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In truth...


                                  It is the 348th message    

       In truth, many people firstly go after the witches, the magicians, the rulers… because of their acts of criminality, corruption, abomination…; without knowing that these last are in this state because when they were babies or little children, the servants of the strong man of the Vatican had poured them water on the head for the baptism and they have been sponsored physically by a man and spiritually by an animal. Therefore, these people today were not only possessed by an animal spirit to react like an animal, but they are equally false by the baptism of falseness, they are swindlers by the baptism of swindling. Becoming big today, these last have given themselves to all type of evil.

       Why do we firstly go after these witches, magicians, rulers and others who say to be Christians meanwhile they have been deceived, swindled, bewitched and sealed in the death when they were babies or little children by the baptism! They have become big without listening to the gospel of Christ, without believing in this change of life to take the engagement to be baptised in the water in order to bury the old life of the animal man and the death, and to resuscitate in a holy and living man (Jesus Christ). Being in this state, what good can these people owe to their similar if it is not to wish them evil, to lie them like they have lied them through the baptism, to swindle them like they have swindled them by taking money from them through the baptism, to bewitch them with all type of spirit like they have bewitched them with the animal spirit through the sponsorship in the baptism, to kill them like they have killed their souls by maintaining them in the death through the belief in the false baptism.

       The people go after the Christian witches, magicians, rulers… by throwing them stones because they deceive, swindle, bewitch and kill the others; meanwhile they do it because they have been mandated since by the baptism that they have received when they were babies or little children and which was only a lie, a swindling, a bewitchment, a killing of souls. When we go after the mandated or on the bewitched without understanding that it is first of all to the mandator or the bewitcher that we have to go after, it means that we are blind, ignorant; and if we are blind or ignorant, it is time to see and to know. 

       This doctrine through which the devil has passed to spread his code 222 of sponsorship, fights at 200% to render vain the suffering and the blood of Christ that has shed on the cross for the justification, the purification, the sanctification and the deliverance of all the souls. This doctrine which is called catholic church today, has started operating since. It is there that comes the protestants who also baptise little children and others. We are in the year 2015 and there is about 1408 years from now that the first pope has been elected. During these 1408 years, there have already been 265 popes, since the first pope Boniface III up to the 265th pope who pope Francis the 1st is, and who is recognised and taken today in front of the blinds and deaf as the representative of Apostle Peter, but with the appellation of “Saint Peter” according to their cunning.

       As they have started working long ago, it has permitted them to cover the entire world with a doctrine which fights the gospel of Christ at 200% up to the point where this doctrine has taken in possession the hearts of the people who have adopted it like the belief in Christ, and from generation to generation, the people are only chewing and swallowing this poison with the hope to be healed on the last day. This deception is rooted in people’s hearts today up to the point where the truth of Christ which is brought for the deliverance of the soul gives a great battle to turn out this big lie and this eternal death. 

       Therefore, since generations where little children are born in the death, these mandated have come to seal this spiritual death in babies and little children through the baptism of sponsorship, and once these last grow up, they still recognise to be baptised and they no longer believe in the word of truth to take the engagement to change life and to become attached to Christ for the eternity. They prevent the people from knowing the truth of Christ which must save their souls by giving them an empoisoned word taken for the truth of Christ. How then the people who ignore the good will not manifest the evil face to their similar!

       In truth, where I still saw the super cunning of Satan through his people is when these missionaries arrived in Africa, principally in Cameroon and I came closer to them. These people arrived in Douala in Cameroon in the night of the 24th to the 25th October 1890 by presenting themselves as the missionaries. They had the bible and did not want that the people should look at it to read it. All what they were doing was to bring the people not to read the teaching of the apostles, the prophets, and the Lord Jesus himself in order to be in the faith in him, but they edified them on how to pray, to ask and to speak to Mary. 

       They were taking themselves to be the gods in front of whom the people were coming to bow down and confessing their sins in their ears. These foxes were in complicity with the authorities in place to hold all those who were coming to confess their sins of murder, stealing… in front of them. These cunning had the bible and they did not want the people to read it in order to become edified on their spiritual life and to be cured in their souls. They rather created schools to teach the earthly things to the people, and hospitals to cure man’s flesh; they did all this meanwhile they were a barrier to the edification and the healing of the soul.

        They had the bible in which the word which is written edifies and cures the soul spiritually, but they were hiding it to the people and strictly forbid them from reading it. The people were seeing to much love in that, as it is the case of many today; because these people were constructing them hospitals, schools and also the big buildings where their customs and traditions are preached. Today, how can the people manifest the good which they have not listened? They have spent all their time listening to the lie, and they manifest it. They believe in this lie and they manifest it as it is the case today.

       In this century, the new born, that is to say; those who have less than one hundred years firstly throw stones or go after the witches, the magicians, the rulers…; but the one who was born long ago knows that these people are mandated. They all come from the mandator. The power and the force of the papacy are veiled for those who have the power and the force of this world. But for us who are endowed of the power and force of above, they are naked in front of us like the earth worm. That is why the people take on to those who are mandated by the devil, his lie, his swindling, his bewitchment and killing; meanwhile the mandator is taken for God as the representative of Apostle Peter. 

       While the people are running away from the mandated who transform into an animal like the witches, the big magicians, those who possess totems, the bewitchers…, the mandator attracts the people like flies that are attracted by the rotten body of a death animal, without knowing that he is the cause of the state of these last that they are running away. Therefore, he is the mandator and these people are the mandated.

       The head quarter of the papacy possesses a veiled power; but unfortunately for them, the light which enlightens everything without leaving something on the way crushes them like they also crush the souls that are on their way through the lie and the sponsorship of the code 222.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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