360th message

The spiritual poverty


It is the 360th message.


       The spiritual poverty and misery are too elevated today because of the bad testimony of the men of God who have filled the world and who rather glorify and testify the greatness, the glory of the god of this world who is money, and not the one of the Kingdom of heaven. They draw the glory from the men and not from the Lord Jesus. They do not come near the men with the word of the kingdom of heaven which has created everything and by which they might be rich and glorious without measure on earth; but they rather come with the word of lies, of seduction and flattery to remain poor in front of the men because they are searching for their money and glory. That is why today, people know that the men of God make war, fight… among each other not, for the glory of the Lord Jesus who sacrificed himself and the apostles who suffered in order to deliver them from the eternal death, but rather for the product which the devil uses to maintain or make the people to become spiritually small, poor and miserable in front of him.

       The men of God seeing the greatness in money, great buildings that are decorated, the great number of men in their places of prayer or church, in the clothing, in the vehicles, in radio and television channels and other things of dust, have instead become hunters of money in the aim to posses these things where they draw their greatness, their glory and richness to no longer be considered as anybody in front of the men. The men of money have understood that if they are near the men of God, they are the ones who will become the god of the men of God; for the men of God find the greatness, the glory and the richness in the physical things. For this reason, they throw themselves in the searching of money by using the cunning in the language in order to obtain it. They have bear witness that if we do not have money, we do not benefit the grace of God.

       I will first take the false baptism. The men of God baptise babies and little children at the price of money. For certain pastors, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, pope, if the parents do not have money their child will not receive the baptism. For certain pastors, if you do not have money, you will not obtain the title of church elder, deaconess…, you will not be a member of honour in the church, you will neither meet the man of God easily nor to be his friend. If you do not have money, you will never be considered in the eyes of the man of God. If you are sick, you must buy their handkerchief, their bottle of blessed water… if you do not have money, the man of God will never take you into consideration.

       If you do not have money, the man of God will never visit you at home. Others again who are more thirsty forbid yellow coins in the offering basket; they ask a fixed amount of money that has to be given in order to have a prayer of grace or blessing. They find the greatness in the physical things up to the point of even bringing the people to spend money in vain things because they want to make a challenge in these physical things, and make believe to the people that it is the work of God which is advancing. That is why today, the men know that they are the ones who make the value of the men of God, not in front God in the reception and practice of what the man of God transmit like word, but in front of the men because of the material that they bring and for which the man of God will glorify himself near the people not to be anybody.

       Today, we always see the ranking of the richest men of God in the world on certain news papers. But of which richness does it mean? That is why the men of God of Africa who either go in Europe, America or Asia have for main objective to come back with money and vehicles in order to glorify themselves near the people. For some others, when they go for a trip in Israel, they glorify themselves to have walked where the Lord Jesus himself walked. But what blindness! Also, they spend their money in the printing of their pictures in big formats that they post on the advertising panels.

       The men of God of Africa while going in these Western or Eastern countries have in their thoughts that they must become great and glorious, not in what they transmit in order to become great and glorious in the eyes of God, but in the money and vehicles that they will obtain so as to brag as if they have visited heaven. They draw their greatness, their glory and their richness in the uncertain things; that is why many of them are in the seeking of the possession of the power of visions in order to make divinations to the people; they are in search of the power of healing, of miracles and prodigies to seduce the victims of diseases, bewitchments and blockages. With the money that they receive, they cannot write books in order to distribute them to the people for free because nothing is free for them. They can give something for free when they have received a thousand of it. They do not find the greatness and the glory in what they give like the word of God which is the greatness and the glory of the kingdom of heaven, but rather in the money that they receive from the people.

       The men of God bear witness that it is not what they possess in the spirit and which they give to the people that has the supreme value: the word of God, but rather what people have in the pockets; because for them, it is the veritable value. That is why the men through the money that they have, despise the word of the Lord because the men of God who were to bear witness that it is this word that has created everything and has more value than any other thing, rather bear witness that money has more value than the word that they carry. That is why they are small in front of the men that have money, what was to be the contrary. What is thus this witnessing that can make this world to tremble! But what a spiritual poverty for these men of God who are pioneers in the witnessing of the glory and greatness of the god of this world! That is why the increasing number of men of God without end and the churches today does not make the glory of the king of glory, but it rather makes the glory of the evil which cannot be affected.

       In fact, the men of God are those who bring the people to find the value in money more than any other thing. It is the reason for which they fight for the believers because of the value of their pockets. And the people are deceived and seduced, finding no importance in the word that they receive compared to the money that they come and give, if yes, in the imposition of hands and the taking of the blessed bottles of water, handkerchiefs…

       Today in the churches, it is not the people who make efforts to justify and sanctify themselves in the word of the Lord who are considered at first by the men of God, but it is rather those who make an effort to give money every time that the man of God launches a project. These men of God always have great projects of money, and those who give more money are great and more considered by them, and not those who have received and kept the greatness, the glory and the richness that come from the word of God which is transmitted by him who is the representative of God on earth. For it is by money that these men of God receive the greatness in the eyes of men. Therefore, how will the people then find that the word of God is greatest, glorious and has more value than money when the men of God are rather hunters of money and the glory of man?

       The time has come in truth for the men of this century, big or small to recognise the value of the word which created the ground, where the man draws the things that he transform and that become his god. In truth, when we are a seer, we see that the men of this world who are great of power, of force, of glory, of money are the first spiritual poor and miserable because they are at the origin of all what is corruption, magic, ritual crime, the consumption of human blood, paedophilia, homosexuality, the embezzlement of public funds… Seeing how money is glorified by the men of God in the place of the word of truth is too painful. The Lord is so sad to see that it is the vanity that comes from the ground which the men trample that makes the men of God to become small in the kingdom of heaven and great in this world; it is by the material that they glorify themselves.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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