402nd message.


It is the 402nd message.

Here is the image of some former head of States who have run away from their own countries like thieves that have been caught stealing.

Seduction of satan

       In truth, it is pity that invades and engulfs my heart when I see the head of states of the entire world in their spiritual state. It makes me to endlessly cry and to shed tears deep in my heart, and this pain makes me to lose joy, happiness, appetite, the sleep, the taste and pleasure of everything in the physic. By grace, being bride by the heart of Christ, the spiritual state of these head of States stabs me in the middle of the heart and gives me strong pains. That is why I ask the Lord Jesus day and night to do something spiritually for these last, so that my pain and illness should also reduce.

       I want to speak mostly of certain African head of States. The heart and spirit of which I am endowed was to rejoice to see firstly these African head of States who say to be Christians, understand that they had deceived them when they were babies or children to have been baptised in Christ; they should know that he who is baptised is that one who believes; and he who believes is that one who has knowledge to the take the decision for the changing of a conduct to another, the changing of a life to another, thus, to believe in the burial of a life which is called the eternal death and to the resurrection of another life which is called the eternal life, to believe that the word of God that he must live and carry is the creative word. It gives them power to command, to dominate and to destroy any other word that is elevated against them.

       They must understand that the spirit of God which must dwell or rest in them is a creative spirit; also, they must believe that the blood of Christ that has shed on the cross is above the blood of an animal and that of man, and that it gives them all what the blood of an animal and of man cannot give them; for if they have the creative word, the creative spirit, the creative blood, it means that they are above the power of marabous, the witch doctors and other magicians or spirits, clairvoyance and visions; or if they carry and live this creative word, they would have gathered an eternal richness, wealth and treasure, and even if things created by this treasure finish, disappear or lack, they should not even have a shadow of doubt and to think that they are poor, miserable or unfortunate.

       The head of States must believe that they are they ones who have transformed things of the ground to become the paper, and from this paper, they have made money, that is why these wads of papers should not dominate them; because as the hands of God have made man, that is why this last must bow down in front of his creator, and this was to be the same for the man whose hands have made the paper called money. They were to bring this thing to bow down in front of them because it is man who made it. They must understand that to seek the cheering of hands that are similar to theirs is useless, but they must rather seek to be cheered by hands that created them; for we come in this world for a very short sojourn, and nobody knows the day he will leave the earth, but only the creator knows. It is also important for them to understand that they came in this world being spiritually poor and dead, and they must leave it being eternally rich and alive, therefore, all what we want to have and to become near God, we must wish it to our neighbour. These head of States must also understand that in this world, they have an examination or a test that God has given them which is to love man as God himself love man, to wish him all what is marvellous and gorgeous both in the spirit and in the physic, as God wishes to man. There is a lot to bring to these partially sighted who believe to be rich, great and glorious.

       When I see the head of States in the lack of knowledge, belief and life of things of the kingdom of heaven, it makes me to suffer. These head of States, especially in Africa, say to be Christians meanwhile they are freemasons or Rosicrucian; they even die physically while being in this lie which makes them believe that they had received the baptism when they were babies or children. Some of them are homosexuals, drink the human blood, sacrifice human beings, possess totems, transform into certain species of animals. They are surrounded with marabous and witch doctors who make them visions at all time. Certain African presidents steal billions of their people to go and keep them abroad for their personal ends. When they are in function, they steal their country’s goods to go and keep them in their country of exile, where they will go and spend the rest of their days after their mandate; for they know that they will no longer be able to live in their country of origin. And as such, this country of exile will become their future true country which will give the nationalityto some.

       In truth, it is too sad to see these presidents who have the glory and power in their own country, and who after their function, cannot longer see their country, if not through television. Others being in power, are chassed away by coup d’Etat, others again are chassed away by the population because of bad governing… I take the example of MOBUTU SESE SEKO, second president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, former Zaire from its appellation, who governed from the 24th November 1965 to the 16th May 1997 and he spent 31years 05 months and 22 days in power; he went in exile in Morocco were he died on the 07th September 1997 at the age of 66years. AHMADOU AHIDJO, first president of Cameroon, who governed from the 05th May 1960 to the 04th November 1982, that means, he spent 24 years 01 month and 17 days in power. He went in exile in Senegal where he died on the 30th November 1989 at the age of 65 years. HISSENE HABRE, former president of the Republic of Chad, who governed from the 07th June 1982 to the 1st December 1990, and spent 08 years 05 months and 22 days in power. He is presently a refugee in Senegal and is accused of crime against humanity, crime of war and acts of torture. AMADOU TOUMANI TOURE, former president of the Republic of Mali who governed from the 08th June 2002 to the 22nd March 2012 and spent 09 years 09 months and 14 days in power. Since the coup d’Etat, he is in exile in Senegal.FRANÇOIS BOZIZE, former president of Central AfricanRepublic, who governed from the 15th March 2003 to the 24th March 2013, he spent 10years and 09 days in power, he is presently in exile in Uganda. BLAISE COMPAORE, former president of the Republic of Burkina Faso, who governed from the 15th October 1987 to the 31st October 2014, he is presently in exile in Ivory Coast where he has obtained the Ivorian nationality.

       In truth, the spiritual poverty of these head of States makes me feel too much pity in my heart which is not eager of things, but rather eager of the creator of things. It is time for these presidents to live in the dignity and sovereignty, in the justice, righteousness, mercy, holiness and purity of God that will permit them to be always loved by the people even after their function as State’s ruler. My greatest vow for them is that; God should open their eyes of the heart so that they should see the end of these vanities for which they sell their souls to the devil by getting married to the spiritual poverty, misery and lowness. For certain presidents in Africa, it is the physical death that must separate them from power. I take the example of the late president OMAR BONGO of Gabon who governed from the 02nd December 1967 to the 08th June 2009; he then spent 41 years 06 months and 06 days in power, he was born on the 30th December 1935 and died on the 08th June 2009 at the age of 73 years. Since it is the monarchy or dynasty in certain African countries, it is his son ALI BONGO who has replaced him and he took functions since the 16th October 2009. The late president GNASSINGBE EYADEMA of Togo also governed from the 15th April 1967 to the 05th February 2005; therefore, he spent 37 years 09 months and 21 days in power, born on the 26th December 1935 and died on the 05th February 2005 at the age of 70 years; and after him; it is his son FAURE GNASSINGBE who took the power on the 04th May 2005. For these presidents, only the physical death could remove them from power and to be replaced by their own son.

       In the same longevity and the same hanging in power by the present presidents who are physically alive, we have JOSE EDOUARDO DOS SANTOS, present president of the Republic of Angola, invested head of State since the 10th September 1979. Today the 14th March 2016 where I am writing this message, he has 36 years 06 months and 04 days in power; born on the 28th August 1942, he is 74 years old, but remaining hanged in his function, he sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement. THEODORE OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO, present president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea; Invested head of State since the 12th October 1982, today, he has 33 years 05 months and 02 days in power; born on the 05th June 1942, he is 73 years old; but he also sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement. PAUL BIYA, present president of the Republic of Cameroon, invested president since the 06th November 1982, on this day, he has 33 years 04 months and 10 days in power; born on the 13th February 1933, he is 83 years old, he still hanged in power but sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement. YOWERI MUSEVENI, present president of the Republic of Uganda, invested head of State since the 26th June 1986, today, he has 30 years 01 month and 17 days in power; born on the 15th August 1946, he is 71 years old, but sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement. ROBERT MUGABE, present president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Invested head of State since the 31st December 1987, he has 28years 02 months and 12 days in power; born on the 21st February 1924, he is 92 years old, but sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement. IDRISS DEBY ITNO, present president of the Republic of Chad, invested president since the 28th February 1991, on this day, he has 25years 03 months and 10 days in power, born in 1952, he is 64 years old, but sends all his junior brothers of age in retirement.

       These presidents that hang in power uproot the veritable opponents. Others take power by coup d’Etat and have hands stained with human blood. These bewitched of shameful things drink the human blood, kill, make kill and see the human being dyeing without being worried; they are ready to destroy human beings that God has created by his own hand because of things that their fingers have fabricated or transformed. They say to be Christians, but they do not read the bible to see how King Solomon governed the people of God with wisdom, they rather read the book of Machiavelli to govern with dictatorship. That is why you see certain civil leaders who govern with the military dictatorship because of these books. These presidents despise and do not respect their people; that is even why, when some of them commit terrible acts in their country, they are too far from asking their people to forgive them, just because they take themselves for gods on earth. Also, when the people stand against them, these presidents do not use dialogue, but rather weapons in order to submit the people to their will.

       The Lord Jesus has suffered and shed his blood for all souls, and a television channel named «Jesus Christ for all souls» will not delay to see the day; the Lord Jesus is my employer and I am his employee. He is my master and I am his worker, and all what the employee ask to the employer for the emergence of his enterprise, he will not delay to provide it or to endow it.

       Head of States, the Lord did not forget you in the spiritual poverty, misery, nakedness, leprosy, famine and thirsty, that is why we ought to deliver, to give and transmit you what God has delivered, given and transmitted for you; to him only by Jesus Christ is pity and love to deliver the soul at the price of the precious eternal blood.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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