370th message



It is the 370th message.


       Peace and joy in heaven and in my heart for a blind that recovers the view, so that the handicap of this last should no longer be a danger for many. In the name of the power of the light of Jesus Christ, blinds, recover the view and see now these vanities that you have confused by your handicap by taking them to have more value than the human being.


      In truth, because of these vanities such as petrol, gold, diamond, mercury, aluminium, wood, bauxite… certain countries suffer in the world, especially the African people. If the world suffers today, it is due to the blindness of these influential men, who in their state, find that these things of dust, the dust on which man tramples, have more value than the human being. That is why when the ground of a people, especially in Africa, has these vanities, these blinds do not delay to hold meetings in the aim to exploit this dust. They arm rebels to bring terror in this country, they raise people in order to destabilise the government in place, they put the country in fire and blood where the populations will be assassinated, tortured, rapped…

      When you have money and that bandits are aware of it, they come to take their loot; the grace be with you if these bandits take their loot without wounding and even killing you. The same, when an African country discovers richness in his ground or underground and that the influential men are informed, sooner or later, they will seek to exploit it. The grace is for this country to escape from troubles and war when they come to exploit its richness. That is why the world suffers today because of the blindness of these great influential rulers.

      If those who rule the world are blind, how will there not be confusion? And how in this confusion, will they not find that the ground on which man walks has things that have more value than the human being! To exploit these things, they do not hesitate to sacrifice thousands of people with the only aim to own them. When these blinds arm rebels to assassinate people, they target things of mud that they find in their blindness to be more important than the life of thousands of people that are killed by rebels that are armed. In truth, as long as the great rulers of this world will stay in their state of blindness, the world will always be handicapped, and the populations will always be tortured and assassinated.

      In truth, it is time for these blinds to recover the view, and to start seeing the value of the human being and the vanity of things of the ground and the under ground that have become their master. These things bring them to commit crimes that touch God’s heart, especially in these end times, he who sees the blood of innocent people that is shed for vain things. That is why when I look at these influential men, I see great poor men who ignore themselves.

      For, it is question for these blinds to recover the view so that the level of troubles, wars, arming of rebels, the destabilisation of certain head of states, bombarding, contagious diseases… should reduce; because when these blinds will recover the view, they will no longer consider these vanities to have more value than the human being; but they will see that the human being should be considered than all things of vanity. Meanwhile, remaining in their state of blindness, they will find that these vanities have more value than the human being; and where there will always be these vanities to exploit and that the agreements are not in their interest, they will put this country in fire and blood, in great troubles and plunder of its economy. When I look at this world, all those who put this century in the evil, in misery, in lamentations… are Christians in their posture of belief in God. But which gospel have they listened? What engagement have they taken to believe and to follow Christ? And which baptism have they received in order to bury the life of the false and old man?

      In truth, the Lord Jesus is angry because of the innocent blood which is abundantly poured in these end times; and the greatest is that, those who are at the origin of this killing declare to be Christians in front of the men. In truth, as long as these blinds will not recover the view, they will always see that these vanities have more value than the human being; considering therefore these things to be their greatest richness and which gives them great glory, the people, especially the Africans who have these things given by God in their ground or underground, and who will not deal with them in their advantage, will always see their populations being killed. For these blinds must seek to recover the view in order to no longer confuse the value of the human being to the nothingness of vanities, and the nothingness of vanities to the value of the human being, in order to stop these murders. In a short while, if these blinds do not seek to come out of their state of blindness, they will know that the men that they kill for shameful gains have a great and powerful creator.

      If the Lord Jesus has sent me in this world with his richness, it is because he finds it to be very poor and miserable. Therefore, all those who gather the dust through assassination, magic, paedophilia, homosexuality, corruption, the embezzlement of public funds, glorifying themselves to be rich, I look at them and consider them as the least of the poorest and miserable men in this world. I know that you do not believe it now. Remember of the bad rich who was with the poor Lazarus. The bad rich doubted of his state of poverty and misery; but later, he recognised it and it was too late for him. Therefore, the same, you will know it later and it will be too late for you. There is nothing in this world that I find to be good, best and valorous than what I carry in me. You, influential men of this world, it is time for me to teach you the human rights that you recite every day in your hypocrisy. I am an ambassador of God in this world, his missionary, his diplomat, his medical doctor without borders; it is time for the entire world to know it.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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