350th message




                                  It is the 350th message

       Better know the Lord Jesus to better know the devil, and to better fight against him must be our first and our greatest worry in these end times that we have started to cross, and which is announced to be more and more difficult up to the sound of the trumpet.

       We should not remain in the seduction by saying that as the Lord Jesus has defeated the evil in the spiritual death, we are already saved. Certainly, but we are saved by the faith in him. Therefore, without the faith, we will not be saved no matter the fact that he has defeated the devil or the spiritual death for us. The Lord Jesus defeated the devil by the spiritual life, and he has traced a path for us, a path that we must follow in order to enter in the kingdom of heaven, and this path is the path of the truth which is the conduct that we must follow. You must overcome the sin in order to defeat the devil, and to overcome the sin, you must purify yourself in the blood of Jesus; and for this, you have to be in communion with him, which is to say; you should walk in the light as he is in the light. That is even why it is said: “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1/7).

        Therefore, he who wants to defeat the devil must walk as Jesus walked in this world. It is even for this reason that it is said: “whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked” (1 John 2/6). Just as he has defeated the devil by the walk or the conduct that he adopted during his physical life in order to sit with his Father on his throne, in the same way, we should also defeat the devil through the walk or the conduct by the same life in order to sit with the Son on his throne. That is even why the Son says: “The one who conquers, I will grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne” (Revelation 3/21).

       The devil uses the men to persecute and to outrage the others in order to defeat all of them in the spirit; because he has already defeated those who he uses in the spirit, and he also wants to defeat the one that he comes to outrage and persecute by making him to fall in his trap which is to make him retaliate not according to the will of God, but according to his will (the will of the devil) faced to the outrages and persecutions. That is why when he used the people who came to arrest the Lord Jesus with the physical power and who were armed with swords and sticks, he wanted the Lord Jesus to also attack their physic. But the Lord Jesus saw that if the fight was physic against physic, sword against sword, stick against stick, the devil will win spiritually on both sides. It is for this reason that while he saw Apostle Peter taking out his sword to cut the right ear of Malchus, he put back this ear in place by treating him. Seeing this, the devil knew that he has to do with the big Master.

        The devil pushed the people to beat the Lord Jesus like an animal, to slap him; in short, he pushed the people to humiliate him, with the hope that by this humiliation, the Lord Jesus will rise against these people and will do something which is his will in order to defeat him spiritually. While the devil was inciting the people to spit on the face of the Lord Jesus, he was saying to himself that with this contempt, as God, he (the Lord) will not accept this and he will react according to his will (the will of the devil). Even when the Lord was nailed on the wood or on the cross, the devil brought the people to insult him by saying to himself that with this pain that he is feeling due to the nails that are retaining him and the insults of the people, he will respond to these people according to his will (the will of the devil). But from the mouth of the Lord Jesus, came out his word which was saying: “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing”.

       The Lord Jesus knew that he had nothing to do with the physical appearance or the men, but rather with that one who makes the man or the physic to agitate against him, this last is spiritual and it is also spiritually that we defeat him. The Lord Jesus knew that if he fall in the trap of the devil which he has tied against him through the outrages and persecutions of these men, he will not defeat the devil or the spiritual death; and we would not also be able to defeat this spiritual death. The fact that the Lord Jesus has defeated the devil or the spiritual death also gives us the power to defeat him by the faith in him.

       Today, when the devil sees the engagement and the decision that somebody takes to come out of the spiritual death in order to live, he pushes the people whom he has gain the souls towards this one with all kinds of mockeries, insults, rejects, contempt, offences… He uses them like the bait for this person, knowing that this one will not be able to resist all these persecutions because he will say without any doubt to himself that a person like him must not accept to be despised up to this level, and he will react according to his will. Therefore, the devil will gain his soul like the souls of those who he uses like bait. The devil will start to pass by the relatives of this person, his family and his friends to offend him, to despise him, to persecute him…, all this because he wants that this person should come out of his state of victorious so that he (the devil) should gain him.

       No matter the degree of despise that you will undergo from the others, you should not leave yourself to be dragged on the way of the devil no matter your social status, for if you do it, it will not be according to the will of God, but according to the will of the devil who has set his trap through the despise and outrages of these people. Recognise that you are not despised more than the Lord Jesus; and you do not even have the personality like him. They spited on his face, they slapped him, they beat him, they insulted him, but no matter the fact that he is God, he supported all these things because he knew that as such, he is defeating the devil and he is liberating man’s soul from the eternal death.

       Today, the devil defeats us very easily because we do not master his cunning, for we confuse everything. It is sufficient for him to push the man in front of us with words, with the acts of despise, and for us to preserve our personality in front of the people, we will show our physical power and the power of our material; we will seek to agitate ourselves enough because we are right on this last. We do not look how the Lord Jesus has defeated the devil by leaving himself to be defeated by the man; he who had a big personality as God, he who had the power to transform all these people into what he wanted, he who was right on them. We should seek and see how he managed the persecutions faced to the men and faced to the devil. For us today, it is just a matter of seconds for the devil to defeat us.

       The devil being the master of the cunning, he first starts at the lower level of outrages and persecutions, which is through the people outside. When he sees that you are above this, he adds the level by using your family or your friends. But recognise that what you suffer like offense, despise, outrage, persecution, is less than what your saviour has suffered; and he has overcome these things in order to defeat the devil to also bring you to overcome them in order to defeat the devil so that your soul should be protected from the eternal death.

       The devil also uses the material to make the people to stay in the spiritual poverty; and even for this, the Lord Jesus taught us by asking us not to worry, not to lament, to seek firstly the richness of the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 6/33). He asked us to work firstly for the food that endures eternally and not for the food that perishes (John 6/27). He has shown us the example, as well as the apostles whose names are written in the bible, which is to be rich spiritually even if the flesh which has a short life span is poor. The devil has made everything so that the man should remain blind in order not to see that his flesh only has a short life span before returning in the ground where it was taken, and that his soul is eternal. Therefore, the man should see and he should be wise to think first of the future of what is eternal and not of the future of what is vanity. The devil has tormented almost all the people in this century by making them to become blind up to the point where all what is thought, wished and sought is for the future of the flesh.

       That is why today, when the man is young, he thinks of obtaining his diploma, next to work, to get married, to construct a house, to have children, and to create other activities that can be profitable to him. That is even why the devil has brought the man in a false challenge which is to construct a big house, to buy big vehicles, to wear expensive clothes, to give birth to many children, to have many richness…, by imitation or by rivalry to such a person. But the people will never say: “I also want to become spiritually rich like the Lord Jesus, like the apostles and the prophets whose names are written in the bible, even if I remain physically poor”. That is why he wants that the people should continually fight in order to possess what they consider to be of fashion, even if for that, they should take tortuous routes


Glory to God by the Lord Jesus who wants to deliver the souls of this century by the power and demonstration of his truth.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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