407th message


It is the 407th message.

      In truth, this generation frightens and is pitiful when we see many people becoming Sodom and Gomorrah States; this greatly touches the hearts and gives a cold in the back of those who fear God.

      In truth, how does it happens that in this generation full of bibles translated in all languages that teach how God had destroyed the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the homosexual practices, the men have taken the engagement to officialise the homosexual marriage in their countries? In these countries, we were used to see people of different sexes going in the city council to officialise their union, to change weeding rings and to establish themselves a marriage certificate. It is no longer the same. When you go in the midst of these city councils during the week-end, you find marriage ceremonies where two people of the same sex stand in front of the mayor who has put on the scarf having the colour of the flag of his fatherland, and these two people of the same sex embrace themselves, suck the mouths and put on weeding rings in front of the mayor who sign them the marriage certificate. Yesterday in these countries, when a man presented himself in front of a family saying that he has found a woman in the middle of this family to whom he will get married, we knew that either it was a sister, a cousin or an aunt. Today, when a man arrives, we are waiting that he should point the finger to a sister, a cousin or an aunt to get married to her, but unfortunately, he rather points the finger to a brother, a cousin or an uncle. But what a high degree of abomination!

      In truth, since the creation of this world, it had never witnessed such a high degree of abomination where a man get married to another man, a woman get married to another woman, and they establish a marriage certificate for themselves in front of the mayor in presence of hundreds and thousands of people who cheer them. In truth, in these countries, when you see a homosexual couple in a home, one of the partners play the role of the husband and the other one plays the role of the wife, the men like with the women, in all the sense of the term.

      In truth, what is happening in these end times is horrible; but there are two continents that are champions in the legalisation of the homosexual marriage: the European continent and the American continent. These continents are rotten, for they are in the homosexual practice that we do not even find in animals. In Africa, we have South Africa that has legalised the homosexual marriage in the year 2006 under the governing of the former president TABO MBEKI and under the regard of late NELSON MANDELA. In Africa, when somebody makes a trip in the United States, in France, in England, in Italy, in Spain, in Belgium, in Portugal, in Canada, in Brazil… and comes back in his country of origin, he glorify himself, but ignoring that all these countries are just Sodom and Gomorrah States.

      In truth, who is this seer who can glorify himself after having gone for a trip in Sodom and Gomorrah? There are only the blinds in these countries where every week-end, the mayor celebrates marriages of two people of the same sex, sign a paper for them, which is the mark of the official acknowledgment that they are united by marriage alliances.

      In truth, the States that have legalised the homosexual marriages are more than Sodom and Gomorrah because in Sodom and Gomorrah, this practice was not official. If somebody glorify himself after visiting this kind of country, he must have only one thing to ask God, which is the clairvoyance; because if the men were hearing and seeing they would have not signed the nationality of these Sodom and Gomorrah States; but since they are blind and deaf, dominated by the dust and ignorance which is madness, they will not stop saying that they sign or want the nationality of these Sodom and Gomorrah States to have better conditions of life for their stomach.

      The advice that I give to the Asian and African continent is to know that God reserve his anger to those who practice this abominable act; therefore, they should not yield up to this practice and they should not legalise it. It is better for them to remain less developed by preserving themselves from this abomination than to offer themselves luxury which is only profitable to the flesh. Even in your prayers, ask God to show you how he looks, sees and considers all the people who have legalised the homosexual marriage. Blessed are the men who will abstain from this practice in Sodom and Gomorrah States. Seeing the people ready to steal, to kill… because they want to visit or have the nationality of Sodom and Gomorrah States, it makes too pity.

      In truth, it is time for that one who fleshly belongs to a nation where the homosexual marriage is not legalised not to seek to have the nationality of the States that have legalised this abomination that put God in anger in these end times. It is the end of everything; the devil must not gain you by bringing you to seek the nationality of these Sodom and Gomorrah States just because you say to look for better conditions of life for your stomach. Which life does it mean? Yesterday, people were running towards Solomon to listen to him and to have better conditions for a good life or conduct in front of he who vivifies. But today, people run after papers that give the nationality of these Sodom and Gomorrah States. Ask God to show you the way of life. In truth, the devil has badly deceived the men and he has brought them to believe that the best and the future are for the stomach. That is why the men impoverish and lower their souls to enrich and take care of their flesh.

      In truth, when I see people manifesting in Europe and America, it is to claim the amelioration of conditions of the life of their stomach. They will never rise against their government for the categorical refusal of the legalisation of the homosexual marriage that make their countries to become rotten in the eyes of God. There is a big work today, which is to bring back the head of States and people who have fallen lower than animals. What animals do not do in front of their creator, they do it on the other hand. The most admired men and people bring many blinds in the lust, in the dream of visiting their countries of Sodom and Gomorrah one day, even to ask the nationality. Still a short while, the one who must come back and who carry the sentence of all men will not delay. But before his arrival, repentance to all the people. What does it serve the man to gain all better conditions of life in his flesh if his soul will pass an eternity in a fire. Repentance! Repentance!

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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