390th message


It is the 390th message.

          Just as the Lord Jesus was in front of the sepulchre of Lazarus and asked the dead to come out, the same, we also carry his word in front of these sepulchres and preach to the deaths by asking them to come out of this place of eternal condemnation (state of bad life in front of God).


          In truth, the veritable knowledge of God’s will comes from the hearing of the gospel of the Lord Jesus, and from this hearing, comes the spiritual clairvoyance; it is therefore the gospel of the Lord Jesus which is the source of eternal and supreme life, greatness, glory richness…

          It is time for the people to understand the will of God and the mission of the Lord Jesus on earth. After Eve and Adam had disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, the death started to reign over men’s souls, therefore, all those who were born were dead. But the Eternal since heaven, saw the men alive in their flesh (which no matter its life span will return in the ground) but dead in their souls which in this state, will inherit the lake of eternal fire. Therefore, not willing that this should happen in the end times, he has sent Jesus Christ so that he should bring life to all those who are spiritually dead. The Lord Jesus came in this world through the stomach of a woman named Mary, becoming therefore in the likeness of men, appearing like a simple man. In the flesh that he took, by his affection and great courage, he preferred to suffer for few times in order to pay the price which is to avoid the eternal suffering of men’s souls. Therefore, the suffering and dead of the Lord Jesus in the flesh that he took was the ransom to save us from the eternal death.

          The men are in error because they lack the understanding of the Scriptures of God; for they have believed that as the Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died in the flesh for them, it is sufficient; but it is because they ignore that it is in the life and practice of the word that he has brought and which is spirit and life that they will no longer suffer eternally. That is why the bible tells us that while the Lord Jesus Christ destroyed the death, he has put life to light by his gospel. It means that without the gospel of Christ preached firstly, there is no hope of life. The faith and belief of this generation are too limited because for it (this generation), the Lord Jesus Christ has paid our eternal death and suffering. That is why many people in this belief say thanks for this redemption; and it brings them to dance, shout in the name of their saviour, while ignoring that when the Lord Jesus destroyed the death, he replaced it by a life by his gospel, and it is through this life which has been given that we become alive, rich, glorious, great, strong and powerful.

          If it was through the faith or belief in this life that the people were given thanks, cheering, praising, worshiping, dancing, shouting God today, the evil, would have been too rare or less; the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus would not be in vain for the men of these end times. But it is the consideration of Jesus as a man that the people in their human faith and belief see that he has paid the price that will prevent the eternal dead and suffering of men’s souls, that he has redeemed and saved us, and they therefore think that we have nothing else to do for it; that is why they say thanks to this international hero cheering him and dancing for him. That is therefore the faith and belief that has filled this generation; to seek the will of God and to live it is not the preoccupation of the man in this generation; that is why there is an excess of evil. But the men have faith that they are Christians and children of God because Jesus Christ has paid all.

          Therefore, they have remained in man’s state of mind, thought, feeling and life, but having faith and the belief that they are Christians and children of God, because for them, the guy or gentleman called Jesus has paid the price. This knowledge which is peculiar to man exists and is spread; that is why no matter the religion that man practices, especially in the one that recognises Jesus Christ as saviour, he believes to be saved. This generation witnesses more than ever the men of God and places of prayer, but the evil remains dominant; that is why to be recognised as Christian is not to be a muslim, a Buddhist… therefore, Christian remains the appellation of non-muslim and non-buddhist.

          It is too pitiful and it brings out tears when people have this belief, meanwhile the Eternal by his mercy has love them so much by sending his Son Jesus Christ to them, who by his pity and sacrifice, by his suffering and death has delivered them from the eternal suffering and death which was waiting them in the pond of fire. Meanwhile, the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus in the flesh that he took was an act of bravery and triumph which has let appear life of heaven that man must live in order to resuscitate in his soul. It is therefore in this life and through it that the men will say thanks to God and to his Son Jesus Christ that he has sent. But they remain in what is of man: the will, the thought, the feeling, the justice… it is also in the name of all what is peculiar to man that they gather to cheer, sing, worship, dance and shout in the honour of God, even sacrificing many materials for offering, thanks giving and others.

          Their faith and belief does not come from the fact that the Lord Jesus while destroying the death gave us life, while destroying the suffering, he has given us peace, while destroying poverty, he has given us richness, while destroying the humiliation, he has given us the glory, while destroying lowness, he has given us the greatness, while destroying weakness, he has given us force and power; therefore, we are defined according to what we carry or have in the spirit, and we have it and carry it because he has given it to us, and he has given it to us by destroying what is not. That is why we say thanks to him, praise him, adore and cheer him; we dance for him in an overflowing joy because he has made us to become alive through what he has given to us and that we carry.

          It is through what we are and by what we carry in the spirit that we greatly say thanks to God by his Son Jesus Christ who has covered us of his grace and glory, giving us authority, power and domination over everything. That is why being good by the goodness that he has given to us, we say thanks to the giver. Being good by his endless goods that he has given to us, we say thanks to the giver of eternal goods, cheering him, singing and dancing for him. But the people have remained in man’s state of mind which is a spiritual death, and the death being like a tree, his fruits are the evil, therefore, the more the death abounds (the tree), the more the evil multiplies (the fruit).

          Today, almost 99,99% of men in this generation are spiritually dead and the entire world is like a spiritual cemetery. That is why spiritually, this world gives an unimaginable cold (in this cemetery) because it is full of the deaths, that is, the men living in the physic but dead in the soul because they are too wicked; this world which is too wicked is a cemetery in the spirit. What transforms itself? Night planes are run with what? Every day, these spiritual deaths eat the flesh; is it the human flesh or that of an animal? Human beings are sold like sweets, or sacrificed like chicken because of the material, power, force, the domination, the glory, celebrity. The men are empoisoned as if they were empoisoning mousses, they throw bad curses to people as if they wanted to kill a centipede, they incite wars and arm rebels to kill the population like flies, they attack , steal, rob people as someone who is taking something that belongs to him with force and which was refused to him.

                The landlords keep their totems in toilets to disturb those who rent their houses, and those who rent houses walk with their totems to disturb the landlords. Jealousy, hatred… is the daily life of the man, homosexuality and magic have become the ways that people take to obtain richness, the glory, power and the physical wellbeing. People use pills, herbs… to protect themselves, for their commerce… to flourish. That is why the men frighten; but they hide themselves in their flesh, others in the zeal of the religion that they serve. It often happens that the new born babies, especially twins, when they arrive in this wicked world, they ask themselves the question if they can live in it, for they have the gift to see spiritual things, and one of them often say to the other that if he stays, he returns. But to God only is the glory by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)
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