375th message.



It is the 375th message.


       The Lord has sent me in this physical world in the aim to use my mouth in order to transmit his message to all the men of the earth without exception. That is why at the age of six months, his spirit in me prophesised on my mission.

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       In truth, if this generation is in extravagance or exaggeration of the evil, of crime, of abomination… it is because it has lack the veritable messengers of God who carry the word which is the key of deliverance capable of opening the eyes and ears of the heart (Romans 10/13). The people without being enlightened, they have started fumbling around, and have found the greatness, the richness and the glory in earthly things that are fabricated by their hands up to the point where to obtain them, especially to an excess, they have given themselves to magic, to the abomination and the manufacturing of things like heavy weapons and bombs, and they sell them to whoever is in need, without measuring the serious consequences that can arise, just because they are blind of money and the glory of man. They are bewitched by these things for which they have become insatiable (unstoppable), remaining ignorant. Meanwhile for things of the veritable and eternal value that heaven approve for greatness, richness and glory, that are nothing else than peace, hospitality, pacifism… things that they were to first seek and glorify themselves to possess for the eternal greatness, richness and glory, they find no importance in them, but rather glorify themselves to be the first power in weapons and economy.

        These countries or powers are always seizing the resources of the underground of small countries in order to increase their economy, to make an arms race in order to have the glory. Some have even used groups of rebels by arming and financing them in order to put an end to their enemies, but forgetting that these same rebels will one day turn against them and commit the same damages. Look how these terrorist groups kill or crush human beings, it seems as if these human beings are disturbing flies or ants that must be automatically get rid of.

       In truth, companies that manufacture weapons and explosives or nuclear station have become great companies that employ many people and bring in much money. They encourage wars all over the world so that weapons and explosives should be sold so that much money should come in; but for what ends? These bad rich men have never drawn a lesson in the parable of Jesus Christ concerning the bad rich and the poor Lazarus. These manufacturers and sellers of weapons and explosives are like sellers of coffin who pray God all the time to help them so that their business should flourish by an increase of sales, and for this reason, people should die. And when they hear that somebody is dead, they publically exclaim themselves, but inwardly, they are happy because it is an occasion for them to sell. It is the wish of all of them.

       As such, it is also the same with those who sell weapons and explosives. When they hear that terrorist groups have exploded bombs or have shot on people by causing deaths, they publically exclaim themselves against these ones, but inwardly, they are happy, because in a systematic manner, it will lead to a demand of help or purchasing of weapons that will make their business to flourish. It is necessary that those who usually get supply from them should continue doing it, and for this reason, stocks of ammunitions and explosives should be emptied in order to be renewed; it therefore becomes necessary that these ammunitions and explosives should end their race on human beings, which means to kill them. When you look at a terrorist group such as BOKO HARAM that goes on to possessing heavy weapons, chariots of war, spending much money in order to recruit other mercenaries to replace those who are killed, you think that they take all these resources from where? They are financed, stocked and supplied by the big dishonest, hypocrite and murderers of the world who in their comedy, play to be ignorant and surprised; and they are the first to speak of human rights… Terrorist groups such as the Jihadists travel from a country to another, taking planes, subways… with explosive belts, bombs in their bags or suitcases to trap vehicles, fire arms and swords to kidnap people.

       In truth, all the rulers of great nations, even after leaving this world physically, will one day be found in front of the prince of life and of peace who will make them understand that the greatness, the richness and glory of a people that they have ruled are nothing else than peace, hospitality, pacifism… but which they have not sought nor taken like greatness and richness for themselves and for their people, but have rather sought things of the ground that their hands have made in order to take them for their greatness, richness and glory because being handicapped of their state of blindness, they do not see the end of the value of these vanities. They will understand that these things have dragged them into crimes, abominations, corruption, magic… that will be the price of the sale of their souls.

       But what is amazing and makes me to shed tears deep in me for this generation is the fact that human beings transform things that came out of the ground with their hands, and seek their greatness, richness and glory from these things. But what degree of idolatry which is ignored by these blinds and deaf who glorify themselves to know God and to be his veritable children! In truth, if God was their veritable Father in spirit and in truth, they would have drawn a lesson from their Father which is that: God being the creator of the man, can never draw or take his greatness, richness and glory from the man that he has created; but he rather makes understand to the man that he is his creator; and it is for this last (the man) to draw his greatness, richness and glory from him as his Master. Meanwhile, if it is in us that he has to draw his greatness, richness and glory, it means that we become his masters; for God draws nothing from the man, but it is rather this last that must draw from him. And if we were his veritable children, we would have made like our Father, which means; we are the ones who fabricate the material by giving it the form that we want; and being the master of what is made (fabricated), we were not to draw the greatness, the richness and the glory from what we fabricate and to make of it our master. We do not draw the glory and the greatness from what is below but from what is above. Therefore, God being above us and as the creator, he can not draw his greatness and glory from us; we were also to make the same with what we fabricate.

       This generation does not lack the men of God who chasse what is in the pockets and hands of men, as well as the evil spirits in the bodies of flesh, or who operate in the unblocking of physical things… but it lacks the men of God who carry the key of deliverance which is in the word of demonstration of the spirit and of power. Have these rulers of great nations and terrorists received the veritable teaching of the transformation of the heavenly body since their birth to know that the blood of an animal should not shed in vain? If the blood of an animal is shed, it must be for food, in the contrary, his blood must not touch the ground; if not, we will have problems not with the man, but with God who suffered to create it by giving it as food to the men… Therefore, from the younger age, fear was invade the heart of children who will be held from making nothing that will lead to the blood shed of an animal in vain, in order to avoid getting into serious troubles with God; and how many times of the human blood.

       In truth, these nuclear and atomic bombs, explosive belts, heavy weapons… being manufactured, are sold to whoever has money, but to kill what and who? Since people do not have the key of the veritable deliverance, that is why for some, the Muslims must be eradicated from earth because according to them, these terrorist groups come from the Islamic states. If they do it, these ones who say to be Christians will be found in which state in front of God? They are similar to those who say that the witches must be eradicated from earth because of their evil works. It should not be a war between the Muslims and Christians, but it should rather be a war against our first enemy who is the evil that has engulfed this generation.

       And for me, messenger of God, carrying the key of the veritable deliverance, all the rulers of nations should read this message, they should be aware and believe that the things that their hands have fabricated should no longer be their master; they should be aware that the human blood has more value than all things on earth in front of God; they should repent to have legalised the homosexual marriage for some and they should be disconnected from bonds of magic so that God’s light should enlighten them; they should understand and believe that peace, hospitality pacifism… are a great richness, glory and greatness, and finally, they should call all the terrorist leaders to a dialogue and peace by asking them why they commit these atrocities; and if these last say that they do it because they have also done them something bad, they should ask these ones to forgive them, for this act will not be a shame or lowness in front of God; but rather a greatness and glory, even if for this, they must integrate some in their government. For all what they do is just to work the ground, to gain it and to abandon it forever. There is nothing lost in preferring peace, but everything is lost in rejecting peace. This generation knows great priests, prophets, pastors… but some are only accompanists of great realisations of the emergence of the evil and the abomination.

       But what I ask the Lord Jesus is to touch their pride, their jealousy, their smugness, their shame… so that they should finally receive his message and to become high officials of the kingdom of heaven on earth. To God only the giver of peace by his Son that he has sent for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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