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These leaders have officially accepted that in their countries, two people of the same sex should have sexual intercourses, which is too horrible in front of God and in front of the men of dignity, for this officialisation has brought the abomination to be at its height in this generation.

403 message

       In truth, all the signs that demonstrate the end of everything, announced by the Lord Jesus, the prophets, the apostles, are already present. This world had already known homosexuality in the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah, but in these end times, since its creation, this practice has never been as higher as today, all this because the leaders of the people have officialised this abomination. I neither come to defend the African, the American, the European, the Asian territory and their resources nor the skin colour, blood, the spoken language, but I come to defend the domination of the eternal death on the souls, therefore, to prevent the souls from being maintained and engulfed in the eternal death, so that the blood of Christ that has shed at the price of the deliverance and liberty of these souls should not be in vain.

       In truth, the devil and the Lord Jesus do not fight for man’s flesh, for they know that man’s flesh is dust and that it will end its race in the ground no matter its longevity. They rather fight for man’s soul which is spirit, and which can be eternally found either in the kingdom of heaven or in the lake of fire. The Lord who dwells in the kingdom of heaven wants the souls to be with him; on the other hand, the devil who dwells in the pond of fire also need them. As such, each one uses the men; for the devil, he uses the men in order to maintain the souls in evil which is the eternal death, and the Lord Jesus uses the men in order to bring back the souls in the good which is the eternal life. The devil in his cunning and fight, deceives the men that everything is limited in the flesh. That is why he always sparkles to the man things that make pleasure to his flesh, knowing that if these vanities gain man’s heart, he on the other hand will gain the soul of this last. Therefore, the devil uses many things of the ground as bait to gain man’s soul. But the Lord Jesus who knows the devil’s bait, in his word which is the power that freed us from the traps of Satan, recommends us to neither become attached to the world nor to things of the world (1 John 2/15).

       The devil has brought man to believe that the flesh has more value than the soul, that is why man forgets all what is important for his soul and only think at what is important for his flesh. That is why the men work more for their flesh than their soul; the devil in his fight has opened all kinds of doors of magic, so that the men should easily gain things of the ground and to satisfy their flesh, he brings them to possess things for the protection of their flesh. He even goes up to bring sellers of fritters to use magic in order to attract customers towards them. He has brought the man to become more afraid of losing his flesh that must return in the ground, than to be afraid of losing his soul that can escape from the eternal suffering.

       Have you seen President OBAMA travelling in certain African countries to propose a help against the legalisation of the homosexual marriage? He proposes material and nutritional help for the flesh against an abomination that kills the soul. These presidents are only the shell of what is good in front of God. Only the blinds like them are the ones to envy and to dream of touching them with the finger or to have a hand shake with them. They have sold their souls to the devil against the glory, celebrity, power and richness that are passing, and they want everybody to become like them: it is there the spirit of Lucifer that always want to drag the people with him in the eternal suffering which is reserved to him.

       What lowness for these head of States who are the most envied and influential of the world of the blinds and deaf! How do these envied and influential men have descended lower than animals in front of God? Animals that have been created to serve as food to these head of States said no to the homosexual mating. But these head of States who are to give lessons to dogs by training them must rather receive the lesson of these last that have refused the homosexual mating for fear to be punished by their creator. In truth, these presidents are the most miserable of the spiritual lepers. Majority of the most influential, famous, and glorious men in this world have sold their souls to the devil in order to glorify themselves in the flesh which is only a shell. In truth, it is time to respect these animals because of their abstention from this abomination, no matter the fact that they have been given for food to man. Therefore, we should stop saying that these homosexuals are like animals.

       The most influential presidents, ministers, kings of the world are doing all, so that this practice should become official in all nations. They propose helps, they influence certain head of States, and threaten them to dismiss them if they refuse to legalise this abominable practice. Presidents, ministers, kings who say to be Christians,you should understand that your time of reign has come to an end; and in a little while, no matter the fact that your flesh has all what it need for its pleasure, you will know that your soul only has the eternal lake of fire for final destination. The parable of the Lord Jesus concerning the bad rich face to the poor Lazarus did not edify you? Head of States, ministers, kings, you who have legalised the homosexual marriage, understand that you are the shells of the authorities that the bible talks of. The manner in which your souls are gnawed (eaten) of leper and smell like a dog in the state of decomposition do not give envy to touch your material that attract the blinds and deaf towards you. Your papers that you call euro, dollar, pound, franc CFA…, the old ion that you call air plane, ship, subway, train, vehicle, motor bike… is only made to return in the ground, and you are vanities when you glorify yourselves to be rich, great… through these things for which you have sold your souls,meanwhile they (your souls) have been paid at the price of the blood of Jesus on earth.

       In truth, it is better to see the end of the value of a thing than its beginning, because the beginning lies, but the end does not lie. The people deceive themselves on the vanity of your flesh, believing that you are rich, great, glorious and famous; but if they could see you in your soul, they would have seen the non-existence of all richness, greatness, glory and celebrity in you. It is because of your spiritual state that I feel bad in my heart and have insomnia. For this reason, I ask the Lord to do something for your poor, miserable, naked, leprous, sick and dead souls, so that they should receive the richness, clothes, health and eternal life.

       Here are some countries that have already legalised the homosexual marriage: France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, the United States, England, Belgium, Holland, Wales, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia. There are many of them, but I have just listed some. The homosexuals should not be ashamed to come back to Christ because his blood has shed for their souls, and it continues to claim and to wish their purification and freedom.

       I am that one who die to live and not the one who live to die. To God only by Jesus Christ love and pity to save the soul from the eternal death.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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