salary…).

       They cannot name you minister without accepting the unlocking code and to be in the system. You can have a talent in the domain of sports, artistic…, but no matter your talent, you will find the elders who will tell you that here, you can have the talent but you must enter in the system in order to shine betterand to make you talent to explode. The devil has profited a lot with the incredulity and the lack of understanding of men; because when they say to the people that the end of everything is near, and that for this reason, all what does not have value has started to disappear gradually, they do not believe. 

       That is even why the soil cannot longer produce much, food becomes more and more rear and expensive; and famine overwhelms the families. While there is lack of money, the price of goods and services is raised. Luxurious things are more and more fabricated, modernised and what is ancient becomes out of fashion after a short while. Therefore, while to live well in the flesh becomes more and more difficult; the devil multiplies the ways and means to obtain the finances and others through horrible conditions. All what is physical is decreasing and disappearing gradually because the end of everything is very near; and when it will arrive, all what is physical will totally disappear.

       The devil knows that everything is disappearing; and seeing that the times are difficult, he has provided totems and other spirits so that man should possess them and to become in communion with him in order to receive all these vanities in exchange of his soul and any other sacrifice: the human being… The fact that the things are lacking and disappearing does not bring the people to understand that the end of everything is approaching.Meanwhile, what the people must understand is that; the more the days are passing, the more the conditions of the fleshly life become difficult, the more the devil will pass by certain people to fabricate luxurious things that will permit him to attract more human hearts to him. This lasts, not possessing the financial means to have the earthly vanities or to be in good conditions of the fleshly life, they will be found face to the conditions that they will have to fulfil in order to fill their heart with joy and peace. Meanwhile, man shall not live by dustonly, but byevery word that comes from the mouth of God.

       In truth, the natural things are disappearing; and the devil makes believe to man that what is supernatural will take place; meanwhile all this is only passing. That is why the soil does not longer produce something; the food and the supplies that we see today come more from chemical manure, the fishes are killed with chemical products, the animals are killed by magic, money is vomited by totems, it is brought by other spirits after the sacrifice of the human being. That is why today, the majority of household goods, vehicles, supermarkets, the enterprises…, function with the finances coming from the spirits or totems. The more the fleshly life becomes difficult, the more things are fabricated in these end times to attract the heart of man who knows that money is difficult to gain in order to have these luxurious things. 

       It is at this moment that the devil profit to be a good adviser, proposing man to make him profit of all what he want in order to be well in his fleshly life. The devil knows that all the conditions that this lasts will fulfil will assure to him the selling of their souls at the price of vanities; that is to say the richness of dust. The devil makes use of the physical things to gain man’s heart and soul; for the people do not want to suffer in the justice, the holiness, the mercy and the patience of God.Even if they lack what will soon disappear and which is disappearing gradually, the people must suffer in the justice, they should live a life of holiness in order to save their souls from the eternal suffering in the lake of fire.

       The people of this century do not understand that with the will to gain the things that are disappearing by obeying to the conditions that will bring them to live better in the flesh; they will make their flesh to suffer eternally in the lake of fire. Today, even the small business men, when their businessdoes not longer function well, they will go and see the marabous to bath them or for these marabous to give them the things that will make their business to develop. They enter in meetings where they will lend them high amounts of money; and the required repayment will not longer be money, but in a coded language: a goat; that is to say a human being.

       I always ask myself the question to know what the people think when they see some people constructing great buildings very rapidly and easily everyday, buying big vehicles, creating enterprises…?Have they ever asked themselves where this money comes? This world is only a jungle. If the people could see in truth how the things that are not eternal are disappearing, they would have started trembling in the seeking of what will not disappear because of its value and eternity; for the devil is ready to give man all what he want in the flesh, as longer as this last is ready to sell his soul to him for the vanities through the practice of his conditions.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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