386th message.


It is the 386th message.

            The devil being the master of the cunning, knew that the Lord had won the war by destroying the death, snatching the keys of the death and the sojourn of the deaths to replace it with life and immortality by his gospel (2 Timothy 1/10). Since the death has been destroyed, and that life must only come from the only gospel of Jesus Christ preached, taught and practiced, the devil who is the fox mother also brought a gospel, for he said to himself that even if the war is lost in advance, there will be the battle. The fox mother knew that the Lord Jesus gave a strong recommendation to the apostles, which is to go in all nations and make of all the disciples of Satan his disciples, which means all the men that are disciplined in the will of Satan should become disciplined in the will of the Lord Jesus. These last being dead in the discipline of Satan, must return to life in the discipline of the Lord Jesus, and all this must be operated through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

            When the apostles received the gift of the Holy spirit and started to preach in Jerusalem according to the recommendation of the Lord Jesus before his abduction in heaven, the devil incited people to defend the apostles with threats to no longer preach or teach the gospel of Christ as it is said: “But in order that it may spread no further among the people, let us warn them to speak no more to anyone in this name.” So they called them and charged them not to speak or teach at all in the name of Jesus” (Acts 4/17-18).

            But no matter the threats, beatings, the imprisonments and tortures, the apostles did not stop spreading the life of Christ which is his gospel; knowing that it is where the resurrection of the spiritual deaths come, so that the suffering of Christ should not be in vain. The devil who is the fox mother, knowing that the losing of his disciples for the attachment to the Lord will depend on the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, he then incited some people to say to the apostles: “We strictly charged you not to teach in this name, yet here you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and you intend to bring this man's blood upon us” (Acts 5/28).

            Seeing all this, he still found better to also bring up his own apostles with his gospel in order to confuse his disciples so that they should not become the disciples of Jesus Christ. It is for them that Apostles Paul says: “not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1/7). In Corinth, when Apostle Paul found the apostles of the fox mother who had the gospel which brings the people to remain disciples of Satan no matter the degree of practice, he said to the people: “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11/13-14). After the death of the apostles whose names are written in the bible, Jesus Christ knew that through their teaching, the people will continue to believe in him as he himself was praying to his Father: “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word” (John 17/20).

            No matter the dead of the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, the devil who is the fox mother knew that he will still continue losing his disciples in favour of Christ because of their writings that will be taught in truth. It is therefore the reason for which he has sent his spirit of misleading for the establishment of the papacy with the recommendation to use those who will be seated on it as the representative of Apostle Peter. For the men who are seeking the way to the kingdom of heaven, they are like lost chickens, far from their mother and who are seeking the road which leads to their mother. When they see a hen, they run behind it.

            These people are like chickens, and the papacy like a chameleonfox which must lead the chickens in the slaughtering house or to be eaten, or to be maintained in the eternal death. In order to carry out this mission, the devil who is the fox mother said to his child (the spirit of the papacy) to put on the skin of the mother hen so that in this way, the chickens should come towards him in multitude and follow him in order to be eaten or maintained in the eternal death; the papacy being the fox, the pope who is seated there is therefore a fox in front of the people who are like chickens. For the men (chickens), face to this fox that they do not recognise to be a fox, but rather for a mother hen, it is this declaration of lies of the pope to be the representative of Apostle Peter which is a veil for them.

             As the fox mother is too cunning, he said to the spirit of the papacy that the pope must not confess from his mouth that he is the representative of Apostle Peter; because all the time that the people will listen it, the name apostle will come back a lotin their spirit, and they might ask themselves why he represents an apostle but is not called apostle. And the simple fact of asking themselves this question might bring them to know that God has appointed in his church first the apostles, prophets, doctors, pastors, evangelists and the pope does not appear as it is said: “And God has appointed in the church first apostles, second prophets, third teachers…” (1 Corinthians 12/28).

            It is therefore the reason for which the fox mother asked the papacy not to say to be the representative of Apostle Peter, to remove the name apostle and replace it by Saint. That is why he is known in the appellation of representative of Saint Peter and not Apostle Peter. The fox mother had recommended the spirit of the papacy that in order to dominate the entire world, he must first have domination over the head of states; and to dominate over the head of States, it is necessary that the pope should also become a head of State, and for the pope to become a head of State, he should create a sovereign State, that is why the Vatican has become a sovereign State, and the pope being the head of State having domination over the other head of States and the entire world.

            They have received the recommendation that if they do not deceive the people by making them believe that they must be baptised while they are babies or children, they will fail their mission; because if they leave the people to grow and to read the scriptures in order to see how Jesus himself came towards John the Baptist to be baptised by him in the water, they will seek to imitate him (the Lord Jesus). But if they are deceived while they are still babies or children, therefore, they would have sealed them in the blindness; they will not know the power of God in order to see, because even being big, they will always say: “I was baptised in the catholics, therefore I will not change”. These blinds do not know that the changing which must take place in them is to pass from the lie to the truth. The baptism is the engagement of a good conscience, but they will always tell you that they told them to have received the baptism when they were babies or children.

             Certain people, who did not even receive a handful of water on the head at the price of money like others, alsorecognise to becatholics because they are in a catholic family. The fox mother has made them understand that Jesus Christ came to give freely, and those who receive from him also give freely; but this recommendation is not valid for them.

            Therefore, without money, there is no baptism (the baptism of deception). He has made them understand that the people must not confess the name of Jesus on their lips, even in their prayers, but they should rather become attached to the name Mary and to confess it. That is why you hear recitations: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you…” or again: “Virgin Mary, pray for us poor sinners…”. That is why if somebody desecrates the name of Jesus, these last will not become angry, but when somebody speaks what they consider to be evil or despise against Mary, they quickly become out of temper.

             The devil who is the fox mother, knowing that to make carved images, representations and even to bow down in front of them is a big curse, with the help of pope Paul VI and the Italian director Franco Zeffirelli, he has shot a film entitled «Jesus of Nazareth» with the British called Robert Powell in the role of Jesus as principal actor, and the Argentinian Olivia Hussey in the role of the Virgin Mary, so that their images should be adored or venerated, worn on the neck as rosary, carried on the shoulder as the cross during a walk called as the way of the cross. In order To render the men blind so that they should not see that the image of Christ is his Gospel or his word which they have to carry in them or become by his life, they have rather make them understand that if somebody does not have the image of these actors of the film, he does not have the image of God.

            Therefore, it is everyone who makes all in order to have God (these images), whether to carry them on the neck, whether to stick them on their vehicles or bikes, or as calendars in their homes, or to have them as statues and crosses in their closet. For the people not to have the affection to have Jesus Christ for brother or sister, the devil has made the appellation of sister to be a function. But in order to be the sister of Christ, you have to live according to the will of God as he himself says: “For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3/35).

            I have written few things among many, but I will like to say to the spirit of the papacy and to the actual pope that since many centuries, they have been beheading, killing, misleading, sealing and leading many souls into the eternal death. These few days that remain for this generation, the people must be delivered from their deception, magic, lie… it is not supplication (begging), but rather an order, because me, I am apostle of Jesus Christ in the house of God, and they are foxes that have put on the dresses of the shepherds to present themselves in front of lost sheep so that they should follow them. I think of thousands of people who have died in their lie, thinking to be in the truth.

            They did not believe in the life of the justice, of mercy and pity of Jesus Christ who bear witness in order that the spirit of mercy should intercede for them, but they have rather believed that Mary will intercede near Jesus so that the doors of the kingdom of heaven should be opened for them. I see how the prophets, the apostles and the Lord Jesus himself have suffered so that today, we should have the words that are written in the bible; but the pope carry this bible to fight their teaching. You the pope, you have much money that you have gained after having sold the baptism of lies to babies and children, you have many lands after having seized properties of our ancestors, you have great buildings and schools, but I do not consider it as richness, but rather as great misery, poverty and a curse. You have the head of States, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, great business men, stars, generals, great magicians… that you have deceived till now by making them believe that they have received the baptism. Those freemasons and Rosicrucian as well as their leader who is the pope and who says to be the representative of Apostle Peter, when they arrive in a country especially in Africa, soldiers are behind them, saying that they are there to protect God; and their trip impoverish this country that spend billions while leaving the population in problems of housing, health and great misery.

             How do the uncircumcised of the gospel of Christ and of the will of God insult and despise Jesus Christ by fabricating a doll as the representation of the baby Jesus, placing it in the Vatican on the 25th December where television channels of the entire world broadcast their ceremony in order to see the doll taken for Jesus, but what insult for our saviour that they represent by a doll! In truth, even our lands that you have seized from our great grand parents and that are not occupied till today; we will take them back because all the money that the people give you in order to buy the baptism of their babies and children is only to buy expensive idols. The time has come to recognise the veritable representatives of Apostle Peter; all the chickens should know the veritable mother hen who has the affection for them and not the fox that take himself to be her; let the sheep know the veritable shepherd and not the wolf that carries the skin of the shepherd. I like to live than to die, but it is about which life and which death? Truth to be continued…

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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