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When we ignore...



                                     It is the 351st message

       When we ignore the Lord in spirit and in truth, the devil make use of this ignorance to present himself like being the Lord, to be taken like God in order to become the master of the souls. The devil fights with force to maintain the men in the spiritual blindness and poverty, so that these blinds and deaf should look at the material in the place of God. This fight of the devil in this century is victorious at 100%; for even up to the men of God, it is the material which takes the place of God. That is why when somebody who has the material enters in a church, the man of God starts to tremble; he gives him honours because of his material.

       When the devil sees that you see and that you are spiritually rich, in order to bring you back in the spiritual blindness and poverty, he will use the spiritual blinds and poor, he will bring them to ask you: “how can you have God and be poor materially?” These people will mock at you, they will despise you up to the point where if your faith is not solid, they will bring you back in the spiritual blindness; and you will start losing the assurance to be rich, and as such, the doubt will become installed in you and you will also start believing that what they say is true. You will then say to yourself that if you had God who is the creator of everything, you would not lack the material.

       In your ignorance, you will not know that these spiritual blinds and deaf are the bait through mockeries and contempt. Meanwhile your richness must be the pity, love, the justice, the holiness of the kingdom of heaven, in the manifestation and the witnessing in all places and all the time. That is why the Lord said to the man who had many materials: “Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come follow me” (Luke 18/22).

       If it was in our time, the spiritual blinds and poor would hold the language of the type: “this man (Jesus) is jealous of the material goods of this rich man because he himself does not have them. That is why he wants that this rich should sell all what he has, he should distribute it to the poor, and to be without material like him”. They would continue to say: “It is jealousy, wickedness and witchcraft”. If these spiritual blinds and poor who have filled this present world were living in these former times and that they met this rich after he has obeyed to the Lord Jesus by distributing his material to the poor, they would have said to him: “you have God and you lack the material!”.

       The same, if these blinds and poor who have filled the world of today were living in the time of the apostles, seeing the disciples who have sold their houses, their land, their farm and who have deposited the money which they have obtained on the foot of the apostles, they would have said to them: “if these people were having God, they would not lack the material”. Was the Lord Jesus, John Baptist… not having God because they were lacking the material which is the god of the men of this century that the devil has greatly made to become spiritually blind and poor? What a blindness and extreme poverty to see the material in the place of God! What degree of misery for the man who consider the creature in the place of the creator!

       You who see and who is rich like the Lord, like the apostles and the prophets, be careful with the trap which the devil tights through the mockeries and contempt of the spiritual blinds and deaf. The devil can use a person and brings him to say: “you have God and you lack money, clothes of value and of spare. If you say that you have God, you should at least rent a room, get married we should also see; and later, you will come and talk to me about your God. And there, I will listen to you because I do not listen to the God of the poor. Me, my God has changed my life, I have a job, I have money, I got married, I have a plot, I have constructed a house, I have vehicles and other goods (of dust). Let me see how your God will also change your life. You have the diploma but you do not work, with your age, you are still unmarried, without a child, incapable to rent at least a room. Ask your God to change your life so that you should no longer be a bare footed”.

       This spiritual blind and deaf does not know that God has sent the Lord Jesus to change your life firstly, you have received him and your life has changed. That is why you no longer see the material in the place of God, and you no longer glorify yourself in the material and in the acclamations of men’s hands, but rather in the consideration and the searching that your similar should be alive, rich and he should prosper both in the spirit and in the physic.

       Your life has changed. That is why you no longer look for the consideration in front man. Your life has changed in your soul which is eternal; you have passed from death to life, from poverty to richness, from leprosy to purity, from the sickness to healing, from weakness to power, and all this have come from the Son of man that the Eternal has sent to change your life; and by his grace, you have received him and your life has changed. You are very happy of him because the richness that you possess does not have a price. Even if they multiply all the richness of the earth by a billion times, it can not reach the tenth of what you possess.

       If your parents and your family members who are spiritually blind and poor in their state ask you that with the suffering and the pain that they had to send you to school, now that you have the diplomas and that they are waiting that you should work, how does it comes that you worry more about your God? How do you want that their suffering should become vain? Ask them that between the suffering that Christ had for you in this physical world, and who is now calling you in these end times, and their suffering, which one should be vain?

       Tell them that they have suffered so that you should work and bring money to them; but the Lord suffered so that you should work and bring the death souls to him. Tell them that when the Lord calls you to send you, you should no longer look behind. When they ask you that somebody like you, a certified of your state, are you not ashamed to always be like a child because you sometimes lack money to buy fritters, tell them that you are a child according to your new heart that has been brought and given to you by Christ (1 John 4/4) and not like a child because of the absence of the material.

       For the devil to gain the people of this century, he starts firstly by making the men of God to become spiritually blind and poor; and it is what is burning everywhere without brake. For, the men of God were to be the fire men to intervene on the flame which is doing ravages in the man. But if it has started burning them (the men of God) before spreading, who will then intervene?

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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