71st message



                                           It is the 71st message.


       We talk of the success of a marriage when the couple has the fear of God or when he obeys God (the word). In other words, it is to say that on one side; the wife must be submitted to her husband and on the other side; the husband must love his wife (Ephesians 5/24-25), because the alliance, the love and the fidelity of such a couple is with God.

       Meanwhile, if it is the material which has permitted that there should be marriage; there is a big risk for this marriage not to stay for long because as the material will be reducing, the submission, the respect, and love will also reduce. There are women who feel the joy in the heart and have a smile on their lips only when their husband comes back home with money. At that time, the husband will be called in all types of sweet names because he gives money of food everyday. Once the money of food finishes, the joy of the woman stops and her kindness reduces. When the woman knows that her husband does not have money anymore, she start pretending all the time to be sick and tired just because she does not want her husband to touch her when they will be on bed, but if he brings out a bank note, her tiredness and sickness will also finish.

       Understand that this kind of woman; when her husband does not work anymore or when he is unemployed, she will always have one leg inside and the other outside because she want to have something at all means; she is ready to accept any other proposition that will be made to her. She sometimes forget all what the husband has done for her and for her family, and even when he wants to talk because he has noticed that his wife has changed, she will respond: “what have you already done for me?”. If nothing is going anymore in this couple it is because in the beginning, it has not made the alliance with the truth.

       There are some men in this world, whose love only limits on the bed, after the bed, his wife is not more important and she will be important only when he will need her to fill his desires. This kind of man, when his wife talks to him or gives him advices, it is as if the mouth of this last was smelling. When a man has some money as people usually say, he sometimes despises people, especially his wife when this last does not know how to do anything, at that time, all the beautiful women outside become his wives and he always go up to show this dirt to her wife, forgetting that all what he does will follow him even at his old age. As the woman is cunning, she always waits when her husband is in a position of weakness to tell him certain things. Nevertheless, the husband will listen to her because he need something, but once satisfied; he forgets all what his wife has said. Some play this life without even dreaming of buying a piece of land or to build a house, but later on, they will start saying: if I have listened to the advices of my wife, I would have done many things”.

       When a couple does not believe in God, we assist in things such as: a man who does not eat the food of his wife, the woman who refuses to cook; she sleeps in the lounge and they sometimes do not sleep anymore in the same room just because they had a small problem. In this kind of couple, it is obvious that the man or woman comes home with a sickness. But what is surprising is that they all speak of God without living his life and becoming this life. Understand that when a marriage is founded on the truth (God), the man and the woman become more than brothers and sisters because they firstly do everything for God. What makes that even if they have a problem in their couple; they will solve it in their room with the help of a third person who is God. They do not solve their problems in front of their children because they are afraid that they will be affected. 

      Meanwhile there are couples where either the man takes the children as witness or the woman does the same, but not knowing that they are putting their children under embarrassment. Sometimes, the husband tells to her wife that she is stupid in front the children and the woman also does the same, what makes that; when the husband or wife will do something wrong in front the children, they will say: “I understand why daddy or mommy usually says that you are stupid”. At that time, the children will start respecting one parent more than the other. There is still something that I must tell you; when a parent shows to one of his children that he is the most loved of all, it sometimes create divisions or unbalance in the family and the most loved or pampered child becomes proud, weak, and he sometimes despises everybody. The parents are sometimes at the origin of the failure of their children because they ignore that you should not show to a child that you love him more than the other children because at the end, it is this one that will become weak and worthless meanwhile the one that is not pampered finishes by succeeding in his life. A parent who loves his child should never pamper him.

       In fact, in regard to the woman, she must teach her daughters how to cook, to be clean, to respect everybody and to be submissive because it is in doing these things that we become a woman worthy of this name; capable to live in a marital home. For the man, he must make understand his son that life is not easy, he should work hard and not to slumber in the facility, but it all begins at the younger age. A well educated child can live in any surrounding and succeed meanwhile if a child despises his parents, how more of people outside. An advice: A man who knows God must gain his wife who does not know God through the love of God. In the same way, the woman who knows God must gain her husband who does not know God in submitting herself to God. However, me, I neither have a wife nor a child but I have the marriage and I am the marriage.

       Champi, messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ, addresses a word of reconciliation, wisdom and power to the entire world. I have not visited houses of prayer nor thought how to read the bible, I have neither listened to the gospel of man or being thought by a man, but I have received the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ since the age of six months. At this age, I spoke of all what I was to do before the coming of Christ. All what I have predicted is accomplishing.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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