347th message.

This revelation is...


                                   It is the 347th message.

       This revelation is too great and simply proves the love that the Lord Jesus has for all the souls that are lost and ignorant; and who wants that all the forces and power of the enemy should not longer be hidden or veiled to all, and especially for those who want to come out of his prisons.

       In truth, after the victory of the Lord Jesus on the cross, his death, his resurrection, his abduction in heaven, the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and the starting of their evangelisation in Jerusalem, the Devil understood that he has lose the war, but not the battle. Therefore, he could still fight. The devil saw the speed which the apostles took in Jerusalem to speak of Christ who is the deliverance of the souls where even his government of men was complaining of the apostles by saying to them: “We strictly charged you not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching…” (Acts 5/28).

        Recognising that the Lord Jesus has already won the war and has delivered the soul from the eternal death, but knowing that all pass by the listening, the belief in his gospel and the engagement of the baptism in him, the devil said to himself that the fight continues even if he has lose the war. He thus raised his servants who also started to announce another gospel like the apostles were doing; and the people also believed in this gospel. Not that there are two gospels in God, but he raised some people who brought another gospel different from that of Christ. When Apostle Paul was faced to the people who believed in another gospel, he was saying to them: “not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1/7).

       After the passing of the Apostles whose names are written in the bible, the devil made a very big meeting in order to put in place a system that will permit him to better govern up to the kings of nations without being worried; at that moment, we were not speaking of presidents or head of states, but rather the kings. That is where they adopted the code « 222 » which is the code of sponsorship. They took this code and brought it to the people who say to be the representatives of Apostle Peter or Saint Peter according to their cunning, by making them understand that they will now baptise babies and little children; and these babies and little children will have godfathers or godmothers. 

       Therefore, the sponsorship is a cover, a veil, a guarantee. The godfather is a person in charge of another person. But the double game of the devil is that; some people come and stand in quality of godfather or godmother of the baby during the baptism; meanwhile they are only there to veil people’s eyes because the veritable godfather is the animal spirit which they fix the horns on the head of babies or little children through the water that they pour on their head. Once all these babies or little children become big, like all the Christian rulers of today, they have their godfathers (some of them even death) who are human in the appearance and who are the false ones, and animals in the spirit, who are the veritable ones and who have possessed them. 

       For the devil, if the babies or the little children that he has sponsored become kings, he will better govern the world through them. That is thus how he has passed by the baptism of babies and little children in order to use the code 222 which is the code of sponsorship. Years and centuries have passed; and today, in the place of these former kings, we have other kings, head of states, ministers, diplomats, chancellors… who govern the world. That is why today in the world, every time that you need something great, they will ask you a godfather.

       The devil knows that if these sponsored are in the command of people, that is to say; if they have the judiciary power, the legislative or executive power, and being submitted to the one who is seated at the sovereign power of the lie, they will honour the lie which will be declared and all the people will be mobilised. That is why they took a day, saying that it is on this day that Mary ascended in heaven, and they have declared it to be a public holiday. They also took another day and they have declared that it is on this day that Jesus died; and for this reason, they declared it to be a public holiday (holy Friday). They still took another day, and declared that it is the day of his birth; they have also declared it to be a public holiday. Those who govern the world are sponsored by the devil; and all this comes from the code 222 of the law of Satan.

       This present world cannot have peace because all these countries, especially the Christian countries are governed by the people who are sponsored by the code 222 of the law of Satan. They have never listened to the power of the gospel of Christ to believe in him and to take the engagement to be baptised in the water of baptism to bury this old life of the evil and the spiritual death, in order to walk in the new life according to Christ and not according to man, by the faith and not by the sight; for, by this baptism, they also eat the body of Christ and drink his blood in spirit and in truth. Therefore, when all these Christian rulers in the world were babies or little children they have received water on the head like the baptism at the price of money, because to the devil, nothing is given for free, even the death is bought. 

       For the catholics, after the baptism, according to them, they have received the first communion and the confirmation; and those who are protestants have limited themselves in the baptism, and this up to today. They are kings, head of states, ministers, chancellors, diplomats, secretaries of state, directors, governors, divisional officers, sub-divisional officers, generals, colonels, commanders, commissioners…, up to today, they have never baptised themselves in Jesus Christ because in Jesus Christ, there is only one baptism of repentance, of abandon, of reject of the death life and the reception of a living life; and it comes from a decision which comes from the listening of Christ preached. That is why in God, we first believe in the change of life before taking the engagement to be baptised. That is why the Lord Jesus says: “Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16/16).

       How can a baby be baptised? Can a baby listen to the word of Christ preached, can he repent to believe in him? A baby only believes that when he will cry, his mother will give him the breast or the baby’s bottle, or they will change his nappies, or they will carry him especially when he is sick and it is all. These Christian rulers have not believed and they were not baptised because they have never been touched by the word of Christ to take the engagement to be baptised in him and to put on him in spirit, in the feeling, in the thought and in the conduct. That is why it is said: “For as many of you as were baptised into Christ have put on Christ” (Galatians 3/27). 

       If they have put on Christ, they would have manifested his power, his force, his strength, his supreme domination that comes from the body of Christ which is eaten and his blood which is drank. But these rulers have not put on this power, this force, this strength and this domination that comes from the truth listened and lived; they have rather known the lie to seek this power, force… in the consumption of the human blood, in the practice of sodomy, in the incarnation of an animal… That is why they are rosicrucians, freemasons… 


       Therefore, this spirit is their veritable godfather coming from the code 222 of the law of Satan. When somebody has this animal spirit, the suffering or the death of the people does not affect him… That is why because of shameful earnings, a Christian ruler who is sponsored accept that a bomb should be tested in a locality of his territory, thus making thousands of people to die; he can put his country in fire and blood, killing people, and making them to migrate in order to find refuge in other nations. Physically, it does not affect them because spiritually, they are animals by the code 222 of the law of Satan. They torture, maltreat… their people. Therefore, it is the code 222 of the law of Satan which makes the success of his system.

       The people are always astonished and they ask themselves the question why there is a high rate of witchcraft where people transform into animals and possess many totems? Meanwhile it is through the baptism of babies and little children that the devil has used the code 222 of his law so that all these people should be sponsored by his animal spirit; and it is this spirit godfather which takes the place in their hearts and spirits. That is why people have bad hearts, they do not forgive, they want the suffering and the death of their similar, they consider the material more than the human being… If not how can we explain the growth of witchcraft which is the spirit of transformation into an animal? This witchcraft rather increases whereas the products said spiritual or blessed, the recitation of psalms, prayers of miracle, clairvoyance, visions… are in proliferation. Therefore, they are not a brake!

       In this world of blinds, while the people are attacking the witches, the magicians and the rulers because of their wickedness, their destruction, their dishonesty, their carelessness…, the sovereign Pontiff of the lie is seated, he is cheered and taken for God meanwhile it is by him that the devil has passed up to today in order to use his code 222 and to put this world in his system which has succeeded; and the fruit are seen with the bare eye.

All what you listen and read is only the accomplishment of a prophecy of demonstration and of denunciation made at the age of 06 months; and it comes from the Lord who wants everybody to have knowledge of the truth and to be saved.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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