82nd message



It is the 82nd message.


      I announce things that are above the human knowledge. I, who is the least of the apostles of Jesus, I will like to tell the men that the spirit which lives in the man called witch doctor, the man who was so sought by the other men should now be called devil because he reveal invisible things without making prayers. Meanwhile, as the chameleon disguises himself into different colours, such is the devil. I will therefore tell you that the spirit which lives in the man called witch doctor who does not make prayers is the same spirit which lives in certain men and women who make prayers and who are consulted by the people. The difference is not found at the level of the spirit, but rather at the level of the appellation or the place. The men consult the soothsayers even by telephone in order to know what may happen in their business, in their marital homes and in their job sides just because they do not have confidence in God. Meanwhile, he who has confided his life to God is not afraid of the troubles of the devil.

      You sometimes listen to certain people who say that there exist such man or woman who make prayers and visions, meanwhile the name prayer is just a mask which prevents the man to see that it is the spirit of the devil which is at the origin of all these things and that is why some of them take the name of prophet or prophetess. The time is serious with the cunning of the devil, for this last is decided to prevent the souls from entering the kingdom of heaven. The devil knows that the men need divinations called revelations relying on earthly things and not those that rely on the truth; because he knows that the knowledge of this last (the truth) will permit the men to abandon his glory to the profit of the glory of the Lord Jesus.

      Today, the people believe that their enemies are the other men because they say to themselves that they are at the origin of the blocking of their business, their marriages, their childbirth, their job, their finances and other similar things. It is the reason for which people seek to know the men who are at the origin of their problems: where they consult soothsayers or those who make revelations and who pretend to be the men and women of prayers (of God). These last have for mission to first reveal the enemies of those who come and consult them, which means those who block them and next, propose solutions to unlock their situation.

      What I will like to say is that; it is our manner to live which goes against God that makes our blockage. He who reads me (my messages) should understand that it is not man who is the blockage (either he is a witch or not), he is neither our enemy, but it is rather the sin which lives in us. If somebody lives according to the flesh, he will always have problems of blockages, of bewitchment….

      The man must seek to understand that it is what is contrary to the thought and the feeling of the Lord Jesus that is his enemy and not man. We do not overcome his enemy with salt, drank or sprayed water, soap, perfume, oil, incense, it is neither done by the reading and recitation of psalms and prayers, but it is done by a change of life and spirit. Meanwhile, if we live a life of malediction (according to ourselves), all the words and confessions of men will have an effect on us, and when we are in this state, we are obliged to move left and right to seek for the person who make revelations, that is; we go towards the men who make prayers so that they should tell us the origin of our problems, without understanding that the origin of our problems is ourselves.

      This one will never tell you that it is because you despise God that these ones (the witches, the magicians…) also despise you. But he will simply tell you that it is such person who is at the origin of your blockages and failure. If we are blocked in our life, it is because one part of the devil which is the sin lives in us and consequently, he becomes our enemy. If we live according to our flesh, we should know that we will become slaves of all the spirits of death. On the other hand, if we are slaves of the life according to the Holy Spirit, we will be free from all the spirits of death.

      What I know today is that, the people do not seek God in order to save their souls, but it is for the fleshly needs that they do it, what does not therefore make the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ that I serve in spirit and in truth, he the greatest sacrificator who died in the flesh to save the souls and not our dust which is the flesh. You should understand that the spirit which is in the witch doctor is the same which is in the majority of the people that make prayers and visions, for this spirit has only changed its methods of working and the appellation. Only the truth should be praised and worshiped for the eternity.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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