81st message

I am unable to...


                                  It is the 81st message


       I am unable to teach divinities or the things of the spirit to men with my knowledge, but the Lord Jesus teaches it to me through his spirit that lives in me. The people should understand that they cannot pretend to love the Lord Jesus if they do not have pity on him in the flesh which he carried. Having pity on him is to have pity on oneself because when we love someone deep in the heart and that we see him suffering, we feel sad and that is what brings the one who has this feeling to have pity on him.

      In fact, it is because the Lord Jesus loved us that he had pity on us. He was touched when he saw how our souls were to suffer eternally in a torment. It is because he did not want to see us suffering that brought him to sacrifice his flesh and blood for us. He did it because he had pity on us. And that is why Isaiah 53/4 says: “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows…”. 

       It was necessary for the Lord to carry our sins in his flesh so that we should become saved in the case where we carry his truth. He was considered like a criminal, an impostor… (John 18/29-30; Matthew 27/63). They spat on him, he was beaten and wounded (Matthew 26/67). They crucified him on a piece of wood, piercing his ribs, he the Holy, the just, the good, the pure, the strong and the powerful. He accepted to be maltreated, to be despised, giving his body in sacrifice; but all this was for us.

        When we look at the arrest of Jesus Christ up to his crucifixion, we were to feel a pain and to have pity on him: that is why I say that man cannot love the Lord Jesus if he does not have pity on him when he sees him suffering. He does not suffer for himself, but for man. It is very painful in the heart when we know that the Lord could have decided not to suffer for us, but if he accepted to do it, it is for us. Personally, when I see the blood of the Lord Jesus which is shed, I feel pity on him and this pity oblige me to satisfy his feeling and thinking. Being in the suffering, he needs help and the help that he needs is to bring to him what he wants, and what he wants is your heart in which the forgiveness, humility, love… must stay. Therefore, he does not need any material to be in joy. My heart suffers because it sees Jesus suffering, and this one (my heart) can only be in joy if it sees the Lord in joy and the joy of the Lord can only come by me. That is the reason for which I do everything to make him be in joy so that I should also be in joy.

       The Lord Jesus is considered like a stranger in this world, the world in which he has no home. We must have pity on a stranger who has no home and to lodge him in a building or a house is to mock at ourselves because no matter the amount of money used in this house, he will never enter in it because he only enter in our heart when this one is well arranged. Are we wicked not to lodge a stranger who has rendered us a service and who has come near us so that we should be with him? We should accept him not by complaisance or pride, but by pity because if it is by complaisance or pride, he will not enter in our home. In other words, it is to say that if we do not place ourselves at the place of the Lord Jesus in his suffering, we will not know the love that he has for us. And if we succeed to know this love, we should also give him back this love by giving thanks to God for his grace. Loving the feeling and the thinking of the Lord Jesus is to love our own life, and loving our life is to love that of the Lord Jesus. In other words, it is to say that the person who wants to love his life should love that of the Lord Jesus. Therefore, Jesus Christ is not physical that is why he does not live in buildings, but instead in the hearts. He is spirit that is why he lives in the spirit, a thought that is why he lives in the thought, a feeling that is why he lives in the feeling. When we accept to stay with a stranger in our home, we must give him food and water because it is an obligation.

       When I look at people today, I notice that their joy and peace rest on the dust, on nothingness, and not on the holiness, justice and mercy of the Lord Jesus because they have taken the Lord to be a man and not God. That is why the praise and the worship that we have today are of man. It is question to understand that a man does not praise nor worship God, but only God worship God. If we want to worship and to praise God, we should become the gods and to become a God is not easy at all because you must sacrifice yourself and before sacrificing yourself, you must first of all listen to the word because she is the one that opens our spiritual ears and eyes. When we shall live what we have listened, it is at this moment that we will know God. Listening to this word today is a grace, but happy are those who see and hear (Matthew 13/16).

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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