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      The Lord Jesus wants that in these end times, all the men of this generation should be enlightened on the manner in which the devil work to make their souls to suffer in the eternal fire, as well as their flesh that only have a short life span on earth. It is the reason for which we are mandated by his word in order to demonstrate the tricks that the father of the cunning and evil uses to operate, and we are not coming with men’s knowledge, nor as those ones who belong to a denomination, nor less with the glory drawn from a skin colour or race (breed), a spoken language, a territory... but with the spirit and power that come from God in order to bring the men to the obedience of Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

      How can we understand that the devil uses the Vatican State that he has raised in order to fill this generation with the lie, abomination, corruption, forgery, magic, great destructions and killing! The Vatican State is an instrument that the devil has built to assure the maintaining of souls in the death or under his power. When the papacy has been raised after the death of all the apostles whose names are written in the bible, the pope gave himself the title of the representative of Apostle Peter. How then, the representative of the apostle is not called apostle but rather pope! Why does he not say that he is the representative of Apostle Peter, but rather Saint Peter? Why did they replace the word “Apostle” in the appellation “Apostle Peter” with the word “Saint” to say “Saint Peter”? God has established in his Church the apostles, prophets, doctors, pastors, evangelists; how does the pope who says to be of the church of God is a representative of Saint Peter? Does it come from his father who is the master of the cunning? Why does he not give to his fellow servants the names prophets, evangelists, doctors, pastors that we find in the church of God, but rather the names of Cardinal, Archbishop...; these names come from which God?

      Being recognised by half of the world that he has colonised by his lie, the pope is considered and taken by the blind and deaf men to be the representative of Apostle Peter and of God on earth. How has he been able to create a sovereign state that even has a flag and ambassadors in countries? Does the Vatican flag represent the honour of the fatherland of the kingdom of heaven or the kingdom of the lake of eternal fire? Can those ones who are colonised by the lie of the Vatican state ask themselves how can God give the recommendation not to make carved images in the form of a divinity, a man or any other thing to bow down in front of it, meanwhile these said representatives of God fight against God at 1000%, in fabricating carved images that they place near their big buildings where people come and bow down? These brigadiers have filled the world with their idols. How can the representatives of God pour a handful of water on the head of babies and say that they have baptised them and this, by giving an amount of money? After having deceived these babies by the practice of forgery, corruption, destruction, killing on them, once they become adults, these last that are blind will always have the belief that they have already received the baptism, which is a lie. For those who do not longer remember it, it is said or told to them because they were too small. Therefore, since they did not want nor desired the baptism, God’s truth or his justice, they will remain in this ignorance and will continue deceiving people as they have deceived them, swindling people as they have also swindled them, practicing magic and forgery as they did on them, destroying and killing their neighbours as they did on them.

      Therefore, the fact the Vatican state has colonised half of the world by his lie, the hearts of these men have remained uncircumcised, they did not listen to the circumcision, to the truth in order to believe that the temple of God must be in their heart, which must be kept more than any other thing, because there, are kept values that created everything.

      In truth, all what the Vatican State does to babies, once they become adults, these last will also do on others what they have done on them, which means the great deception, forgery, corruption, magic, the destruction, witchcraft and killing. They give people what they had given to them. These colonised of the lie of the Vatican State do not have the power of the Spirit of truth which is Christ. Seeing themselves to be always weak because they are in the spirit of the lie, face to the destructive spirits, they are obliged to rely on the witch doctors, marabous and all lodges, as well as on the material called spiritual products..., but they continue to call themselves Christians. That is why people still run behind the sacrifice of the blood of animals and the human blood for the seeking of power, force, and this make ritual crimes to proliferate; meanwhile the blood of Christ has already been sacrificed for them so that they should obtain the supreme power and force. But, given that the lie which has colonised them cannot bring them to know and to have this blood of Christ or his life, how will the people not continue relying on the magicians and the material in order to obtain the protection and blessing! For they believe that these things have the force to protect them face to attacks and danger. In this case, how do magic, ritual crimes or other practices will not be too high!

      The word of lies does not have power to convince man’s heart to be the word of God by whom all things were created, because the word of God, the creative word, is a source of richness, greatness and glory above all what it has created. Also, those who possess this spring, which means this word, have a richness, greatness and glory above the head of States, chancellors, ministers, diplomats, superstars, great business men, governors, generals, divisional officers, attorneys, sub-divisional officers, mayors, deputies... up to the least; all of them being blind and ignorant, they find their richness, greatness and glory on what has been created, and they can neither see nor find all what is good in the creator of things who is the word of truth.

      How do the consumption of the human blood, the possession of totems, the sacrifice of human beings, paedophilia, homosexuality, all kinds of magic practices and others will be stopped for these Christians who look for money, the glory, celebrity, power... in this world?

      When the French State maintains certain African countries into neo-colonialism, with what heart do these rulers do that? I will talk of the fifth French Republic which started with President Charles de Gaulle (from the 08th January 1959 to the 28th February 1969), next President Georges Pompidou (from 20th June 1969 to the 10th April 1974), President Valery Giscard d’Estaing (from the 27th May 1974 to the 21st May 1981), President François Mitterrand (from the 21st May 1981 to the 17th May 1995), President Jacques Chirac (from the17th May 1995 to the 16th May 2007), President Nicolas Sarkozy (from the 16th May 2007 to the 15th May 2012), and President François Hollande (since the 15th May 2012 till today 08 March 2016). They have all received the deception, forgery, corruption, magic, the destruction, killing of the Vatican State and they apply these evil spells on Africa. Today, certain African countries suffer of wars, kamikazes, contagious diseases and others because of the French Christian rulers. They destabilise and remove certain presidents in power and give this power to an opponent or a rebel, by putting the country into fire and blood, making thousands of deaths and refugees. These super hypocrites are the first to give food in order to say that they are doing humanitarian works. They do not want that these countries of black Africa should become developed. Even in their companies implanted in Africa, when these ones gain a deal, they make things to delay in order to deliver them lately, for they know that it is in the under development of these people that they profit.

      How do sovereign countries in Africa do not have freedom of decisions on certain things? These decisions are rather taken by the French State. De Gaulle, Pompidou, Giscard, Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande, all of them were having which Christian heart to make African people to suffer so much? They did not receive a teaching of truth to know the circumcision of the heart which makes man to be endowed of God’s heart, the heart which owes success, prosperity both in the physic and in the spirit to his neighbour or to all the people. These French presidents have sowed terror in Africa and they continue to do it till today, because they were bewitched by the Vatican State since their childhood, and it is this curse that they throw on the African people. But all what I know is that these presidents can only give to others what they have received from the Vatican State, which means; the lie, forgery, corruption, bad intentions, killing. If you find a child who has bad intentions... you will first look at his parents to see if this last do not inherit it from them or from the education that he has received from them.

      The first priests who arrived in Africa came to separate the people from their magical power, making them understand that gold, petrol, uranium, aluminium, wood, mercury, diamond, bauxite... are useless. They were bringing Africans not to consider these things and to rather attach themselves to the word of lies; and if by chance, they found somebody reading the bible, this last would regret the day he was born. All what they had to do for these people who had thrown their magical power, who had removed their minds from the richness of their underground, was to give them rosaries so that they should make prayers while counting the beads and asking the Virgin Mary to do something for them. These priests made to be killed many people who were coming to confess in their ears, and they took the land of these old men and ignorant who found good to give their piece of land to those who come from God. But the great surprise was to see that the men of God were selling them a handful of water for the baptism of their children.

      They have become land owners, they sell them expensive today, sometimes, they even give them for rent.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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