It is the 271st message



                             It is the 271st message

       In truth, the people, big as small were to be just as God want them to be in this world, that is to say rich, great and glorious; and this passes by the consideration of his neighbour, the respect that you have towards this one, the will and to wish him a good health, the life and the prosperity in the spiritual and carnal future. God has given to man the test of his richness, his greatness, and his glory which is that to love his neighbour, to want his goodness, success and also for this one to be full firstly in his soul, then in his flesh. But most of the people in this century, big as small have failed in this test and have become poorer. This poverty is confirmed and testified today by the fact that the great men of this world make kill their neighbours, drink their blood, they also eat their excrements. They sacrifice their similar for the protection, power and nomination, to be maintained in a post and for money. Some people kill and behead their similar in order to sell their organs. Others even remove and sell babies alive. Again, other people sacrifice their neighbour to their totems and to the spirits of NKÔÑ...with which they have signed pacts in the exchange of money, the advancement of their enterprise, and in the end of the year, these people in exchange to what they have received, give them their similar in sacrifice.

       Instead of trying to become rich as the Lord wants, that is to say in the consideration, the respect, and the devotion for his similar, they have instead searched to become rich as the devil wants, that is to say, in the sacrifice of their similar, selling him, drinking his blood, eating him... in order to gain money, houses, vehicles, enterprises, nominations, power, protection and celebrity through these satanic practices. And this glory that comes from the material (dust) makes them to be proud, to raise their shoulders, to change their speech and walking style, to take the one who does not have money like them as the waste or a death fly. Others even, having this money, make their similar to work without paying them, thus aggravating their degree of poverty through dishonesty. In fact, wanting to become or to remain a powerful head of state, minister, diplomat, superstar, great business man... why do they go to look for the power, the protection, the strength, the glory, the celebrity and money in man? They are very poor in front God because for them, the human being has become like a rooster or a chicken that we give in the demand of a marabou for ritual sacrifices of treatments. For the witches, the flesh of their similar has become like kola or eggplant that they need to crunch time by time, and the blood of their similar like red wine that they must drink or like petrol that permits their vehicles to move.

       The people have become poor in front God because they are jealous of the future of their similar, either of their studies, their diplomas or their childbirth, their job, their marriage, their travelling, their promotion and it thus brings them to block the success and future of these ones, making them to be sick, possessing their spirit (sometimes by the animal spirit) or again by throwing them a curse. Some of them transform into an animal in order to go and eat in the farm of their similar. Others are poor in front God because they attack or rob their similar and wrench or take away all what they possessed, meanwhile these victims work hard in order to acquire these things. But the poor will deploy with the screwdrivers, the knives, and fire arms to snatch the price of the suffering and sweating of others, all that to go and sleep in hotels with girls, to eat in big restaurants, to enjoy in snacks and night clubs, playing lucky games. In the same way, some men of God are very poor because they seduce and swindle their similar in order to be made some honey and to sweeten their mouth. Some of them remove people’s stars to use them. The men of this world are poor, blind and mad in front God because they find and take the material and the cheering of men to be more valuable than their similar. That is why these lasts are given in exchange to money, power and celebrity.

       Man should know that the way he consider and take his similar, it is in the same way that he is or not considered in front God. If people try to be rich, great and glorious in front God, therefore the human being will not more be reified, jealous of, slandered, attacked raped, sacrificed and killed, but he will instead be loved, respected, admired for the simple fact that it is from there that comes the richness, the greatness and the glory in front God because if people were rich in this world, then goodness was to inundate, goodness was to be envied and sought-after in the people possessing it. But as the people are poor, it is instead evil that abounds more and more, starting from the great men of this world up to the smallest. Because the devil has corrupted the men of God who were instead supposed to bring the good news to the poor, he has closed their mouth with the material and the glory of man by changing the good news of the kingdom of heaven in them to that of the world which is just to say: “It is your year, your time or moment of blessings, receive the finances, job, travelling, marriages, promotions and the prosperity in the business”. Being corrupted by the devil, they can only serve him in the conquest of man’s heart through the prophecies and the good news of the material’s future. In truth, seeing how the devil drives and dominates this world, even in the churches, it gives the fright, lack of appetite and insomnia.

       Poor man, do you want to remain poor like the bad rich who was with the poor Lazarus? And if you do not want it, therefore leave this poverty for the richness and the eternal good, because the world has to respect the rich people who knew how to respect and to love the human being by considering him just as God does. Thanks for your attention.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death. (John 8/32)



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