406th message


It is the 406th message.

      In truth, having the CFA franc is to have a small currency, and having the Euro is to have a currency. The Euro and the CFAfranc are only papers that fly away when the wind blows, and they come from the ground that I trample. The ground and all what it encloses like richness or value do not worth a centime of the treasure or fortune that I possess or carry in me which is the word of God that has created everything. That is why if I lack the ground and things of the ground during my short sojourn here on earth, it will not make me become sad, it will not make me lament, it will not put me into worries and anguishes, for I have obtained what was lacking to me for the eternity.

      I came on earth being spiritually poor and death, and if I have obtained or gained an eternal richness and life, what will I lack and which is more than this richness and life to put me into lamentations, worries, and to make me become anxious? My anxieties, lamentations and worries are for the kings, queens, head of States, first ladies, chancellors, diplomats and the great business men, superstars, governors, generals, attorneys, lawyers… of this world to become like me and to obtain a richness, greatness, glory and a life without similarity in this world. The Lord Jesus sending me near the head of States, high officials, in short, the men of this world, he did not tell me that these last owe something to me, but he told me that I am rather the one who owe them all what he has given me, handed me and transmitted me; and if the Lord calls me back without having given, handed over and transmitted to the people what I owe them, how will I be received and seen near him? If certain people who were intended to receive what I owe them were to die without receiving it, I will have many problems near he who has sent me; he who is my employer and boss. That is why I work with eagerness.

      I am not tied to the nation where the Lord made me to be born, to the skin colour that he made me to have, to the language that he made me to speak, nor less to the continent where I come from; therefore, I am neither a pan Africanist nor any other… because I am neither for the maintaining of the soul in the death nor for the domination of great continents over small ones, great countries over small ones, great people over small ones, the rich over the poor, widows, orphans… It is neither a pleasure nor glory for me when people call me apostle, but it is a pleasure and glory for me when the Lord comes even in my dreams and visions and calls me apostle. With the gift that I have received from the Lord, if I start saying that in this generation, I am the only man of God or his only messenger, he will take it away because I have become a liar; if I start asking money, he will take it away because I have become a swindler, a forger, a thief…, if I do not serve, but rather make that they should serve me, he will take it away because I am no longer his servant…

      This message is the 406th message, and the first message is entitled «THE REIGN OF SATAN WILL SOON COME TO AN END». These messages reveal everything, and are available in the web-site:www.champidino.org. I print them so that they should be shared and they are not for sell no matter what I spend, especially on the first pages that are in colour; and if I meet somebody selling them, I am not the one to present myself to ask for the royalties, but I can only give him the advice which is that; God gives freely, and what we receive freely, we also give it freely. I am ready and happy to work with those who want in truth the fall of the lie, of seduction… and the rise of the truth of Christ; those who are ready to give themselves and all what they have so that the suffering and blood of Christ that have shed for the souls, especially for those of this generation which is more wicked than ever should not be in vain.

      In truth, the CFAfranc should not be qualified as a currency but rather as a small currency, and the Euro must be qualified as a currency. Therefore, I can now say: “Bank of thesmall currency of CentralAfricanStates”. In truth, since the colonisation, neo-colonialism, imperialism…, France makes that certain countries in Africa, mostly in Central Africa and in Western Africa should greatly suffer and remain underdeveloped. Here, I talk of the small currency which has submitted them since the 26th December 1945. The francCFAwas officially created on the 26th December 1945, and its meaning is: “Franc of African Colonies of France”. Here, I neither want to talk of the first devaluation of the 17th October 1948 nor the second of the 11th January 1994, but I want to talk of the stowing of the CFAfranc with the Euro on the 1st January 1999 where 1 Euro = 655,957 CFAfrancs. Therefore, the CFAfranc represents nothing face to the Euro, and no country in Africa can be emergent with CFAthe franc or the small currency.

      The franc zone assembles 15 States of which 06 States of Central Africa that are: Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, and 08 States of Western Africa that are: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger and the archipelago of Comoros. In truth, the emergence of these 15 States of the franc zone depend on France, because the states of the franc zone do not have a currency, but rather small currency; that is why these States see their petroleum, gold, diamond, uranium, wood… being exploited without these ones gaining something great from it. Therefore, the richness of their underground is emptied against a currency (the Euro) that comes and crushes their small currency that has no value (the CFAfranc). 100 euros = 65.595 CFAfrancs, 1000 euros = 655. 957 CFAfrancs; 1.000.000 euros = 655.957.000 CFAfrancs. In truth, France and his States of the franc zone are like big fishes that feed on small fishes to live.

      In truth, this world is a jungle where the big ones dominate and destroy small ones. I remember when the Libyans were protesting against MOHAMMED KADHAFI, the French authorities had sent their troops to remove him from power either dead or alive, and on the 20th October 2011 at 12:30, they assassinated him on the orders of NICOLAS SARKOZY. The manifestations in Syria started on the 18th March 2011 against BACHAR EL-ASSAD; and in December 2014, from the Syrian human rights observation which is the principal source of information of the West, we counted 200.000 deaths and 3.000 refugees. And if from the 18th March 2011 up to December 2014 we had 200.000 deaths and 3.000 refugees, how many deaths and refugees do we have today from December 2014 to March 2016? What does France and his allies who are the United States do there in Syria to cast away BACHAR EL-ASSAD from power? They have shown their power on Mohammed Kadhafi and the world saw it. What I have understood is that; if the Libyan president also had allies like Russia and China, he would had not worry like the Syrian president, for they apply their justice and power over the weak.

      In truth, the men of God are the ones who were to talk to the authorities of their countries instead of staying with their mouths closed, seeing how they (these authorities) despise, kill, torture, render others poor. What kind of ambassadors of Christ are they? If they have not done it, I do it in their place, and I like to live and to say the truth without exception, because it is in it that I see myself to be great, glorious, rich… To whom will I still go to seek life, the greatness, the glory and power? What I say can lead to the destruction of what is passing in me (my flesh), and not what is eternal (my soul). That is why in me, there is no fear, no panic, no worry…

      To God only the Father of orphans, the defender of the widows, the poor and the weak by Jesus Christ for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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