65th message.



                                It is the 65th message.


       A marriage is the legal union between a man and a woman. But I will not talk of legality because it belongs to man and the truth belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, we talk of marriage when a man and a woman live together.

       In this present world, you find couples that have already spent many years together, but one day, you here them saying: we must get married either in the “Church” or in the city council, but this celebration serves for what? It is something that has greatly surprised me, but I understand it because in the eyes of the people, they are not yet married, but they must understand that in front God, we talk of marriage from the first day a man goes to bed with a woman. Therefore, you must understand that if a man goes to bed with ten women or a woman with ten men, it also makes ten marriages. When you go to bed with a different person, it is firstly a great sin and polygamy in front God. When we are not faithful to God, we can neither be faithful to his husband or wife. Going to bed with a married man or woman is a double sin.

       The celebration of the marriage in front of the assembly can be possible in the case where the man and the woman have not yet slept together and it is done in front God who knows the deep of the hearts. If it is the case, they will be presented in front God and in front the people. It is in this case that I present those who have to be married to God. But once they have already known each other, I can no longer do it. Therefore, it is not necessary for a man and a woman who already live together to come and present themselves in front of the church saying that they want to get married because if they do it, it is in vain.

       The marriage certificate which is signed in the city hall is just for the needs of the flesh, it can be for a job or for the goods in the case where there is a problem in the couple. It is thus this certificate which proves that the man is officially married. This lawfulness wants a man to have a ring on the finger and that is what we call the alliance. This last (the ring) always make the couple to feel great and boastful. There are some men who have this alliance but they go to bed with other women and even more than their own wives; others hide this alliance (the ring) in the fear that they will know that he is married because in hiding it, they can continue to live their infidelity. Therefore, I declare that if it is for men that we celebrate the marriage, we must know that it is in vain.

       Therefore, I will like to tell you that the marriage in the “church” means fidelity in front God. Today, the men do not consult God before getting married just because their hearts or eyes have been attracted by this dust which man is, the material or the woman. The woman always looks if the man has money or a job. Sometimes the woman choses a man who does not fear God, not because she loves him, but because she sees the material and she always have the language of the type; God will surely transform him with time.

       The marriage in God is firstly this liberty which consists to listen and to live the word of God which vivifies because it is not the matter to see how you will be well while eating the dust, but it is question to see how you will eat the Lord Jesus through the listening (John 6/57). There are some men who are very cunning and who only want to get married, what makes that when the woman gives him conditions of the type: if we get married, will you let me go to listen to the word of God every day? Given that this one wants to get married to a single wife, he will respond: as you like. 

       But once she enters in the house, after some days, he will start saying: stop with that story of your God, he is not the one who has given me what I have in my house, and when he will say it, the woman will be obliged to obey her husband. If you eat chicken and fish without eating the practice that comes from the listening of the gospel, you should therefore know what is waiting for you. It is therefore good for the man or woman to consult God before engaging in a marriage because to be unmarried in liberty (in the listening and practice of the word of God) is better than a rich marriage in slavery or in the ignorance of the knowledge of the truth.

       We talk of a marriage when the man and the woman are in the same thinking and feeling of the Lord Jesus. If it is not the case, the woman run the risk to be looked like a rag in her marital home if her husband has money and she has nothing. It can also happen when the husband notice that the parents of her wife are poor, what makes that every time they will have a problem, he will always say to his wife: go and meet your parents, are they death? They are even ready to throw their things outside. 

       There are some men who do not even want their wife to carry an activity in the fear that she totally becomes independent, even for their toilet needs. They do it because they want their wives to ask them all what they need, so that they should always be in front of them like little children. Others do it by jealousy because they know what they do with people’s wives. An advice, a man should have a single wife; he should look for a woman who is above money, dressing, vehicles, travels and passions. If you have a wife who loves these things and that you are unable to satisfy her, the day she will find somebody who proposes these things to her, she will abandon you, for example; travelling abroad. For this reason, you should never get married to a man or a woman that you do not know.

       I am not married and I am free to get married or not. There is no obligation for that. I do not want to open houses of prayer, but I am guiding the people so that they should be faithful to Jesus Christ and not to me. I am just a guide and it is the reason for which I do not like when they call me Apostle or Pastor because people call me like that without knowing that Jesus Christ is the Apostle or Pastor. Therefore, it is not a title which man gives to who he wants.

       Champi, messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ, addresses a word of reconciliation, wisdom and power to the entire world. I have not visited houses of prayer nor thought how to read the bible, I have neither listened to the gospel of man or being thought by a man, but I have received the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ since the age of six months. At this age, I spoke of all what I was to do before the coming of Christ. All what I have predicted is accomplishing.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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