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        In truth, in this world, where there is more money, glory, celebrity, power, there also are full practices of high magic.

        In truth, football has become a business of much money, and it is a field where the devil has infiltrated himself very well in these end times to better operate and to make many people to perish. Football being the most mediatised and popular sport, the devil willing to drag more souls with him in the pond of fire could not leave this field in these end times to put in the practices of high magic, fake, corruption…

        It is the devil who reigns today in the middle of players (men and women) by his power, force and richness. Many among them are Rosicrucian and freemasons, others are homosexuals or lesbians, or even have totems, magic masters, sacrifice their similar, make practices in cemeteries, on the water banks, and also on their bodies, jersey, shoes… They make war among themselves; between the regular players and those who are on the bench, one willing to wound the other to take his place or practicing magic so that the other one should be unfit.

        These rivalries bring in more wars and the rely on magic; that is why before many of these players start a match, they already know the result, because they move round the world in search of super-seers and traditional practitioners. Some even bring their magic masters in the field when they have important matches. For, these ones work so that they should perform well, sign contracts in big clubs, so that they should always be seen and considered for the first choice by the coach; for others again, so that they should be selected in the national team, so that they should be famous and popular near supporters, even if they are not among the big players of the team, but for the fact that magic has attracted the popularity towards them, they become more famous and are loved more than other players of their teams.

        These players who desire important amounts of money that come from the signing of big contracts and many advantages that arise from it, will go and seek big masters of magic and will become submitted to their conditions. There is much money in football today, what was not the case yesterday. Former great players like Pele, Maradona, Platini, Roger Milla… cannot be compared to those that we see today; players that are far from appearing in the eleven players of the year like Gareth Bale, has signed a contract near to 100 million euros in one of the biggest club of the world (Real Madrid), like Martial who has signed a contract of 80 million euros in Manchester United, without forgetting enormous salaries.

        In truth, footballers today touch million euros that make many of them to become insolent. The more they have money, the more they seek great magicians and witches of the world to always raise them higher. 99% of these players do not use the birth certificate that carries their veritable age. The coaches also willing to be solicited in big clubs or to touch big salaries did not remain behind in the practice of magic, without forgetting the leaders of clubs who always want that their clubs should win matches and gain trophies.

        Yesterday, as there was not much money in football, many parents did not want their children to give themselves more in football than studies, but today, it is the contrary. Certain parents are ignorant of the practice of high magic that reigns in this field, especially in the high level football. For the youth today, they dream to become like these stars, to have much money and to possess the glory; as such, they have become big passionate of football.

        The devil did not only limit himself in making high magic to overflow in the most mediatised and popular sport of the world, but he has equally incited certain men who have instituted and vulgarised lucky games or lottery, to bring the people to bet on the encounters or football matches. The multitude of the youth in the seeking of easy profit have thrown themselves in this game which is very dangerous in God’s eyes; and it has once more rendered the youth passionate of football, because they want to know the teams that will play in order to bet on the one that they think will win. As such, where we find stands of football betting, the youth move around and tie up around it like flies near the dead body of a rotten animal. Certain youth among which we have primary, secondary school and university students, spend almost all their money to assure their betting. Some are even ready to steal or to lie in order to have money that will permit them to play this lottery.

        In truth, countries that welcome these companies of lucky games are corrupted countries; countries where the youth is violated and abandoned to itself; because for the authorities of these countries, if these foxes pay their taxes, it is enough for them to install their machines that destroy the youth and fabricate criminals. What future for these youth, the spearhead of the nation! But in truth, what can the youth become; the youth which is gained by lottery and the seeking of easy profits?

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)
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