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It is the 398th message.


        In truth, it is shocking and terrible to know and see this world in his spirit. In this world, we have the invisible world and the visible world. The visible (physical) world is a small world where everything happens during the day, the invisible world (the spiritual world) is a big world where everything happens at night; and almost all the great realisations of this visible world; that means of the physical world are things that have been already realised in the invisible world; that is in the spirit.

          In truth, the spirit of witchcraft is a force or power that the devil has made his agents to carry in order to control the world, to fight the servants of God, to take possession in churches, to prevent the evolution, to block, to destroy, to kill… Therefore, without the spirit of witchcraft in the middle of the men, there will not be manifestation of the works of the devil. Also, the witches often come out of their physical body in order to work in the spiritual world. The devil governs in this world through this witchcraft.

          The witches are super travellers of the planet earth; they see in advance things that must happen or realise themselves, and do everything to intercept or prevent them. They travel in all the towns, nations and in continents of the entire world with their planes that they themselves fabricate or objects that are transformed. When you see a night plane physically during the day, you are far from imagining for what this object can be useful, meanwhile it is a Boeing for the great rulers of this world in spirit. They use these planes to land on people’s roofs when they want to operate in their homes, sometimes on trees that are near houses.

          The witches have antennas of communication, cameras, radio cassettes, telephones, vehicles, trains… to work. In truth, these things (planes, trains, cell phones, cameras…) that we use today, the witches have been using them long ago in the big world which is the spiritual world or the world of the night. That is why many things that are invented in the physical world (small world or world of the day) are only copies of what is found in the invisible world (big world or world of the night). That is also why the white witches endowed of wisdom; seek to fabricate in the physical world what is used in witchcraft in order to also gain money and the glory. As these things help them in the invisible world, they have copied them to also bring them in the physical world so that the men should use them in a physical mode of operation. As such, certain big works (buildings or bridges) are only realised at night, if not, they will not advance. For others again, when the people of the day work, they come and destroy at night. At that moment, you have to negotiate.

          In truth, what maintains black Africa in poverty is witchcraft. In truth, it is too difficult for black Africa to be developed because what Africa faces at night, is what is accomplished during the day. Witchcraft of black Africa is incomprehensible. African witches travel abroad everyday and run their night equipment with the human blood. They do not only do it as such, but the white witches also ask them to come along with cans of human blood; they then have the obligation to kill many of their brothers, and they do it much more through accidents. That is why they put traps on road axes so that there should be more accidents and deaths, in order to collect the human blood. They also have syringes to spiritually draw the blood of living human beings. Other witches transform into insects such as mosquitoes to suck blood in bodies of men; that is why certain people suffer from anaemia, fatigue, thinness, small diseases…

          These black witches while traveling carry along the human brain to sell against diseases that they use to contaminate their brothers. Their sponsors who are the white witches particularly ask them the brains of gifted children. Given that they have the material of clairvoyance, they detect these gifted children even when they are still in the stomach of their mother or when they start going to school, then, they remove their brains and replace them with mud, or they block their ears. That is why you see certain children where no matter the supplementary classes, support classes, refresher courses that they make them undergo, they do not memorise any lesson. Others are even very intelligent, but once they touch their brain, they become too foolish, and that is too dangerous for the future of Africa. These witches draw the genius of these children to go and give against a substantial reward which is nothing else than diseases such as cancer, renal insufficiency, diabetes, AIDS, blood pressure, CVA, stomach ache, tuberculosis, discal hernia…

          The white witches know that all these diseases that they give to the black witches will be used to contaminate their brothers, thus contributing to impoverish them physically and materially. They even often go in hospitals to kill the healing force of drugs that must be administered to patients. They do not only receive diseases to contaminate and destroy their brothers, but they also receive diseases that destroy plantations or crops in farms and plantations. You can thus see cocoa rods dyeing, young cocoa pods becoming rotten no matter the good care or maintenance brought to them by the owner. Certain famers often ask themselves how it can happen with the good measures that they take.

          African witches use the human blood as fuel for their night equipment, as goods for their sponsors (white witches), this blood is also a drink. They often eat these human brains that they sell to the white witches like food, sometimes; they use them like manure in their farms. They also eat the human flesh like kola-nut that is eaten by villagers. All this explains the high mortality rate in Africa. They are also in groups where each one must give an animal when his time comes and this animal is nothing else than the human being. In some groups, when a man or woman has eaten the animal (the human being) sacrificed by a member of the group, he must also pay back when his time comes with an animal that must be eaten and sometimes, it is the members of the group that choose the person that he will give as sacrifice and they often choose the most intelligent or the person to whom the member is more attached. As such, even if this member is an executive in a company or member of government, these people having an animal spirit will strike him down without pity.

          Certain parents often prefer to sacrifice themselves in the place of the child who is asked by the members of the group; especially when these ones ask the person to whom the member is affectionate, because there, it is a world of no pity. That is why in Africa, the youth no longer like going in their villages because of these witches; and these witches like asking questions on people’s life. We have certain old people who have eaten all their children up to the grandsons; and who block certificates, the work, promotions, travelling, finances, childbirth, businesses… also preventing the people from prospering. That is why when you look at the warehouses of the witches, you will find many certificates tied or things that are put in boxes, in pots, in calabashes or blocked with a lock…

          They throw the spirit of hooliganism to the young boys and sometimes the spirit of stealing up to the point where these last will sometimes steal things that do not even have value. They throw the spirit of prostitution and of instability in the marriage to young girls, and these last will move from one marital home to another like a butterfly that move from one flower to another; they will not resist to the men. You will find witches that tie a whole family or a whole village; they work so that the young people who have certificates should not have a job; or again, those who work and gain much money should realise nothing for the progress, but they should be in the consumption of alcohol; these young people have the palm of the hand pierced.

          These witches like living in bodies of people. Other witches, even if they are already too old and weak, they use bodies of young people, especially their backbone. African witches often take the spirits of certain people at night to make them work; during the day, these last are too tired and dejected. In countryside, they transform into hedgehog to eat cassava in farms, to cut all the maize, young palm trees in the palm grove. They transform into monkey or squirrel to destroy young cocoa pods in their brothers’ farms.

          In the world of the witches, you can see an authority taking decisions during the day, commanding the people, but at night, he is nothing else than the servant of the one that he was commanding during the day. The same, the witches that you see rich during the day are poor at night, and those ones that you see poor at night are rich during the day. For certain old witch women, at night, they become very beautiful young women and go in night clubs; if we had eyes to see what happens in these night clubs, many people would have stop going there. When these witch women often come back from their getaway, if one of them falls from their night plane at 04am with her body of youth, the more minutes pass, the more her old body reappear on her. Certain mothers transmit these capacities that they call inheritance to their children, especially their namesake or last born girl child; for the devil wants that this spirit of witchcraft should be transmitted to people for him to have many servants having a high capacity of destruction.

          Witchcraft of the black man is too wild because it has no seed of wisdom, but it is full of jealousy. These black witches are not like the white witches who always make efforts to fabricate or to invent things in the physic that help them in the spirit to gain money and the glory. Even when black witches discover something great in witchcraft, the white witch come and takes their secret. In truth, there is no wisdom in their witchcraft, but rather jealousy that is aimed to destroy everything on their way. Look with what anger and faith the pan Africanists talk in the television channel Africa Media, there is commitment and the belief to deliver their continent; meanwhile, these children should understand that these things do not limit themselves in simple declarations nor in physical fights, but there is an opening key, and the deliverance of their continent can neither be done with magicians, witch doctors nor the men of God who possess the satanic power to make miracles, divinations, nor the corrupted of the glory of man and of the material, but it can only happen by the all power of the Son of Man.

          For certain old African head of States who seize the power, when elections are near, some clans, groups, tribes or regions make appeals or motions of support to the candidature of these head of States to represent themselves. Understand that these foxes do not rely on the multitude requests that are made to them, but they rather rely on the big masters of magic and witch doctors, who after consulting their spirits, might give them an orientation on the question to represent themselves or not; for they have more confidencein the spiritual power.

          I do not live the spirit of the flesh to be dominated by the consideration of the skin colour, the spoken language, the nation, the territory, the continent, but the Lord has sent me for his truth to be known and so that the word that he has given me which is a great light should enlighten many people.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)
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