366th message



It is the 366th message.


      The Lord Jesus came to save the men spiritually and not physically; this saving comes from the knowledge of the truth and it is time for this generation to come to the knowledge of the truth so that their souls should be saved from the eternal suffering.

      The Lord Jesus has already endured the suffering for those who will know and live his truth. It is time for the greatness, the richness, the glory… to be envied and sought spiritually; and for this reason, the light must shine so that the confusion should decrease; for in this world, 99,99% of the head of states, ministers, chancellors, diplomats, superstars, the richest men… live in abominable and horrible conditions in order to be what they are and to be maintained… some of them drink the human blood and eat the human flesh, eat human excrements, drink water in which they have soaked sanitary towels of women that are already used, have incurable wounds, possess totems, have sexual intercourses with mad men and women, with animals, with mermaids, make incantations at night in cemeteries, on the water banks, on road junctions, throw money and other things that are already used so that those who will pick them should carry their curse called “bad luck”, sacrifice or sell human beings to their guru, are paedophiles, homosexuals, transform into animals… 99,99% of the people in this world up to the men of God take these men for the gods up to the point where the admiration, the envy and thirsty to see them physically, to accost them, to touch them with the finger, to have a hand shake with them, to have their autograph… has become an obsession; meanwhile majority of these people have sold their souls to Lucifer who has given them and who gives them what they want by imposing them abominable and horrible conditions in order to be and to be maintained in the state in which they are looked, envied, taken for gods and sought.

      Selling their souls to Lucifer for vanities, these people have remained spiritually the most misfortune, miserable, poor, blind, deaf, sick, paralytic, leprous, naked… in this world; and since 99,99% of the people in this world are spiritually blind, that is why they envy, admire, seek, consider and take these men for the gods; and it is something very serious. How will the men who are the most misfortune, miserable, poor, blind, deaf, sick, naked… be able to come back to the richness, to see and hear, to be healed, to walk, to be clothed… when they know that they are envied, admired, sought and taken for gods by 99,99% of the men in this world, as well as children and the men of God?

      In truth, the faith, the belief and the testimony of children and the men of God must bring these last to know that they are the last of the men and the most misfortune, miserable, poor… in this world in order to understand that they are to gain everything in the renunciation of their life for the redemption of their souls that they have sold to Lucifer through his abominable and horrible conditions. But their faith, belief and testimony rather bring them to prove that they are gods because they are the most envied and admired men.

      It is time for these men to recognise that it is not the fact of possessing a title for greatness, to have many material for richness, to be mediatised in order to see that they are glorious, but it is by living, walking and considering his similar as the Lord Jesus and the apostles whose names are written in the bible always did. As such, there will be less trouble, lamentations, cries, murders, diseases. But these last remain in the ignorance of the knowledge of the truth; taking themselves for great men because they have titles, taking themselves for rich men because they have many materials, glorious because they are mediatised.

      How will they not accept all these abominable and horrible conditions in order to have a post, to be rich in the flesh and to be maintained? How the great presidents and prime ministers will not legalise the homosexual marriage in their countries in order to be re-elected ? How the head of sates will not sacrifice, drink the blood… of human beings like them in order to be maintained in power? How some head of states in need of money will not put some countries in fire and blood because of the refusal of exploitation of their underground, or passing by there in order to exploit it? How will they not cause wars in order to sell weapons? How will they not create contagious diseases in order to sell medicines? Needing power and force, how will they not sodomise or be sodomised? Needing power and domination, how will they not transform into animals…? How do the majority of these big business men needing money will not possess totems, sacrifice or sell human beings…? How the majority of superstars in need of success will not possess totems, sacrifice their similar to their guru?

      In truth, this world is very poor spiritually. How the men who are the most misfortune, miserable, poor, blind, deaf, sick, naked… are the most admired, envied, sought physically to be touched with the finger, to have a hand shake or to ask for an autograph…! Meanwhile spiritually, they are all the contrary of this physical appearance. What will be your preference between a rotten spirit and a rotten physic? The Lord Jesus whom we say to be his children, his servants and representatives, whom we say to be in us and who does everything in us and that we are guided by him, wants the truth to reach these last so that they should find their greatest pleasure and peace in the repentance to have sold their souls to Lucifer at the price of vanities, for the forgiveness of their sins and to be saved. But us, we continue to seduce these last in the admiration of what they possess like money and material to desire it, and even to establish relations with them. At this time, we glorify ourselves not in what we give them, but in what they give us.

      Veritable children and men of God, the Lord Jesus want the souls of these head of states, diplomats, ministers, chancellors, big business men, stars… held captive by the devil through the seduction to be saved. In these end times, God’s time has come for these blinds to recover the view through the power of the gospel of Christ, and each one should go and tell to the devil: “give me back my soul and take back all the vanities that you did not even create; but by your cunning, you have used them by deceiving me because I was blind; I have sacrificed or sold my similar for money, the acclamations of men’s hands. I possessed totems that were my masters and they were giving me all what I wanted and in return. I was also giving them all what they desired. I as a woman, I became a man for other women. I as a man, I made the other men to become my wives; and I as a man, I became the wife of other men; what even animals of the same sex do not do. Satan, you have made me to become less than an animal in front of my creator; you brought me to sleep with mad people, with animals, to drink the blood of my similar, to eat his flesh. Satan, you made me to be ashamed in front of my creator by pushing me to obey to your conditions; and now, I am not also ashamed in front of him and in front of the men to make you ashamed by vomiting you and telling to everybody how you have used my blindness in order to hold me in captivity”.

      In truth, I have things to say but I see myself to have not yet begun. The Lord Jesus asked me three times if I was able to do something through what he has given to me. The first time, I said “yes I can”. He said nothing else. The second time, I said “yes I can” and he still said nothing. The third time, I said “yes I can” and there, he said to me: “may what you have said be done”. But by the name of the suffering and the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross for the souls and in the name of his goodness and will to see all the men coming to the knowledge of the truth and to be saved, I will be able.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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