387th message

It is the 387th message.


       The Lord Jesus, not having suffered and shed his blood in vain for the men (their souls), we should then see how the power of the lie of the papacy has rendered the people spiritually mad, madness which does not only make them carry useless and heavy luggage on the shoulders to walk under blazing sun, but it also lead them spiritually in the lake of eternal fire.

       Therefore, the Lord did not remain silent face to all this; for he knows that it is by the word of lies that the devil and his spirit of papacy have rendered the people mad, and it is also by his word of truth that they will become wise. This wisdom will not only make them come out of the physical suffering which is the carrying of big luggage that are useless, but also from the spiritual suffering; which means they will no longer be among those who will be eternally in the lake of eternal fire.

       In truth, when the pope make the people to carry big pieces of crossed wood or the rosary in the effigy of Robert Powell, the actor of the film entitled «Jesus of Nazareth», he tells them that it is the Cross of Jesus. Mr. Pope, when the people asked the Lord Jesus if it was permitted or not to pay tribute to Caesar, to answer them, he asked them to bring a penny for him to see, and when they did it, he asked them the question to know of whom was the effigy on the penny, and they answered that it is the effigy of Caesar. He therefore told them to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God (Mark 12/13-17).

       Therefore, Mr. Pope, the cross that you make people to carry on the shoulder and the rosary that you make them carry on the neck are not the cross of Jesus, but rather that of Robert Powell because that is his effigy. You equally make the people to carry blocks of cement with the effigy of Olivia Hussey by making them understand that it is the Virgin Mary. For these blind women that you have rendered spiritually mad by your power of deception, when they carry this block of cement with the effigy of the actress of the film and which is a useless luggage, they are full of joy because in the belief of madness, they believe to carry the Virgin Mary. Mr. Pope, is it the effigy of Jesus or that of Robert Powell on the rosaries, crosses, statues that you make people to carry? Answer: that of Robert Powell. Therefore, it is to him that belong the glory on what you make people to carry and not to Jesus Christ. The lockets that you wear or the small houses that you build with blocks of cement are in the effigy of Mary in her virginity or Olivia Hussey? Answer: that of Olivia Hussey. Therefore, all the glory belongs to the one to whom is the effigy.

       In truth, I see people carrying very heavy pieces of crossed wood on the shoulders which can give them malformations, hernia, back pain…, for they do not know that it is the cross of Robert Powell, but think that it is the cross of Jesus that they are carrying. These last know that when they carry the cross recommended by Jesus, we are rewarded because God is not ungrateful to forget or ignore what is carried as cross to save their souls.

It is time for all those who are deceived (killed in spirit) by the papacy and who carry the cross of Robert Powell, to listen and understand, to repent and to be resuscitated from the eternal death. In truth, the cross that the Lord Jesus asked us to carry is spiritual; and it is his thought, his feeling and his life. The Lord Jesus says to us: “…If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16/24).

       Therefore, the Lord Jesus wants to make us understand that if somebody wants to come to him, he should renounce to his own feeling, thought and life that are of man, then he should take on his feeling, thought and life that are of God and he should conduct himself or walk all the days on earth like the Lord conducted himself or walked (1 John 2/6). Therefore, it is his thought, his feeling and his difficult life to live and to support which is the heavy spiritual cross that we must carry, and not the big crossed wood in the effigy of Robert Powell that are not far from provoking any harm in us. For those who take the engagement to live this life, we have to understand that the life of the Lord Jesus then becomes our cross, us coming out of death; for our sin was his cross, he who is just and holy. The Lord carried our sin on wood for his cross, and us, we must carry his spirit and his life in our spirit for our cross, for we do not carry the same cross with the Lord. He carried what was killing us or was maintaining us in the spiritual death in order to destroy it. But us, we must carry what vivifies us and will resuscitate us on the last day for our cross. Therefore, the Lord had carried our life or sin which is a curse. That is why his cross was a cross of curse, and our cross is a cross of blessing because it is the life of Jesus Christ.

       It is time for all these spiritual blinds and mad to be delivered from the power of lies and misleading of the papacy; whether the devil and his spirit of papacy want it or not, many of those who are prisoners will be freed through this word of light which has power to open the eyes of the blinds. Look at billions of people that are already physically dead and who were carrying the cross of Robert Powell, believing to carry the cross that Jesus recommended us. In their programs of mourning, it is often written: «I fought the good fight», but this good fight wasn’t it not to carry the cross of Robert Powell?

       The times are bad, we are in 2016. If the present pope is wise, he should call his team of killers of souls and as leader of the group; he should ask them to drop the swords (the power of the great lie and of the deception) which they use to assassinate souls. In truth, if we give just 15% of the money which is found in the Vatican to the poor countries, the populations of these countries up to the poorest ones will no longer cry of famine, because the money which is piled in the Vatican gives fear. There is not only money, gold, diamond and mercury in the Vatican, but also human bones.

       That is terrible! When this fox arrives in a poor country, it is for this country to start facing difficulties to have what to eat after his passage, just because billions have been spent for somebody who does not even come with a New Testament, if yes the rosary and he is even unable to pray on babies who have justmalaria and to heal them. I often see some priests who make cinema with a small cross with the effigy of Robert Powell where, when somebody is sick or bewitched, they come and put this cross on his forehead. They often sting him all over the body with this piece of wood, saying that it will detect the sickness or the evil spirit; meanwhile these things often carry the Rosicrucian power, the power of the voodoo…

        I remember when I was still very small; there was a priest who was frequently coming in my village. This priest was a man of small height and had a big stomach or a big can. When he was celebrating the mass, he was hitting his hand on the stomach saying to people: “look at my stomach, it has reduced, you have to make it full”, and this last was going back with a vehicle full of provisions and even with money; on the other hand, when he was coming, he was not bringing even a stick of match, nor less a piece of soap or a dried fish, and in all this, he was selling the baptism of deception to their children and grandsons. But what kind of swindling! To carry crosses, a rosary… the glory belongs to the man of whom is the effigy. But if it is Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey or Jesus Christ and Mary, it will be known.

       My great and endless thanks to the Eternal who has sent his Son to save us; my endless thanks to the Lord Jesus who came to sacrifice himself for us and who still enlighten us till today in this generation so that we should not walk in darkness. I equally say thanks for those who pray the Lord for me, so that he should strengthen me in the mission that he gave me, and glory is to God the creator by his Son our saviour for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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