90th message.

The eternal God...



                                  It is the 90th message.

       The eternal God, word of truth has sent me to teach his life to the people so that by it, these last should become free; for it is by his life that we become free. The life that I reveal is the one that renders them free. I did not come to unveil the witches, for denouncing them will bring the people to fear them rather than to despise their force and power of darkness. Meanwhile, if we fear God, the witches will equally fear us; to fear God consist in not doing the contrary of his life (the life of God).

       Some people always beg me to go and spend some days in their villages or neighbourhood because there are many witches there. For these people, I must unveil these witches, I must prevent them from working or I must kill them. Meanwhile, in the life of the truth, what I do when there are many witches in a locality as it is the case everywhere today is that; I do not come with salt, water or oil said blessed; I do not come with soap, perfume said bless or incense to fight against witchcraft which is practiced, but I rather come with a word, a teaching which is a goodness, a light and a life, and from the moment this teaching is practiced or kept, we become above all the spirits of witchcraft.

        For, these witches who were dominating you in the past will now be afraid of you, not you, but the life that you live, because it is in this life that is found the force, power and the domination of the Lord Jesus. That is why it is said: “you have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4/4). That is in fact the help that I can bring to the victims of witchcraft; for, by bringing the help to them by the teaching of the word, they will not only be above the witches, but they will also be above the spirit of the death.

       We should not consider the witch as our enemy; but it is rather his life that we must consider as our enemy. For, where the spirit of the witch is, the Holy Spirit must abound there so that these spirits of witchcraft should know that there is another spirit of light and of fire which is superior to them. Therefore, it is when the Holy Spirit is present that the spirit of death effectively testifies that God is the winner. The people who carry the spirit of the drinker of blood, eater of the human flesh and brain should know that they are small faced to he who carries the spirit of light and of fire. The power and domination does not come when we live according to ourselves; but they come when we live according to the one who has created us. We have to recognise that it is the devil who dominates in this world. It is thus because Jesus saw the state of this world that he came, otherwise he would have not come. This world is not good because it is the devil who reigns in it.

       I do not desire the death of a witch, but what I want is his repentance which is a change of life in the spirit, in the thought, in the feeling and in the act. For, if a witch dies in his life, the devil will glorify himself. On the other hand, if he dies in the life of the Lord Jesus, God will be glorified. I do not denounce the witches, but when I find one of them in the body of a person, he is the one who starts to reveal his works and he also starts to talk of his colleagues.

       An advice: “if you live like the father of the witches, the witch will command you, but if you live like the father of the truth, you will command the witches”.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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