381st message.



It is the 381st message.

       Enough is enough; this is the doll which is taken for the child Jesus by the princes of the Vatican and those who pretend to be the representatives of Apostle Peter, who present this idolatry on the 25th December as the day of the birth of Christ, and which is watched in almost all the television channels of the entire world.

       In truth, this century is too pitiful by its ignorance which will be of no help for its freedom in front of the traps of Satan. In Rome, a century before the birth of Jesus Christ, there was already the cult of Mithras of Persian or Iranian origin, imported in Rome by the Roman legionaries. Mithras was the Persian or Iranian god; god of the sun, who was also celebrated in Rome. It is in the year 274 that Aurelian, the Roman emperor declared the cult of Mithras as a religion of state, and he has set the celebration of the solstice on the 25th December. Therefore, every 25th December, there was a feast of the solstice in Rome. In the 3rd century, the Roman emperor Constantine set the 25th December as the Christmas day. As the feast of the rising sun was on the 25th December, that of Christmas was also set on that same date; as the people were taking the sun for their god, they were also thinking that Jesus Christ came like a light of the sun above to visit his people; as they have understood the prophetic words that say: “because of the tender of mercy of our God, whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high” (Luke 1/78); they have thus taken the coming of Jesus for the light of the sun; they have made of it a feast, proclaiming that Jesus (the sun) was born or appeared on the 25th December. Since then, the 25th December has become the birth day of Jesus Christ and its celebration called feast of nativity.

       The day of the 25th December also called Christmas day expanded a lot; that is why in the year 425, Theodosius, the Roman emperor had officially codified the ceremonies of the feast of Christmas; what started progressively to become a feast for many who say to be Christians.

       In the 5th century, this feast arrived in Jerusalem. In the beginning, it was taken for a feast of the pagans because for the Jews, there has never been a feast for the celebration of nativity or of birth, and that it was coming from elsewhere and also because Jesus was born after the 1st January. In the year 529, Justinian, the Roman emperor had declared the day of the 25th December as a public holiday, and it had become a public holiday till today. The feast of the 25th December progressively expanded in Europe. It was celebrated at the end of the 5th century in Ireland, the 8th century in Germany…

       A 25th December in the 16th century, appeared a Christmas tree in Germany, and on the 25th December in the 19th century in the United States, a group of people was offering provisions to little children and the disabled people, and they were called Father Christmas; where comes the appearance of Father Christmas in the United States, which means people that offer gifts on the 25th December. That is thus where Father Christmas of the United States expanded in Europe and it appeared like the feast of children where they receive gifts. Those are therefore all the origins that animate the 25th December. That is why when the 25th December is near, you hear talking of the feast of Christmas, of nativity or birth of Jesus, feast of children, of the Christmas tree and Father Christmas. Meanwhile the feast of the 25th December is a pagan feast and its origin is typically apart.

       It is like the feast of the 15th August that the Roman priests celebrate. They celebrate it in the form of the accession of Mary in heaven. Meanwhile the feast of the 15th August takes its origin from the day Jeroboam, king of Israel disobeyed God by consecrating the priests to the service of the golden calves by submitting the people of the ten tribes that he was ruling to it (1 Kings 12/28-33). The Roman’s great priests are the ones who have greatly valorised this feast of the 25th December, Christmas feast, feast of nativity or birth of Christ, feast of the Christmas tree, feast of Father Christmas, feast of children. The midnight mass started by the pontificate of Gregory the Great; and in the 17th century, the pontificate had set three mass: the vigil on the evening of the 24th December, the dawn mass and the mass on the day of the 25th December.

       Today, the Vatican fabricates a doll that represents the child Jesus; and this doll receives kisses in the place of Jesus. But what blindness! For they are the ones who have valorised the film of Robert Powell entitled Jesus of Nazareth and the day of the 25th December, the doll taken for the child Jesus is often placed in the Saint Peter’s Basilica of Rome. This film of Robert Powell, alias Jesus of Nazareth is always broadcast in majority of the television channels; and they have valorised the feast of 25th December as the feast of nativity or the birth of Jesus through their doll taken for the child Jesus.

       I even understand why they take much money from those parents who come to say that they baptise their children, for this money is used much more for the fabrication of idols that are too expensive. That is why today, when the 25th December is near, it becomes a great moment of joy and happiness where people will eat and drink, and a joy for children to have new Christmas clothes as well as toys as you can notice. Also, from the 24th to the 25th December, every time that you meet people, a sound is heard: merry Christmas. Therefore, that is what is of the 25th December. But glory is to the light of Christ that must shine in the ends of darkness (ends of the lie).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)


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