It is the 259th message




                             It is the 259th message

       The young envy and want to become not like the star of the kingdom of heaven who is Jesus Christ, but like the stars of this world, because of that, they have gone far from the face of God. The young men tattoo their body like the stars do, they put on ear rings, wear trousers or knickers on the end of the buttocks, plait their hair or colour them. Others (especially women) enchain their ankle, pierce their nose, change the colour of their eyes with the aid of lenses, put on artificial eyelashes, do all type of hair style, and follow all kind of fashion in wearing short skirts, knickers. The youth is delivered in alcohol and tobacco, believing that it is from there that they find the true greatness. That is how we meet them in the snacks and night clubs where they drink Champaign and whisky that are very expensive. 

       For the girls, they do not only go out with married men, but also with men that have the age of their father or grand father, just to have mush money. This youth in depravation has her manner to speak, to walk, especially her way to dress. It is the case of African black girls who always try to speak like the white girls. They spend their time in watching serials, films, reading novels, the magazines, but it is very difficult to see them possess or read a bible. This youth in the search of easy and cash money, always rapidly fall in the nets of the great sectarians and homosexuals who do not hesitate to sodomise them. The other young are dragged in the lucky games and others in stealing and robbing; for the girls, it is prostitution. Moreover, the African black youth is thrown in the adventure in order to arrive in Europe. That is why being incapable to take the air plain; she takes the route of the desert in order to pass through Algeria and Morocco to enter Spain. In this adventure, many sometimes die on the road. My friends, these countries where you run to are not the kingdom of heaven. 

       For most of the youth today, money is their god and the truth of the Lord Jesus is a waste of time and poverty. What is deplorable is that the future of the world is found in the youth and when this youth is getting lost, it becomes very dangerous. Others, even after having gone to school, and that they do not rapidly get a job, they become discouraged and fall in alcohol, saying that is to drown their worries. My dear friends; neither alcohol nor tobacco can drown your worries. When we have a problem and we take alcohol in order to drown our worries, once we sober up, the same problem and worries come back. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is the solution and he is the only one who can drown all our problems because in him, we know that we brought nothing in this world and it is evident that we will return with nothing; we know that we came naked into the world and that we shall return naked; with him, we know that we have come poor, that is to say with the thought, the feeling, the spirit and the life of the devil, and that we have to return rich, that is to say with the thought, the feeling, the spirit and life of the Lord Jesus. 

       You young, you should not delude yourself in believing that you still have time in front you to believe in God and to live Jesus Christ. You should know that the time does not belong to you and because of that, you cannot recover it. Youth, you envy the stars, wanting to become like them by even taking their names like your nickname. Do you know that the majority of these stars are great magicians, homosexuals, possess totems and even sacrifice human beings that you are? 

       Youth, be careful because the world of celebrity is very dangerous. Many of these stars that you envy and want to become like them have preferred to fill the conditions with the spirits of Lucifer to be at the level you see them. They have sold their souls to the devil for vanities. Therefore, you who want to work in any kind of domain in order to become a star, know that there are people who will propose to bring you in some places so that your talent should become more brighter. Say no to them, that you have not made any magic to be at that level, that he who has created you and who has permitted that you should be at that level can still do more and nothing is impossible for him. 

       Youth, it is better to die poor in the flesh but rich in the spirit than to die poor in the spirit and rich in the flesh. Because he who looks for easiness does not want the good of his soul, but instead the good of his flesh that is just vanity. Youth, turn yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be rich for the kingdom of heaven. And in Jesus Christ, we do not come to look for money, if not you will fall in the seduction and the domination of the devil; but we instead come to demonstrate that Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth is more than money and all other material, and that he is more than the glory of man. You should understand that the youth can bring the change to the old and the old can do the same.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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