405th message


It is the 405th message.

      In truth, the Lord Jesus has shed his blood which is the price for the redemption of all souls in the hands of the devil. In these end times of everything, seeing how majority of popes, head of States, first ladies, ministers, diplomats, superstars, great business men… sell their souls to the devil in order to gain the passing glory, celebrity, power, richness… and to carry the spirit of the beast accompanied with his signs of horns, the Lord did not remain silent in order to save these last from the animal power. I who did not even merit to be like a maggot in front of him, by his grace, he did that I should also be among those who talk of him in this world; and to transmit his message to people who want to save their souls is a great joy and happiness for me. I do not worry for what this message can cause; either they will open my throat with a knife, they will pierce my body of dust with lead, or they will tear my flesh into pieces with a bomb, but I am delighted to see the message of the one who has shed his blood on the cross operating a repentance that will led to the deliverance of the soul.

      If my employer or boss who is the Lord Jesus let the deaths to reach me, they will only have power to destroy this vanity of dust which is my flesh; that is why I am not afraid of the deaths, because if the Lord allows them to do it, they will not have power to kill what is eternal in me, but rather what is passing. In truth, the heart that God gave me after he had removed that of stone, permits me to see that the most influential, admired and adored men, those whom everyone wants to touch with the finger, have a hand shake, take a picture with them, submit complaints…, are the veritable poor, misfortune, miserable, naked, sick, lepers, blinds and deaf, not of the flesh in what is passing, but in what is eternal, which means in the soul. It is spiritually that they have animal horns. That is why finger signs demonstrate what dwell in their interior. It is this spirit which is at the origin of the increase of homosexuality, the arming of rebels, instigations of war, the destabilisation of certain head of States…

      I take the example of NICOLAS SARKOZY who was the 23rd president of the French Republic, and who only spent 04 years 11 months and 29 days of function in the Champs Elysées. During his mandate, he made LAURENT BAGBO to be cast out from power in Ivory Coast on the 11th April 2011, he made MOHAMMED KADHAFI to be killed in Libya on the 20th October 2011, and he had committed many other criminal and abominable acts, all this because of petroleum, gold, diamond, uranium, cocoa… He has put the people into fire and blood, killing thousands of people, making thousands of people to be displaced. Therefore, if this man had doubled his mandate, there would have been millions of people who were to be assassinated, tortured, displaced and without shelter…, but God limiting damages, he stopped him as we have seen.

      The influential men destroy the people because of the richness of their underground, and it is too pitiful. I take the example of GEORGE W. BUSH who was the 41st president of the United States, from the 20th January 2001 to the 10th January 2009. He made SADDAM HUSSEIN to be hanged on the 30th December 2006 because of petroleum. In truth, what heart do these people who say be Christians have, but not possessing the spirit of Christ or of Christianity that was to led them find that the human being has more value than any other thing on earth, and that he should not be killed, sold, or sacrificed in exchange or because of earthly things that are only goods of vanity! They should address prayers to God for him to give them his heart of flesh so that they should no longer treat the human being like an object, an animal…, and they should love man and wish him life and prosperity both in the spirit and in the physic… they say to be Christians, but have rather gotten married to the animal spirit that push them to drink the human blood, to transform into an animal, to become homosexuals, to kill or sacrifice human beings, to reach the summit of magic….

      For those stars that the power of horns has raised at the summit of glory and celebrity, after having gained the admiration, the consideration of men and the material, they will know an end like that of the bad rich who was asking for a drop of water after having left the flesh or the ground that deceived him to be rich, great, glorious and famous. This teaching of Jesus on the parable of the bad rich and the poor Lazarus said nothing to the Christians who are physically and spiritually animals, but who are influential, admired, adored in the entire world, and who make many to dream. A world dominated by the ground and things of the ground, by what men’s hands have manufactured, by the appearance, by the seeking of the consideration of his neighbour, this kind of world can only be rotten, wicked and spiritually animal.

      In truth, I who is in the midst of this generation which is simply a cemetery of souls, the state of the spiritual death of man, either he is a head of State, king, queen, first lady, chancellor, minister, diplomat, superstar, great business man, attorney…, drags me into great sadness and lamentation. This lack of joy, of happiness and peace that dig in me is caused by the men who are the most admired, adored and sought in this world, and this state cannot be filled with the ground and the possession of his richness, nor by the cheering and admiration of man, but rather by their deliverance from the place which is reserved for the eternal fire, or again, by the coming out of their souls from the eternal prison. The heart that I have neither delight of joy, of happiness nor peace because I possess all kind of material and cheering of man’s hands, the admiration and consideration, but rather because the blood of Christ that has shed for the liberation of man from wickedness, corruption, the abomination is not ignored; when the veritable repentance is advancing, making evil to fall and permitting the rise of the good.

      In my heart, I carry a richness, glory and greatness that are the veritable gold; those of the ground that are carried by the people who have sold their souls to the devil are only poor quality stuff. Between me and them, who must envy the richness, the greatness and glory of the other? Many people say that I am courageous. But if they have courage to dive in the water to save the flesh which is getting drown, if they have courage to enter in the fire to save the soul which is getting burn, if they have courage to enter in pits to save the flesh which is sinking, if they have courage to spend their time and high amounts of money to heal the flesh, how much more to transmit the truth that must save the soul which is going for an eternity in poverty and the death; the soul for which the Lord has shed his blood: the price for its liberty from the eternal death.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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