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In truth...


It is the 362nd message.


       In truth, the sovereignty of a people comes from the fear of God up to the point where this last makes big efforts to dominate corruption, injustice, tribalism, authority abuse, embezzlements of public funds, selfishness, ingratitude, laziness and the contempt face to his similar no matter his social class. This people must not seek to work and to live for the present, but rather for the future.

      In truth, the people being sovereign, free and dignified, does not vote somebody for the material that he gives for his campaign, nor because he is from such a region, tribe nor because he speaks such a language, neither the less for his diplomas. These sovereigns and dignitaries should not vote money, the maternal language and the blood; but they must rather vote the heart which is anxious and compassionate, which worry for the people up to the poorest. They must therefore vote somebody who has a heart which can take the place of the others spiritually and to feel their sufferings, so that while feeling this suffering, he should be greatly anxious for them and help them as if he was doing it for himself.

      A dignified, free and sovereign people vote the heart of the one who eats after the population, for this one must be like a woman and her children where, when she eats before her children, she does not have appetite; it is as if this food becomes tasteless in her mouth, and her heart is not in joy. But when she eats after her children have eaten, she have appetite and her heart vibrates of joy because her children are in joy, and her children are only in joy when they have eaten; that is why she must eat after her children.

      Therefore, these sovereign and dignified people must have at the summit of the state a leader who has a feeling similar to that of this woman. We vote somebody who has a heart which can palpate or touch with the finger the suffering of the lower people or the poorest. This elect of the people must visit his population up to the borders of the neighbouring countries, and even those who are very far in the bush in order to measure the suffering that the population face because of the absence of roads, water, electricity, health centres… Being near and listening to the population, he will take necessary measures to help them because the suffering of the population must cause and be his suffering.

      In truth, a dignified and sovereign people does not vote a king or a president of the nation because of his big diplomas or because of the material that he gives for his campaign, but rather for his great anxious heart; the rich heart that he offers to serve the nation. That is why yesterday in the time of Prophet Samuel, when the people of Israel was crying because of the bad conduct of Saul, he asked God to give him a great king. That is why it is written: “The LORD said to Samuel, “How long will you grieve over Saul, since I have rejected him from being king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil, and go. I will send you to Jesse the Bethlehemite, for I have provided for myself a king among his sons” (1 Samuel 16/1).

      This king that God chose to lead this great nation was nobody else than David. God chose him not because of his great studies on earthly things or his big diplomas, nor because of his big height or his advanced age, but because of his great merciful heart. That is why God bore witness of David saying: “…I have found in David the son of Jesse a man after my heart, who will do all my will” (Acts 13/22). Also, Solomon son of David who lived near his father knew that this one (his father) has been chosen by God to lead this great nation, not because he had big diplomas, a big height or an advanced age, but because he had a great heart and rich of mercy.

      That is why when he also sat down in the place of his father as king of Israel, the Eternal appeared to him in a dream and told him to ask what he want that he should give him as it is said: “At Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night, and God said, “Ask what I shall give you” (1 Kings 3/5); but Solomon neither asked the richness of the earth which is the material nor the richness of the brain which is the knowledge of earthly things also called the intellectual luggage, but he asked the richness of the heart, the richness for which his father was chosen to become king. He responded to the Eternal as such: “Give your servant therefore an understanding heart to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to discern this your great people?” (1 Kings 3/9). This request greatly pleased God as it is said: “It pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this” (1 Kings 3/10).

      Therefore, a sovereign people, free and dignified does not vote a person to lead him because this last has a big knowledge of earthly things or because of his big diplomas, nor because he gives him the material during the campaign, nor less because he is from such a region, tribe… but because he has a great heart rich of mercy and justice, and because he eats after the people. It is not like I see in certain countries of sub-Saharan Africa where a president does not only abuse the people, but he stay in power, and whenever the presidential elections approach, he sends some people towards the population with loincloths of his party, cutlasses, hoes, rice, fish, and banknotes of 1000frs and 2000frs.

      The population seeing this, he (the population) neither look at his future nor that of his offspring in order to hope for a man with a great heart and anxious for the poorest to lead them or to be at their head, but he will rather look at the present, and this food that he will eat will not last for long in his stomach. Sometimes, the people will even quarrel and fight for this dust (beer and rice). This population, seeing this small heap of dust which is in front of him, will even go further by singing the name of this president in post up to proclaiming him 20 or 25 more years in power.

      In truth, if a population is not above his president, he cannot be sovereign and dignified. They will call this people sovereign, but he will not have a veritable sovereignty and dignity. To be a sovereign state is to have a president or king who is a servant of his people. The people make him the leader so that he should make them eat in good conditions and not the inverse. He is a servant and he must suffer for his nation. He should put all his means in place so that the people should live in good conditions. He should not use the money produced by the work of the population as the personal richness and to go and keep it in foreign banks; he should not use this money to create enterprises abroad for personal ends because before all, he is the servant of the people. He is like a veritable man of God or shepherd of God who sacrifice himself for the lambs of Christ.

      When we observe the world today, we see that the kings and presidents who were to be the men of God in the service of the nation, rather consider that the nation which they are to serve should be in their service. They rather want to rob their population, to empty the cash boxes of the state or to take it as their personal fortune and to bring the population to work for them. It is the case in the majority of African countries; they empty the public funds, privatise state companies for personal ends, they live in their own countries and surround themselves with a protection as if they were in a foreign country where there is war, but behave in other countries as if they were in their country. That is why for certain African presidents, when they leave the power, they arte incapable to remain in their own countries. And even when they are still in power, they know that they will not remain in their own countries after their mandate.

      That is why they live like strangers, embezzling public funds to go and keep in their future countries of exile. But what sovereignty and dignity for these countries, these presidents or kings! In truth, when I look at them, they are like mercenaries whose mission is to rob the state that they rule, because they know that they will go in exile in another country after their mandate. A president or king does not remain seated in his palace, but he work on the field, he touches with the finger the suffering of his people. He does not sleep to wait that they should come and tell him that a portion of road is finished, that such a bridge is constructed, that such a village is provided with electricity or that such a health centre or hospital is constructed and provided with medicines. He personally takes the charge to verify the effectiveness of the works that he confides to the people. For a president or king, the work is on the field. He must see how his population suffer and he should look for means in order to find a solution to this suffering. He should not believe on words to those who come to tell him that such a work which started is already finished and is delivered by presenting him the film of another work, meanwhile nothing has changed on the field.

      If the country protests against the action of his leader and judge that he is no longer capable to lead him, this one must resign in gentleness and humility. How much more of today where thousands of people die and others move to take refuge in neighbouring countries because of the president who continue to hang in power? It is time for a people, a country or a state to become sovereign and to be able to vote a great sovereign to rule him. This century does not lack the men of God who are certified, and those who came out of big biblical schools, nor millionaires and billionaires, makers of miracles, prophecies, visions, clairvoyance, but it lacks the men of God who…

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