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It is the 379th message.


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       The men of God in this world today were to be those who come to testify the greatness, the glory, the richness, the power… of Christ that they have received and that are in them, in order to no longer live for themselves, but for that one in whom they have taken the decision to decrease and disappear so that he should be the only one to increase and appear (2 Corinthians 5/15). The men of God having Jesus in them for supreme and eternal greatness, glory, richness, power… are the ones who come towards those ones whose greatness, richness, glory, power… are limited in the material, the cheering of men’s hands, the spirits of the earth, power over the people, so that these last should see their poverty, their lowness, their misery and nakedness in the spirit of truth.

       In truth, the men of God carry the function of ambassadors of Christ in this world. They were to bring many head of states, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, great business men, stars… to understand that the devil has deceived them by sparkling (gleaming) them a passing power, glory, greatness, force, richness… of which they have given themselves into certain conditions in order to reach, to possess, to be maintained where they are…; and these vanities are at the price of their souls. The men of God were to bring these ignorant to understand that if they regret to be in this state, it is not too late. They should just have courage to overcome the shame; they should take back their souls that are in the hands of Satan by renouncing to his conditions, his magical practices and others; for when the devil sparkles the power, the glory, the richness… of vanities to the man and brings him to become submitted to the abominable conditions, it is just to gain something of very great value in this last, and this thing is nothing else than his soul. That is why the Lord Jesus had bet his precious blood for the redemption of what is more important in man.

       Therefore, the devil uses or passes through vanities so that the man should sell his soul to him at the price of the shame. The same, when the Lord Jesus was in the flesh in the likeness of man, the devil equally showed and proposed his glory and richness of vanities to him so that he should submit himself or bow down in front of these conditions, in order that his mission to save the souls should become null. Also, today, the devil wants that the blood of Jesus Christ that had shed for the deliverance of majority of the head of states, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, great business men, stars… should become vain; just for the simple fact that he sparkles vanities to these last, vanities that they obtain or possess from him through abominable practices and conditions by giving their souls in exchange. Therefore, if the devil has been unable to stop the Lord Jesus Christ from shedding his blood for the redemption of souls by proposing him earthly things, he is nevertheless preventing many souls of the head of states, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, great business men, stars… from being delivered by the blood of Jesus; for he has dragged them in the unstoppable seeking of vanities and vexation of spirit.

       If the devil did not prevent Jesus from saving the men by his conditions, he nevertheless prevents the men from being saved by him (Jesus) through the same conditions. How can a head of state legalise the homosexual marriage so that all the people that he rule should be plunged (dived) in the practice of homosexuality at a great scale? Is he not miserable and very poor? Is he not pitiful and makes to cry in the eyes of God and his representatives who are the men of God and who were to testify the supremacy of the greatness, the glory, the richness… of the kingdom of heaven in front of that of the earth? Many head of states, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, great business men, stars… have even sold their souls for these vanities. The men of God of this generation have rather testified the supremacy of begging and flattery in front of these last, whom the Lord want that they should know the fate which is waiting them for the eternity in the case they stay in this state. But how do the men of God who must fill the functions of Christ by permitting the return of people from darkness to light, from the power of Satan to that of God, from the evil to good, from death to life, see those who they have to bring back as being gods?

       In truth, when the men of God of this generation see a head of state, a chancellor, a minister, a diplomat, a great business man, a star… the admiration and desire to touch him becomes so great. How can God send people to deliver the people that the devil has made prisoners, and finding these prisoners chained hand and leg, they rather make the mission of begging, of flattery and admiration in front of them? In truth, the men of God of this generation are ready to spend a high amount of money in exchange of a greeting or picture with a head of state, a chancellor, a minister, a diplomat, a great business man, a star…, it seems as if having a hand shake with these people or taking a picture with them gives them glory above the glory that God gave Jesus to give them, as the Lord Jesus says: “The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one as we are one” (John 17/22).

       For the men of God were to be the body of Christ and members of it as it is said: “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it” (1 Corinthians 12/27). I ask myself how the men of God being the body of Christ, having God’s hand, can seek to have a hand shake with another hand, not for this last to give glory to their hand, but rather to glorify themselves? In truth, the word of God which is the truth, fire, the sword has become a word of begging, flattery, seduction… in the mouth of these men of God; and in their thoughts, they go up to asking themselves the question to know why they could not be born in the family of such a head of state, chancellor, minister, diplomat, great business man, star… or to be the brother, the cousin, the nephew… or to be in the place of this last. In truth, the poor Lazarus could not envy the place of the bad rich, nor think to be born in the family of this last, just because he was seeing him to be poor and miserable, and that he was to suffer eternally, not in the physic, but in the spirit. The same, the three mates in Babylon, being strangers and lacking everything in the physic, could not envy the place of the king and his people, nor even think to be born in their families, because they were seeing them to be small and low through their god that they had elevated.

       But the men of God of this generation do not do the same because they bow down in front of those who have sold their souls at the price of vanities. All what majority of the men of God of this generation can tell people is to go and take back their finances, their work, their promotion, their travelling, their marriages that the spirits of the witches and magicians have kept because these last will come and give them envelopes of money for a work which is well done. But they do not tell people to go and take back their souls that they have sold to the devil at the price of vanities and of which he is the holder.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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