408th message


It is the 408th message

      In truth, what is happening in this 21st century, the world never knew it since his creation; the head of States give the order to the people in countries that they govern to sodomise themselves at will; they themselves being the first to do it and to officialise this practice. What degree of Satanism! God has made the natural which is that; the man penetrates the vagina of the woman, the devil on the other hand makes that the men should penetrate the anus of other men which is reserved for the evacuation of faeces. It is an unnatural act that these presidents present to God and to the entire world. What kind of lesson do these presidents like BARAK OBAMA of the United States, FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE of France, SERGIO MATTARELLA of Italy, DAVID CAMERON of England, TABO MBEKI of South Africa, DILMA ROUSSEFF of Brazil, CRISTINA FERNANDEZ DE KIRCHNER of Argentina, JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ ZAPATERO of Spain, ANIBAL CAVACO SILVA of Portugal, ALBERT II of Belgium, MICHAEL D. HIGGINS of Ireland… give to God in countries that that they govern or have governed in legalising the homosexual marriage? They bring the people to raise this unnatural practice that we do not even find in animals by fear of their creator.

      In truth, all these head of States who have legalised the homosexual marriage in their countries incarnate the devil. The question that I ask to these last is that; if their father had gotten married to another man, or if their mother had gotten married to another woman, would they be born or come in this world? But what lesson do these less worthy than animals in front of God believe to give to their creator in liberalising this abomination where a man sleeps with another man, a woman with another woman, and in authorising officially the homosexual marriages? These presidents who legalise the homosexual marriage are the first to practice sodomy. In truth, if their wives were not also lesbians, they would have abandoned them long ago. It is also the same for these women who are presidents and who have legalised the homosexual marriage like in Brazil, Argentina… They are the first lesbians, and if their husbands were not also practicing sodomy, they would have abandoned them long ago. But this is what breed of authority who give lessons to the creator in legalising an unnatural practice!

      In truth, for me, to love these head of States is to bring them to no longer practice sodomy and to no longer proscribe it in their countries… I do not come to want or to like their material and something else. They are great, rich and glorious in the carapace or shell. To like visiting these Sodom and Gomorrah States is to bring them the changing that will make them avoid the anger of God that will not delay to fall on the earth, but if and only if this changing is received, and not to seek to move in a vehicle, or to have papers (money)… In truth, I exhort the veritable children of God on earth to pray a lot for these Sodom and Gomorrah States more than for countries in war, because if the population of countries in war live in their souls, even if their flesh is destroyed, it is better because sooner or later, this flesh will go back in the ground where it has been drawn. But, for countries that are not in war and that are Sodom and Gomorrah States, their flesh will not be destroyed by bullets, by famine or thirsty, but their souls are rotten, eaten by wounds and leper by sodomy.

      In truth, in these countries of Sodom and Gomorrah, you see men dressed in coats of big price, possessing banking cards and cheques, but they have opened anuses because of sodomy. Some of them wear nappies and that is how they work for the propagation of diseases, because the sex that penetrates anuses that are reserved for the evacuation of faeces equally penetrates women while leaving diseases.

      In truth, the president who authorises unnatural intercourses in his country despises God even more than his father who is the devil. What surprises and saddens me is to know that the dream of almost all men in this world is to touch these highly placed people with the finger, to have a hand shake with them, to take a picture with them, to submit problems to them and later, to glorify themselves. What is sadder is that; many people of sub-Saharan Africa cross the desert even by foot, jumping barriers, sleeping on the veranda… for the seeking of better conditions of life of their flesh or dust in these Sodom and Gomorrah States. Certain dishonest people profit of this situation to push young girls who are in search of better conditions of life of their flesh to sleep with animals or to kill their neighbours in order to extract their organs that they sell at ridiculous prices in these Sodom and Gomorrah States.

      In truth, if the people were seeking to make Christ to be their life of blessing, greatness, glory, richness, treasure, fortune, good…, they would have found that the flesh is dust and has no value; and if it has no value, things that it put on, consume, touch, possess are also nothing; therefore, they would have not rush firstly to the seeking of better conditions of life for the flesh or dust that only have few days, but they would have sacrificed themselves for their souls that are eternal, and for which Christ has brought a food and richness to save them from the eternal death.

      In truth, when I see people glorifying themselves because they know how to speak or write English, French, Spanish…, because they have travelled to Sodom and Gomorrah States. It makes me too pity. Blind and deaf, if there is a reason to glorify yourself, it must be in the possession of the life of the Lord which is all for the soul. When you look at these Sodom and Gomorrah States, from the head of States to the least, you see the heads full of the knowledge of earthly things; they are bachelors, doctors… in private law, public law…, but they do not know the law of the kingdom of heaven. For what then does it serve to glorify yourselves in the knowledge of earthly things if they cannot bring you to abstain from homosexual practices, paedophilia, magic…? Mr Lawyers, your private or public law is useful in what for your souls in these practices? Mr Scientists, historians, politicians… why is this knowledge not beneficial to your souls? If your knowledge that are justified by a paper or letter called diploma do not prevent you from falling lower than animals, therefore, why do you glorify yourselves in the knowledge that do not freed you from the eternal death?

      In these Sodom and Gomorrah States, men have the habit of opening anuses of other men like them. When they see children, they catch them in order to practice paedophilia. These countries have reached the height of unnatural practice, but before God comes to put an end to everything, he must decree a state of emergency for these Sodom and Gomorrah States.

      Deputies, senators…, you who have voted this law, head of States, you who have applied the law authorising the homosexual marriage in your countries, you have very heavy files on the table of God; it is not the International Court of Justice (ICJ) where you have set magistrates that you corrupt at will, but it is in front of the creator. You should therefore seek that your files that carry your condemnation should be erased while you are still living in the flesh or on earth. You should not wait that your soul should leave your flesh for your family to call the priest, the bishop, the pope, pastors… to come and make comedy in spraying blessed water on the coffin that must gain the ground in seconds that follow to ask God to receive you. You have the choice to be courageous in order to repent and to make live your souls for the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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