389th message.


It is the 389thmessage.

           In truth, the devil uses the stars in these end timesto mislead this youth which is too ignorant. Majority of these stars have sold their souls to the devil for the glory, the material and the celebrity. In truth, most of these men of glory, of richness, and celebrity, while selling their souls to the devil, have also sold their physical body. These last put signs, write and draw on their body; the body that no longer belongs to them and which sometimes push them to make bad choices, but they remain submitted to the big master or the buyer (the devil).

          When the youth of this generation which is too blind in the knowledge of the word and the will of God see these stars tattooing their bodies, for them (the youth), to imitate them by tattooing their body is a matter of glory. This youth which is handicapped by the lack of God’s knowledge does not know that most of these stars who have sold their souls to the devil are the agents of this last (the devil) who uses them as models in order to mislead majority of the youth.

          The devil uses these stars as bait to catch fish; it is to say that the devil bring these stars to do bad things on their body in the eyes of God, while knowing that they will be too imitated, either by their tattoos, by ear rings for the men or by the piercing of the nose and chaining of ankles… These stars are too famous; they are also idols of most of the youth, and from this fact, they are imitated in all what they do.

          We see certain stars who are men wearing ear rings, and this youth which is poor of the knowledge of God’s truth imitate them by putting also these instruments that Satan has raised to be models of many blinds and deaf. For certain young men to imitate the stars, they put on ear rings and are then difficult to be recognised as men; but for them, it is a big glory to do what these men of the glory of Satan do. In truth, this small youth is too pitiful by its lack of clairvoyance, because for most of the youth, their dream is to become a star by doing like their idols and putting on shameful things like them. Most musicians practice magic, they are constraint to sing savagery and sometimes make pornographic clips. Sports men who are soaked in magic practices have severe conditions; the youth imitate them by putting things on their bodies that are unworthy in front of God and in front of men of integrity.

          The youth of today is excited by a big spirit of misleading up to the point where a great force and power is needed by the grace of God, in order to work high and great for the liberation of this generation. In truth, if the men could only see where the tattoo on the body leads them, they would have avoided many bad things in the eyes of God. As they are blind for not seeing, many footballers as well as musicians make tattoos, especially the Americans. How did the devil convince the men that if we are a celebrity, we must tattoo our skin, wear earrings, pierce nostrils or chain his ankle?

          The youth in his ignorance is dived in the imitation of the spiritual death. The devil has too much tormented this generation which lacks all what the Lord Jesus brought him, what the prophets and the apostles have taught so that he should not be brought in captivity. This generation would have not suffered this great pain because God has given him everything in the bible in order to flee or to be freed from all the traps of the devil. The devil works a lot in these end times; he has given orders to the queen of water who is the queen of beauty to bring people to fabricate many products of beauty for women, knowing their weak spirit since the Garden of Eden, in order to bring their fall, because for him (the devil), they will be unable to resist to these trapped things.

         In truth, if people had eyes to see all these tattoos and ornaments that the Lord does not like, they would have understood that even on the last day, they will present themselves in front of him (the Lord) with these signs and products on them, and it will be their great motif of eternal condemnation. In this world, the people do not have the word and will of God for mirror to gaze themselves in order to see what they must put on them so that they should not be bad in front of God. They rather imitate other people who have become their models.

          Youth of the entire world, be careful! For the days are worse. But blessed are those who will live their youth in the Lord.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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