384th message.



It is the 384th message.

       Deaf, hear! Blinds, see! It was 1950 years or 19 centuries ago that Marydied, the one that gave birth to Jesus Christ or the one by whom the Lord Jesus passed in order to appear like a simple man. Even those who existed 1890 years or 18 centuriesago did not know this woman named Mary in the physic nor her image because at that time, there was no photography nor printing house. But as it always seems good for the devil to drag many souls in the lake of eternal fire, especially those of women through the disobedience to the will of God, that is why in the year 1977, he used two people who are Robert Powell and Olivia Hussey to play the role of Jesus Christ and that of the Virgin Mary in the film entitled «Jesus of Nazareth» in order to use their images as representations or those of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary as bait that will permit him to catch the fish (man’s soul).

       The devil knew the power of his jokers seated on the seat of the papacy to valorise these images, especially to make that they should be strongly adored and worshiped. It is therefore the reason for which when he sends his angel to present himself in some places with the luminous image of Olivia Hussey, people go there in a big crowd, especially women, singing songs to the Virgin Mary saying: “glory to God who has visited them through the Virgin”; and when the devil sees this, he burst out in a mocking laugh. That is why he is always saying that he had lost the fight against the Lord Jesus Christ, but not the battle because it continues.

       The people who were born in the 2nd century after the death of Jesus, not knowing Mary in her physic nor her image, were unable to recognise her even if there was to put her face to them; therefore, how more of those who are born in the 21st Century. Meanwhile, when people see a luminous image, they say that Mary has appeared; but it is what image of Mary mother of Jesus in the flesh, if not that of Olivia Hussey taken for the Virgin Mary! We are in the year 2016, and Olivia Hussey taken for the Virgin Mary is still alive, and today, she is 64 years old. This Argentinian was 26years old when she played the role of the Virgin May in this famous film entitled «Jesus of Nazareth» which put many souls in need of resurrection and life.

       When the devil makes appear the luminous image of Olivia Hussey on a place, the women run after it in a crowd; and the priests in their mission and fight against the will of God do not delay to set up a statue in the image of Olivia Hussey on this place so that these women should come and bow down in front of it; even the men. As the devil is too cunning and malignant, he always sends his angel to appear with the luminous image of Olivia Hussey in the localities or towns where people adore Mary in the heart; up to the point where, when this angel disguises himself into a luminous image of Olivia Hussey, this place becomes a place of great pilgrimage where the people will think of coming to receive the blessing, the deliverance… And it is also a reunion place of the witches to operate and to make advance the work of destruction.

       That is why we have certain places like Nsimalen in Cameroon where the people had believed to see Mary appearing and they have made of this place a big place of pilgrimage. We also have Lourdes in France; here, it does not mean of any appearance, but people have been brought to believe that Mary appeared on this place which today, is a place of big pilgrimage. I remember one day in 2014 in a neighbourhood called Odza, in the town of Yaounde in Cameroon, one morning, I man declared to have seen a great light within his window; and he was saying that when this image was disappearing, it is the image of the Virgin Mary that was appearing. On that day, thousands of people in the capital of Cameroon as well as those of other towns were coming to admire this fact. But Apostle Paul says: “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11/14).

       In truth, when the devil was establishing the papacy, he knew that all those who will lead it will be taken for the great representatives of God and great men of God on earth. Since he is the master of lies, his jokers have deceived the people, telling them that they are the representatives of Apostle Peter, up to the point where people take the pope to be the greatest man of God on earth. And when people see him bowing down in front of the statues and carved images in the effigy of Robert Powell for Jesus Christ or Olivia Hussey for the Virgin Mary, they give themselves in sacrifice to the adoration of the actors of the film. Seeing this, how do people, especially the women will not be ready to fight against those who speak the truth concerning this image of Olivia Hussey, because for these bewitched of idolatry, it is the Virgin Mary! Therefore, if people say the truth concerning this image, for them, those who bring the light are despising the mother of God.

       How do these women will not be ready to spend high amounts of money in order to build small houses in the honour of the block of cement that they take for the Virgin Mary! That is why Olivia Hussey and Robert Powell must file a complaint against the pope in the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the use of their images as heavy weapons in order to commit spiritual crimes. Olivia Hussey and Robert Powell must understand that their action will not be to harm the pope and all his group in front of God, but it will rather be to make good to them because it will be a deliverance, not only for the pope, but also for many of those who adore, bow down, carry things on the neck or shoulder in the effigy of Robert Powell taken for Jesus Christ or Olivia Hussey taken for the Virgin Mary mother of Jesus. Therefore, this complaint will be designed to move the pope and many people away from the adoration of these images of actors of the film who are representations.

       Robert Powell and Olivia Hussey must understand that this complaint which must be filed in the ICC is one of the ways of deliverance of these people who are engulfed in idolatry. We endlessly pray the Lord to do something in order to deliver a crowd of blinds who follow other blinds. I know that all those who say to be Christians and who are in the International Criminal Court were baptised babies or children; and are all under the domination of these dinosaurs of deception and seduction. If almost all the Christian head of States are in the belief of smuggling and counterfeiting of the truth that save, will they accept that this complaint should be taken into consideration? One more thing, Satan is too cunning because he saw the coming of the fall of his works of deception; and in order to protect this lie, he made it a State. That is why the Vatican is an independent State where the pope is a sovereign head of State and who in addition, is taken for the representative of God. For the devil, making the Vatican a sovereign State was a big victory because the priests, bishops… being in function in their native country or elsewhere, will commit all kind of offences without being worried because they belong to another sovereign State which is that of God. That is why the priests sleep with married women in full view of everybody, somdomize little boys, celebrate homosexual marriages, swindle… and are not worried.

       Let the people not have mercy on me for what I will suffer because of the truth, for I have been sacrificed for it. You should rather tell to these foxes who are enemies of the truth of Christ and pourers of the human blood that if the blood of Christ has shed on earth so that the truth should be known, how much more of my blood which is not even considered like the blood of a young goat in front of him. For me, it is better to live few days on earth and to accomplish his mission than to spend many days on earth and to do nothing. I do not rejoice of what my tongue taste as sugar, salt… nor of what my body of dust put on as cloth, nor what my hands touch as money, nor of what my body of dust cover itself from sunlight and rain as house, nor what I take for displacement like air plane, ship, subway, train, vehicle, motorbike, but I rather rejoice in this truth of the Lord Jesus that people must know in order to be freed from the lie, seduction and the eternal death. It is better to die in order to live eternally than to live for few days and die eternally.

      To God only is the glory, envy and courage to save the men no matter the deepness of the pit and the height of water that have engulfed them, by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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