89th message.



                            It is the 89th message.

       Witchcraft is a big mystery, mystery in which on one part, there are witches that live naturally in the physic; working in the bewitchment and in the destruction. Next, there is a spirit which does not live in man; it is the spirit of a death man. It is not the person himself who destroys, but it is the spirit in him that does the works.

       The spirit of a witch that lives in the flesh is stronger than the one that does not live in the flesh (the physic) of man. Because the one that does not live in the flesh is the one that roams and it is easier to be chassed when it is found in man, and when we chase it, it goes very far. Meanwhile the spirit that lives in the flesh of a witch is very powerful because when it is in man (the bewitched person), it can be cast out at 10pm and it comes back at 04am in the same person that was delivered and sometimes with its colleagues for a reinforcement. Witchcraft is a mystery where the spirit of the living person that has fallen somewhere is followed by his body which is sleeping in the house and they all form one body in the place where the spirit has fallen no matter the distance that separates them (the body and the spirit).

       A witch (man or woman) can fall somewhere at 5am with a body and this body being the one with which he or she works. This one (the spiritual body) changes gradually as the day breaks. It is to say that; this body (this spirit) progressively takes the form and the skin colour of the body that is sleeping in the house. In other words; it is to say that a witch (man or woman) that has fallen somewhere being young will progressively take his old aged form as the day breaks. It is also the case of a young witch that has taken the form of an old man or woman.

       These witches neither have God’s feeling nor man’s feeling or the feeling of some animals, but they are more than animals because they eat their own children. These witches (men or women) that you see during the day in the physic are together at night with those who are already death. They see and know each other. A living or death witch can frighten you at night and it will be difficult for you to recognise if the spirit that has frighten you is from a death person or the one that is alive. The witches that are death in the physic work in the spirit; as well as those who are alive in the physic work in the spirit. There are certain pastors, priests, church elders, deaconesses, catechists that are already death in the flesh (already buried), but who continue to work in witchcraft, without saying that with their believers who are also witches. The devil has his angels, his demons and spirits work in order to prevent man’s soul to enter the kingdom of heaven.

       For the witch, the distance does not prevent him from working unless the targeted person has already received the Lord Jesus in her heart; because it is only in this way that the witch can find the distance between him and the person who fears God in spirit and in truth to be very far. The time is serious with the witch women who remove children’s brains that serve them for manure, these brains are used in farms and plantations. There are some witch parents who remove the brains of other children to reinforce their children’s brains so that they should become genius.

       As there are some Africans that sell their cocoa and wood to the foreigners, there are also those who sell the human blood and brain at night: it is the case of the witches. 

       Those who sell cocoa and wood during the day receive money that can help them to do few things, but those who sell the blood and the brain receive sicknesses in return that will serve in the destruction of people’s bodies. If majority of the apostles, pastors, priests, prophets are witches, what would those who are around them become? A witch does not have more than a second to enter the body of a person and once in, he is the one who sometimes controls the life of this person and responds in the place of this one who does not more have authority on his own life. A witch (man or woman) can take the form that he or she wants. He can enter in a young girl to make the men to start looking her like and old woman. He can pass through your cat in the house in order to fight you. The witches that are already death live in their grave and they come out at night to go and operate.

       For the witch, there is nothing good than the human blood and brain; that is why what you give to the witch during the day cannot be more than what he or she drinks and eats at night.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.(John 8/32)

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