91st message.

I do not speak like a...


                                        It is the 91st message.

       I do not speak like a mad man, but I speak like somebody who wants that the glory, the justice, the holiness and the mercy of the one who has sacrificed his body to save our souls should be seen, listened and lived. “Men of God” be careful with money, the woman and the glory of man. These three things are what the devil use to knock down he who wants to serve God, because he knows that they are indispensable. The devil in his intelligence and greatness has put the baits in place which are: the woman, money and the glory in order to hold the men of God because he knows that the flesh needs them (the woman, money and the glory) to rejoice.

       Firstly, money has a power and force capable to attract and to seduce. For, the more you touch it, the more you need it. In other words, it means that; when somebody has 100 000 FCFA (one hundred thousand francs), he will now find to have 1 000 000 FCFA (one million francs) and when he will have this one million, he will look for ten millions and so on. The more we have money, the more we have projects and the more the desires increase. More often, when we look for money or when we have much of it, we no longer do things according to the love of God.

       You will then see that there are certain men of God who tell to their believers not to put a certain colour of money in the offering basket and that is also how they ask a fixed amount of money before praying on the sick people and others, before ordaining a “man of God” and others or before baptising somebody. Others love some of their believers more than the other ones because they give them money; it is the reason for which they (the men of God) do not tell the truth to their believers for fear to lose them; not them, but their money.

       Next, the devil uses the woman to seduce the “men of God” so that this lasts should become submitted to him (the devil). What makes that; when you leave your home while leaving your wife and that you meet another woman, your heart starts to shake. When you leave yourself to be carried by this one (your heart), you will commit the act. But it will not remain there because every time you will meet a woman, you will still make the same thing because you will never be satisfied. For, the devil will raise a desire in your heart which will bring you to consider a new woman as being the best. The curiosity will then bring you to touch and once you have touched, you will understand that nothing has changed in you. But the devil knows that he has deceived you and in addition to that, it is a defile in front God. The woman is very dangerous because she can reverse the “man of God”. You should become blind in front of the complexion and the beauty of the woman. For, a blind cannot be attracted by the things that he cannot see or touch. The eyelashes and other artificial things of the woman are very powerful because they easily seduce man.

       Finally, the “men of God” like when they appreciate them: where comesthe seekingof the glory. But they ignore that the more they seek for the glory of man, the more they go away from God (his glory). On the other hand, when we seek the glory of God, the glory of man goes away from us. That is why Jesus Christ says: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from God only” (John 5/44). Today, we want that people should look at us or they should consider us like the great men of God. Meanwhile, when we do that, we become small and strangers in front God. Today, when they talk of competition (media, money, greatness), it is in front man. That is why the Christians are being robbed by the seducing and deceiving words coming from the men of God because this lasts are only looking for man (his money) and not his soul. Meanwhile the Lord Jesus Christ says: “I take pleasure to mercy and not the sacrifice”.

       An advice to all the men of God: do that the angels should speak of you in heaven or they should be happy to have their fighting mate on earth and not the men who are zealous to seduce, not in the holiness, the justice and the mercy, but rather in the seduction and lies.


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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