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The devil is a ...


                                      It is the 98th message.


       The devil is a mercenary in charged of killing men’s souls, for it is his only target. That is why he killed Adam and Eve, not by their fleshes that serve for nothing (John 6/63), but rather their souls; for he has seduced them or of the less, deceived them. It is the same manner in which he is killing all the souls through his men that he establishes and raise; those ones who are looked, envied, appreciated and taken to be great “men of God” in this world of blindness. Meanwhile, Jesus Christ himself being in the flesh predicted the coming of these murderers of souls when he said: “For the false Christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect ” (Matthew 24/24). And today, we see these thieves, these seducers and murderers of souls who are besides taken to be the saviour gods.

       In fact, when the death establishes and raises somebody, this one cannot give life; the same, when the life establishes and raises somebody, this one cannot give the death or at least cannot teach it (the death). The elected of the devil are taken to be the great priest, great pastors, great apostles, great prophets and great bishops by those who follow and listen to them. But if they (the blinds) do this, it is because this world is poor in knowledge of the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

       In other words, people see on one part that these people are great because they make miracles, they heal the flesh and also because the divinations that they generally do on things realise themselves as they predicted. And on the other side, people see that they are great because they have much money, because they ride in big vehicles or because they have radio and television channels. And where they have much more gained the people’s hearts is because they have relations with the authorities such as the presidents of countries, ministers, great business men or stars and these ones (men of God) on their side say to their believers that: “I am not any kind of person because this or that authority is my friend”. It is then at this moment that the blind and deaf are always convinced that they are the veritable men of God. 

       Also, these men of God do not like going in villages where the souls are hungry and thirsty of Jesus Christ (word of life). For them (the men of God), the villagers do not have money; but if they say this, it is simply because their role is to destroy the souls. It is the reason for which they remain in town because there, we have people who have money at all time and not like the villagers who only have money during certain seasons. That is why you will hear them say: “he who gives a big offering will be full of blessings” They also like to talk of prayers for the success, travelling, the job, marriage, the promotion, affairs… And they make this prayer of prophecy which is generally accompanied by an offering so that the doors should become opened. That is why they always say that the person that has one million, five hundred thousands… up to five hundreds francs should come up on the podium and give in order to receive a prayer of blessing. This prayer will be proportional to the amount of money that you have given. These people can even spend two millions to make the advertisement and this advertisement can be done either in the radio or television. 

       They can also proceed by posting on the electric panels or on the walls, the pictures of dinosaurs on which are mentioned the names of the bishops, prophets, apostles, pastors, and their countries; and some among them are always accompanied of their wives. They know that while spending as such, they will have the triple. That is why they organise the days of campaign or of prayers of prophecy, of deliverance, and healing. These men always like to say during their preaching that it is your year of blessing; next, they also say: if you lack certain things it is because you eat alone without giving to God (the man of God); that is why problems (the malediction) follow you everywhere. They also say that the child of God does not eat any kind of thing (any kind of dust) because he is the child of the king and when he says Alleluia, certain blinds respond Amen; others say: true, man of God; next, they add that the life of every one of you must change. But these ones (men of God) do not talk of the change that consist in abandoning the abomination, the injustice, impurity and wickedness in front of God, but they rather talk of the change of the flesh which must receive something that it did not have, that is money, vehicles, the job… They also like to say: “give thanks giving and receive your blessing”, that is the traveling, marriage, the promotion, the childbirth…

       We should understand one thing: the devil himself knows that we are on the end times and it is very difficult for the flesh to have the material goods such as a plot, a house, a vehicle, a job, marriage, money, food… It is the reason for which he has brought out his last card which is a joker and this joker is the men of God who promise material goods to the men. We have certain small foxes (men of God) who always go to the villages during the cocoa season, the period in which the planters have money (in December). They go there during this month because it is a month of joy for the planters.

       My first message is entitled: THE REIGN OF SATAN WILL SOON COME TO AN END. For the time of God has come so that the devil who was taking himself to be God in front of the people should be unveiled. (2 Thessalonians 2/3-4). We should understand that the Lord Jesus did not die so that the souls should continue to be seduced and deceived by the devil, but he died so that the people should come back to life by his truth.If I write these messages, it is not because I want, but it is because the Lord recommends me to do so. For, sadness has invaded my heart because people are still in the death and it is due to these men of the devil who are called men of God. For, the mission of these men is to make the people to forget and despise the goodness of God.

       Only the ignorant know that I am a mad person and a demon (John 10/20) as it is the case of a witch doctor who said to the people of his village when I went there that I am not a good man. Unfortunately for him, the curious people who came to listen the preaching were satisfied because during the prayer, I found the spirit of the said witch doctor in the body of a girl and I asked him why he was saying to the people that I am a bad man, the spirit responded: it is because you are coming to unveil us. I am happy to be taken for a bad person because of the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ which is a light and life (John 14/6).


CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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