280th message



                                  It is the 280th message.

       Satan does not use the firearm to make the people his slaves (of the eternal death) but he instead uses his ruse, his courage and his lies telling. What we have to understand is that Satan is only a creature, and all creatures created nothing, while God is and remains the only creator. Satan dominates this world because in his ruse and deception, he has made man to believe that he has the power to protect him, to make him great, rich and famous. Where people were to see in truth that the devil is only a big liar, in order to aspire to the veritable knowledge, it is when this one presented himself in front of Jesus to whom the creature belongs and say: “I will give you authority over all these, and the glory of them, if then you will give worship to me” (Luke 4/6-7).

       Today, you find people for example like head of states who, to arrive at the post in which they are, and to be maintained, have killed a lot and sacrificed many of their similar of which they ignore the number, drank a lot of human blood, have consumed human excrements many times, have sodomised people, sometimes they simply do it in order to have the power to transform into animals of different species. Ministers, delegates, diplomats, the men in uniform of the high grade... do this in order to be named or maintained at a post.

       For the stars like sports men, musicians, actors...majority of these celebrities sacrifice animals, human beings, visit great marabous and fetish at all time so that these lasts should shake the bottle for them so that they should be brilliant, titular, selected, influential... The musicians do the same thing to have nice voices like those of angels, so that their albums should explode of success, so that people should continue buying even if they sing anything. Actors also do it so that their films and series should be loved and appreciated a lot by the general public, and to make great sales. You should know that these people are submitted to many conditions of the dragon to become famous. Business men possess the economy. There, the sacrifice of human beings make ravage. We find people who are already death and who work in many of their companies. They use people’s brain. In some of these companies, it is difficult for the employees to economise. In others, when you postulate, even if you have diplomas or the required competence, the employers will tell you that they are neither your diplomas nor competence that will make you to be recruited, but rather your behind. If you accept, they will offer you a vehicle of service, sometimes, even a beautiful house. You should not be surprised for the fact that you see people working somewhere for a long time without promotion or rise of salary, while you will see a new person who has just entered becoming the master no matter the fact that he neither possesses competence nor diplomas compared to that one before him. Those are the practices that pay today. They always have clans of blood drinkers and homosexuals where we find directors, sub-directors, ministry officials and delegates, and if you do not take part, you will never be promoted.

       There are also shepherds like the prophets, pastors, apostles... who posses the power and the strength of the false prophet to make visions, prodigies and miracles, to be famous and to have much money. There are also some priests and some pastors who have received the power to do great miracles in exorcism. In this world, the dragon has given conditions to some people who are in the need of power, who want to be maintained at a post, who want to be famous, richness and protection. These conditions to be filled are of the type; to sell a human being, to sacrifice him in ritual hotels, drink his blood, eat his excrements, to also sacrifice animals, to transform into an animal, to go to bed with somebody of the same sex, with mad men or mad women, with animals, with mamiwater, with their own children, seeing their own mother. There is even another condition for men, which consists in soaking used hygienic napkins of a woman in water and to drink this water, going to bed with little girls to draw their energetic substance. For women, the condition sometimes consists in swallowing the sperm of men, to bath at midnight on road junctions, to visit graveyards at night, to break eggs and light candles on the waterside, to possess secret rooms, case or coffer.

       My children, this world is rotten, the people that you envy and want to touch with the finger, to greet and take pictures with them are only carriers of the spirit of the horn. Some have worked their name in such a way that all those who listen to it, love it, talk of it, sing it everywhere because the devil has deceived these people like an adult deceives a child of one year. Understand that the devil has deceived people at a very high level. In this world, all what we see or touch comes from the ground, even the flesh of man, animal, bird and fish. God has given to man the intelligence to transform the products of the ground such as wood, iron, gold, diamond, bauxite, petroleum, uranium... and man has transformed these things of the ground into money, airplane, ship, motor bike, bicycle, train, metro, metal sheet, tiles, paint, glass, clothes, shoes, chair, lounge, pot, plate, apparatus, wine, whisky, juice, cigarettes... Therefore, God created the earth, and man with the intelligence of God has fabricated these things that come from the ground and the devil that has neither created nor fabricated something comes and tells to man that he is the one who has made everything and that he must prostrate in front of him so that he should give them to him.

       But what a ruse and big lie! That is thus how the great men, the rich, the celebrities... in this world have fallen in the deception of the dragon and the man of ruse. He has brought them to love, to search, and to get attached on what their fingers have fabricated rather than to love, to search, and to get attached to the hand of God which has created them. That is even why it is said: “The images of the nations are silver and gold, the work of men's hands” (Psalms 135/15). These people do not know that the passage of life in the flesh is only temporary. But instead of gaining the richness, the glory and the power of the dragon to be eternally with him in the eternal fire, and to gain the richness, the glory and the power of the Lord to dwell with him eternally in the kingdom of heaven, what is better for man? Because the people that we see to be big in this world are the smallest, and those that we take as the most rich are the most poor. When I came in this world, they bragged how there are rich men in Europe, in America, in Asia, in Africa, but I looked, I laughed, and I said: “Lord, have pity, please, make the blinds to see so that they should stop confusing shoddy metal to veritable gold”.

CHAMPI Apostle not behalf of man, nor by a man but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. God’s power is the knowledge. To know, avoid sin and to be free from the eternal death.     (John 8/32).


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