409th message.


It is the 409th message.

      In truth, this century full of pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, doctors, priests, imams… frightens more than ever. If evil is in its full height in a generation, we pray the Lord to send the men of God; the men of good who will spread the good so that evil should be engulfed. But why should we still ask the Lord to send the men of God in this century which is more than ever full of pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles, doctors, priests, bishops, imams… who preach and teach almost everyday, even through radio and television channels? Some even write books to edify the people. On every corner of the road, we find a gathering place called church for the Christians or mosque for the Muslims…and everyone believes to be the child of God, which means the child of good.

      As a child of good (God), we are the good and we owe this good to every human being or to all our neighbours. If that was the case today, there would have been no fear because the good or love that we carry and owe to our neighbour banish fear or dread. But since it is evil that dominates, that is why the fear or dread fills people’s hearts face to their neighbour. You will see parents who always live in the fear to leave little children to stroll alone in the neighbourhoods, or again, to go back home from school without being accompanied by an elder person. The fear does not rise in them because the children will not know the way to return home, but rather because alone, these children run the risk to be kidnapped for ritual crimes.

      In truth, this generation which is more than ever full of men of God has greatly gone astray and is far from the creator; that is why I exhort all human beings that we are to come back to the creator; which means in his thought, his felling, his conduct and his life. When we are far from him, this will not only make our soul to suffer eternally in the lake of fire, but also the hearts of the others. In truth, if we come back near the creator, we will understand and see that in this world, the human being has more value than everything, and that on earth, after God, it is the human being. Therefore, the human being must neither be sacrificed in exchange of cheering of men’s hands, power, the authority over human beings nor sold in order to have or to obtain papers (money) that man has manufactured. In truth, the men are terrible especially in these end times. They want power and force, but they do not turn towards their creator to see how the Lord Jesus has sacrificed himself and shed his blood for them, so that they should obtain his power and force in order to dominate without nuisance from them. But they rather turn towards Lucifer to ask him his power and force that are even dominated by the power and force given by Jesus. The devil asks them the human sacrifice in exchange. That is why we see how children are kidnapped and killed in order to satisfy the spirits or gurus. The men behead their neighbours; spread their blood on ritual hotels under the recommendation of the devil, and on this course, we even find majority of head of States and other members of government, great marabous…

      In truth, Satan tortures these slaves who are seeking his power, his celebrity, his glory and force. He constraint them to sacrifice their neighbour, to drink their blood, to eat their flesh and excrements. In truth, this greatly makes families to suffer; families that see their child or member going out of the house without returning home anymore. When they start looking for him, sometimes, if is after some days that they discover the dead body in the state of decomposition, generally, with certain organs like the heart, kidneys, the sex… that have been extracted, or presenting signs that the person has been a victim of sexual violence, sodomy… before he was assassinated. Others do not even find the dead body. The slaves of Lucifer kill people to make rites or to extract organs that they sell.

      In truth, this generation is too far from his creator no matter the fact that it is more than ever full of the men of God. The human being has become something that must be killed or sacrificed for the power, celebrity, the glory, the nomination and money; what explain the rise in power of ritual crimes. In the hierarchy, on earth, the human being comes after God. It would have even been tolerated that the man sacrifices his neighbour to gain the cheering and consideration of God, his power and richness. In truth, in God, we do not gain his consideration, his power and his richness by the destruction of our neighbour, but rather by the respect, the consideration and the will to see our neighbour prospering both in the spirit and in the physic. This century is blinder than ever no matter the great number of men of God, because the human being that has more value than everything is sacrificed in exchange of vanities. Those who do it, after having acquired the power, the celebrity, the glory and blood money, are even cheered by the men of God. That is why the multitude of these men of God does not influence evil that has become a need or necessity for the man in these end times. How will evil not be high? Too much magic led to too many ritual crimes, the same as the consideration of the material is above the human being.

      There are some Africans who travel abroad, build big houses, buy luxurious vehicles… and when you ask them what they do as activity to have these things, they tell you that they do business. Meanwhile, these dishonest take orders abroad to deliver human hearts, kidneys, sexes… and once they return in their countries of origin, they pay junkies who go and kidnap children and adults, assassinate them, extract the parts that have been asked in order to give them to these business men who in their turn, will go and deliver them abroad. Sometimes, you will find certain houses where the fence is high and the access is forbidden to strangers. In these houses, there are big refrigerators where organs that have been extracted from babies and little children are conserved in the waiting of the delivery against papers called money.

      In truth, walking on the street in Africa over 10Pm frightens, not only the fear to be robbed by those who are seeking money, cell phones and other objects of value, but also by those who are seeking the human hearts, the heads, kidneys, sexes… For them, killing the human being is easier than to kill a chicken. The human being has become a source of power, celebrity, glory and money for this generation which is wicked than ever. Satan gives nothing for free, and for this reason, he has deceived certain men who were seeking to become great healers by telling them that they must first of all sacrifice the human being before coming into possession of the power to treat. Killing the human being to possess a treatment! But what a lie and deception! The people believe that everything is limited in the flesh or the ground. Meanwhile, after this passing, it is the beginning of the eternity. Either we will pass it in the kingdom of heaven in case we have become faithful to the faithfulness of God or disciplined to his discipline, or in the pond of fire if we have followed the devil. Committing ritual crimes led to the impoverishment and rottenness of the soul. But to God only by Jesus Christ love to save this soul by bringing it to pass from blindness to the sight of what have more value, not for the beginning, but for the end and the eternity.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)

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