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It is the 357th message


       In truth, if there are the people of the kingdom of heaven on earth, they are strangers in this kingdom of the earth and the only mission which is given to them by the Lord Jesus who has called them is to bear witness like the apostles whose names are written in the bible. Being physical, they live and walk according to the spirit of God in them; being spiritual, they must be affected by the spiritual dead of the men even if these ones are alive in their physic; it is even for this reason that it is said: “But she who gives herself to pleasure is dead while she is living” (1 Timothy 5/6).

       The Lord Jesus did not sacrifice himself to save the flesh of man because the flesh cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven for it is only the ground and it must return where it has been taken. That is even why it is said: “I tell you this, brothers: flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable” (1 Corinthians 15/50). Therefore, the men of the kingdom of heaven on earth are not fleshly to cry man’s flesh which is returning back in the ground which is its country of origin; but they are spiritual to cry man’s soul which is dead and which can still come back to life in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven through the grace and the truth of the Lord Jesus brought to this person who is spiritually dead but physically alive.

       Sooner or latter, the flesh will inherit the ground. That is why even the flesh that the Lord Jesus took in order to come like a simple man also returned in the ground. The men of the kingdom of heaven on earth cry the soul so that it should come back to life in order not to inherit the fire or the eternal suffering. That is why the Lord Jesus came to vivify this soul through his word which is his body and which has been given to us as food in order to live by it. That is even why he said: “As the living Father sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever feeds on me, he also will live because of me” (John 6/57).

       The first witness of the kingdom of heaven on earth is the Lord Jesus. Being spiritual, he was crying for the dead souls. That is why he was walking from village to village in order to transmit what can bring back the soul to life and not the flesh which serve for nothing as it is said: “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life” (John 6/63). Therefore, it is because of the soul that he sacrificed all his time, all his material and all his body by walking everywhere, leaving himself to be crucified on the cross and by shedding his blood for our sins.

       The Lord Jesus is therefore the first witness of the kingdom of heaven on earth. Being alive in a world of deaths in the spirit but living in the flesh as it is the case today, all his will and cries were for these dead souls to come back to life in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. We are dead since the Garden of Eden. But the Lord Jesus loved us so much as he loved Lazarus. That is why he came near us, he cried our death as he cried the death of Lazarus, he called us to come out of our bad life which is the grave as he called Lazarus, and this last came out. But do we listen to his call in order to accept to come out of the grave or to stay in it (the grave)?

       The Lord Jesus is the first witness of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the first witnesses of the Lord Jesus up to Apostle Paul, being possessed and leaded by his spirit were also affected by the death of the souls. When they were seeing people in idolatry, they were affected because of the state of these people that they recognised to be dead. That is why it is said: “Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols” (Acts 17/16). The first witnesses of Jesus also being spiritual, they found that the soul has a great value above all in this world up to the point where they were doing everything in order to bring back these souls to life through the gospel of Christ.

       Recognising that it is for these souls that the Lord Jesus has shed his blood, they were doing everything to make listen the life of Christ to the deaths at all price by accepting all the sufferings, the imprisonments, the chaining and the death that they endured with a soft heart from village to village, from town to town so that the life of Christ should reach the dead souls for which he suffered and shed his blood.

       That is why one day, as the disciples were going in Jerusalem in order to announce the gospel which could bring back the soul to life, a prophecy came out concerning the belt of Apostle Paul and which announced that he was to be tied in Jerusalem by the Jews; while the people were crying for him, he told them: “What are you doing, weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be imprisoned but even to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 21/13).

       Apostle Paul found that if Jesus Christ of whom he bear witness so that these souls should come back to life preferred to sacrifice himself, he the supreme God, how much more of him who is only his instrument! That is why one day, while he was preaching from town to town going in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit warned him of the tribulations that he will face, but he was never discouraged nor lamented, he was always saying that it is no longer his life, but rather the life of that one who preferred to be even sacrificed on the cross and who want that the people should come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved.

       That is why it is said: “except that the Holy Spirit testifies to me in every city that imprisonment and afflictions await me. But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20/23-24).

       If today we are edified on the foundation of the apostles, the prophets and the Lord Jesus himself, what spirit do we carry in order to have the affection for the dead souls, which testimony are we carrying? In truth, we say to be witnesses of Christ in this century, but is it spiritually or carnally up to the point where if the soul is ill, we do not border for its health, but if it is the flesh which is ill, we also become ill because we wish its healing. In truth, which affection do we have today for these dead souls, we who say to be witnesses of Christ! What sacrifice of time, of material and of the physic!

       Our life is not in the Lord to sacrifice ourselves in the spirit to want him (the Lord), but our life is for ourselves, for our children and family. The soul is dear for the Lord Jesus, that is why he totally sacrificed himself. The soul is dear for the first disciples who were witnessing the Lord Jesus, that is why they sacrificed themselves up to the point of accepting the beating, the imprisonment, the chaining and the death. Us today who say to be the witnesses of Christ, do we see the value in the soul in order to accept to sacrifice ourselves with all what we are and what we have? What is more painful is because our pity and cries for the dead souls are instead consecrated to those who have the material.

       If we are of the Lord Jesus, we are sacrificed in him and we must give ourselves like the apostles who are the first witnesses, disposing our time, our material and even our body in order to succeed our mission. If the deaths are envied because of their material, there will no longer be the affection and the testimony. We say to be strangers on earth and spiritual men, but look how the autochthones who are fleshly men cry the flesh which is dead and which can no longer come back to life; Look how the men of the earth cry the ground when it returns in the ground.

       If they had the possibility to bring back this flesh by the sacrifice of time, of the material, by walking or suffering, they will do it and this lump of soil would come back to life. For these fleshly men, the flesh is dear to them; for these men of the ground, this lump of soil is dear to them. That is why if there was a possibility to bring back this lump of soil to life, those who are affected would do it. That is even why today, when the ground is returning in the ground, there is a big feast.

       If the fleshly men or the men of the earth are affected for a dead ground or flesh, how much more of the spiritual men of the kingdom of heaven that we are today and who were to be for the soul which must come out of the death to life and to inherit the kingdom of heaven. What sacrifice of the soul do we have or are we?

       It is by the absence of testimony that the men are not afraid of the spiritual death today, but only the physical death; and the evil which is in them cannot be frightened. The Lord Jesus came to seek and find what was lost, that is the soul. That is even why it is said: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19/10).

       Therefore, us being in him, the dead soul was supposed to be too dear for us and to go in search of it in order to bring it back to life was to be in haste and in an accentuated manner for us. If somebody misplaces a large amount of money which is dear to him, he will give himself in its searching in order to find it. Meanwhile for the people of the kingdom of heaven on earth, bringing back a dead soul to life is dearer than all.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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