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      In truth, to see that man is nothing, especially the man of this generation, look at papers that he has transformed, cut in a well précised form, he has drawn and put numbers on it. This thing which is manufactured dominates the person who manufactured it by gaining his heart, bringing him to become a liar, a crook, a forger, a corrupted, a ravisher, a thief, a robber, an embezzler, a magician, a killer, pride, contemptuous…, and this greatly hurts God who sees that the man that he has created in his image, transforms or manufacture papers that become his master, dragging him in all tortuous ways in front of him. The devil on his side is rather happy to see that these papers made by man’s hands dominate his heart; this dust makes him to give himself airs, pushes him into pride, in the despise of his neighbour, in smugness, lies, forgery, corruption, ravishment, stealing, attacks, robbing, kidnaping, magic, drug traffic, traffic of human organs, the sacrifice and selling of human beings, killing, the fabrication of contagious diseases, the incitation of wars, the destabilisation of head of States…

      Therefore, the domination of these papers over his manufacturer causes serious problems in these end times, because man finds that his neighbour that God created is nothing, but papers that his hands have manufactured is something. That is why for him, the man who does not have these papers in great quantity is nothing. In this world of the blinds and deaf, these papers make the necessity, the value, the greatness, the glory and richness of man.

      It is these papers that have rendered the gospel to become weak up to the point where, when the men of God come towards the man, it is not to bring this last to become faithful and disciplined to the feeling, the thought, the conduct and life of Christ, but rather to become faithful and disciplined to the giving of offerings, tithes, thanks giving and others. These papers bring certain men of God to go in countries like Benin, Nigeria, India, Ghana… to seek forces of attraction of believers and disciples who will come with offerings, tithes and thanks giving, and to make visions, revelations, prophecies and prayers of miracle. It is these papers that have brought certain priests and pastors to sell what they call baptism, to sell titles of church elder, deacon, deaconess… It is the love of these papers that bring certain men of God to forbid yellow coins in the offering basket.

      These papers gain men’s hearts and bring them to find that the value of the word which has created everything is far very inferior to it (these papers). That is why the dream of all the youths is not to have the knowledge that will make them gain the creative treasure or fortune (the word of God), but rather to have the knowledge that will make them gain papers. Today, the youths are not strangers to history books, science books, mathematics books… but they are strangers even to the New Testament. For them, what do we find in the New Testament? They do not search the scriptures or the knowledge that contribute to the break of evil.

      It is these papers that are at the origin of the fabrication of contagious diseases; people are rendered sick and drugs are manufactured to cure these diseases, the objective being the selling of drugs in great quantity and thus, to make much papers (money). These papers are at the origin of many incitation of wars. Certain big nations manufacture weapons and incite wars everywhere in order to sell them; also, the nations in war will come to get supply in arms; all this in the only aim to have these papers. For these nations, only papers count, even if many people die.

      It is the domination of these papers in the hearts of the leaders and high officials in Africa that causes underdevelopment, famine and poverty. Papers that are in the state’s cash boxes and that can serve in the arrangement of roads, the building of health centres or to supply them with drugs and other materials, the setting up of companies and to lower the cost of the housewife shopping basket, are often emptied in the profit of foreign banks for personal ends. Sometimes, they even embezzle much up to the point where they become unable to spend all of it, and these papers are often seized by foreign banks. These papers being emptied from the state’s cash boxes, in the aim to replace it,these embezzlers will raise the price of gas, kerosene, fuel, taxes… to make the lower people to suffer. It is because of these papers that sport men give themselves to all magicpractices in order to become bright and to always gain more of it; it is because of these papers that traders use forces to attract customers.

      Papers manufactured by man’s hands have taken the honour and glory of his manufacturer, and the manufacturer of these papers have taken the honour and glory of these papers. That is why, when people fight against demons by prayers, spiritual products, saying that the devil is small and weak, it often makes me laugh and in the same time, it hurts me. For the devil says to the men of this generation: «You say to fight against me, to overcome me, to see me small and weak, but if what your hands have manufactured or transformed dominate and gain you, how much more of me! You should first of all become strong in front of things that your hands have manufactured, because they are above you, they render you small and weak. How much more of me that you ignore, and in your seduction, you say to fight against me, to dominate me, to see me small and weak».

      In truth, today, these papers are the source of joy in man’s heart. Therefore, without it, there is neither joy nor happiness in the hearts. The creative word is not the source of joy and peace in these hearts that say to belong to God. In truth, those who say to be children of God today make me feel pity because they do not seek to become great, glorious and rich in the creative word of everything, but rather in what their hands have manufactured. In truth, people see evil invading this generation; but it is because God (the good) is the №1 enemy of men, and the devil (the evil) is their №1 friend. The man believes to deceive God by the lips, and since God is not a man to be deceived by man’s lips, that is why they do not deceive him.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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