392nd message


It is the 392nd message.


           In truth, being physically in this world and walking with the Spirit of the Great King of the kingdom of heaven gives coldness at the sight of the multitude of men who are not only dead in their souls, though living in the physic, but are animals in the spirit. In truth, what still frightens is the fact that these men are in big lodges of the beast. I take the example of the popes for whom the handicapped people by their state of blindness and deafness are ready to spend high amounts of money just to greet them, to suck their magic rings, to take pictures with them or for these ones to lay hands on them. If the spirit of the beast has given a very elevated power of the glory of lies to the popes, the head of States who are in their doctrine of lies did not lag behind. Superstars who are under their doctrine of lies are elevated by a power and force of celebrity and popularity by the spirit of the beast; they are admired, imitated and watch over the small screen, they have become idols of many, bringing the people to expose parts of their body in order to wish or ask an autograph. Others imitate them in the tattoo, the wearing of ear rings for the men, in the clothing, the hairstyle. These poor blinds and deaf ignore that those are conditions that have been imposed to them by their master who is the devil.

          In truth, the devil wanted that in these end times, his spirit of the beast, his mark, his signs… should dominate the men; that is why the marks of the beast are found on majority of currencies that are used today in this world. As such, it becomes too difficult for the men to dominate money. Even the men of God who have filled the world today, majority have chosen this path in order to touch money; that is why they go to seek power and forces to do visions, prophecies, prayers of deliverance and of miracle. Today, money has and carries a very great power of the beast. All this in the aim to dominate man’s heart, up to the point where, when the man sees money, he does not resist to it; he sometimes consider it more than all. That is why the members of government or civil servants, in short, majority of those who are near cashboxes or who take care of their movements embezzle money without end, no matter their big fortune.

          For these bewitched of Satan to be delivered, a great power of God is needed, and this power is not found in majority of the men of God in function today in this world; because they also need to be delivered. It is money which is at the origin of stealing, attacks, robbing, fake, corruption, exhumation of copses, the selling of drugs, assassination, the selling and sacrifices of human beings, magic, pride, contempt…, it is also money that makes people to change their behaviour, the manner to speak, the manner to laugh, the walking style, the looking… There are certain people who have a weak spirit up to the point where, if they put them in a room full of money just for a short while, they will become mad or fall into atrance…

          The devil knows that if the hearts of men are dominated by money, it is his glory that will be manifested in their souls. There are also marks of the beast on labels of certain bottles and sachets of beer, wine, whisky, and this power attracts many people to consume the product. The devil also knows that if the people are dominated by alcohol, they will become very manipulable. The devil by his cunning has convinced many industrialists that the only way they can flourish is to be with him; once they are with him, he impose them to put his mark on their products in order to sell in great quantity in the market.

          In these end times, the devil makes believe to the men that if they are not in his circle of the animal or beast connection, they will not be at the summit of the emergence, of celebrity, of glory, of power, of force, of money… That is why even at the lower level of functions, especially in the public sector and in many companies, they make you believe that if you are not in this circle or connection, you will be nothing. Look at the senior civil servants, superstars, great priests…, many being in these connections;they have many manners to greet each other and to greet their master who is the devil. They make many signs, but the most recurrent are the signs of two animal horns or the number 666 that they form with their fingers. Why is it that in Cameroon the number 6 has been imposed to the mobile operators? All these signs that you have seen on the first page have meanings.

          The devil in his cunning knows that the time is coming to an end, but also that things of the ground are finishing gradually. The devil seeing that the man want to feed his stomach to satiation and according to his good will, to take care of his body, to dress it with clothes of big price, in short, to possess things of the ground in order to have the consideration near his similar, knowing that it is difficult by lack of financial means, he has opened many doors to this last (the man) to permit him gain his money and favours. That is why the selling and sacrifice of human beings against high amounts of money, the possession of totems that vomit or bring in money, homosexuality, the use of spirits that give forces, power, attraction… have become common practices. He make fabricate many equipment, products of beauty, dresses that become out of fashion after a short time, in order to render man slave of the consumption of new products.

          When I look at the world today, I understand that there is much evil because the man live for his flesh or for the future of his flesh and not for his soul. That is why man does not sell or sacrifice his similar for the life and glory of his soul, but rather for the life and glory of his flesh. Therefore, all what the men do is to make live and to give the glory and greatness to their flesh, while killing, lowering and despising their souls. Many people are ignorant of what will happen after their physical death or in the end of times. They do not seek that their flesh should suffer in the life and walk of justice, holiness, mercy… of God, so that their souls should no longer suffer eternally in the pond of fire. But they make everything to satisfy their flesh which has only few days, so that it should not suffer even for a short while, by taking tortuous paths in front of God, in contempt of their souls that will suffer eternally. But what lack of wisdom! How didn’t they understand that the Lord Jesus had sacrificed his fleshly future and his physic for their souls?

          The Lord Jesus knowing very well the glory and the greatness of this world and the power of his material, warned his beloved ones through the mouth of Apostle John when he says: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2/15). Therefore, to you strangers and sojourners on earth, be careful to the world and his things; for if you become tied to them, you will become untied to the veritable love, and the love of God will not be with you too. Everything draws to an end. If the man is wise, he should veritably seek and become tied to what is eternal and not what is passing. What is eternal is what the Lord Jesus shows us when he says: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Matthew 24/35).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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